Hayes: We Should Run The Presidential Election The Way We Run EVERY Other Election. | All In | MSNBC

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  1. Bro. You need to get a con law lawyer to explain all of this to you. 1L's can debunk this crap. Holy moly high school social studies kids could probably explain circles around you.

  2. I used to believe that in the 2000 election. But after researching the topic more intensely I find that the Electoral College is necessary. Otherwise there's no purpose in having States

  3. I used to believe that in the 2000 election. But after researching the topic more intensely I find that the Electoral College is necessary. Otherwise there's no purpose in having States

  4. you're a moron. You Can't be American. I'm Canadian and we are jealous of the perfect system your country has. Mob rules is not Democracy. Democracy would be each state having an equal say.

  5. What a complete fool!! Giving a speech on the electoral college and doesn’t even understand how it works or why the founding fathers chose it.

  6. Note that Chris doesn't have any opposing view on his show…….because he can't actually debate this and win. He has a fundamental lack of understanding of the Constitution and the founding of our country.,

  7. You are the “stoopidest” person to try and discuss the electoral college. If I were you’re prof, you’d clearly FAIL when discussing this.

    Clearly you’ve not read anything from our founding fathers, who all wrote in regards to the college and why it’s here. ::hint hint:: it’s similar to why we have 2 reps for senate and why we having differing reps for the house. It’s all about the STATE choosing a leader…not a people’s.

    It’s a shame they let someone like you on MSNBC to “educate” America. ::facepalm::

    There are definitely better people out there who can actually help Americans make informed decisions as opposed to partisan decisions. SHAME ON YOU AND MSNBC!

  8. The electoral college is obsolete and is obviously impractical, but people still cling to it because it has been a long-standing part of political process. Many people still think that the founding fathers are so wise and beyond fault. Well maybe the electoral college made sense during their time, but just like everything else, it has to adapt to changes to be relevant and effective.

  9. The electoral college is only one part of the problem. It's not just the system that's voted in, but the way we vote. First past the post doesn't work. Period

  10. I really like Chris and I have a lot of respect for what he says. I completely agree that the electoral college doesn't work. The thing I can't get my head around, when talking about 1 vote 1 person, is that it seems to me that the vast majority of votes move to urban centers. The highest population densities are in cities. Therefore, that's where the most votes will be and so the wants and needs of the people in the city would get the most votes. Wouldn't they? A guy working in a software development company or an auto mechanic working downtown isn't going to care about the same things as a farmer. Maybe I'm missing something but isn't there a system that compensates for this bias? Maybe something in the middle?.

    And regarding Chris's presentation style. I think it needs some polishing. Try to stop saying "right" after every other sentence. Drop the forced applause (MSNBC). And stop yelling, start speaking calmly, clearly and loudly (different than yelling). I know what I'm talking about, I present often and to thousands of people sometimes. I think it will come with practice. Keep up the great work Chris.

  11. we have a constitutional republic for a reason. it's not a populous democratic rule. If you want such things go live somewhere else. Why not talk about Illegal immigrants being counted in the United States Census Bureau altering the amount of districts a state has thus altering the amount of electoral votes gained in the election? Probably too much logic for Chris Hayes to understand.

  12. In theory the electoral college isn't as undemocratic as he claimed, each state gets 2 electorates for its 2 senators and then 1 for each of its members of congress. Congressional districts are made of just under 750,000 people so the more populated states do get more electoral votes. Where it breaks down is on the state level while some states spread their electorates proportionally with the votes, other states work on the winner takes all, then of cause the Governor can chose who to send. It is bastardized form of the parliamentary system where the leader of the party with the most members in usual the lower house (congress) is the Prime Minister (elected ruler) the difference is the electoral college has only one function to decide the President but doesn't have to deal with results.

  13. But why doesnt he talk about WHY the founding fathers put the electoral college in in the first place?
    It was to stop majority rule. The death of every democracy. The founding fathers were incredibly aware about this and it is a fact no one seems to ever mention.

  14. Hayes does not understand the nature of "The United States" concept. What are "States", Chris? Did you take FIVE minutes to read about how our REPUBLIC came into being??
    You MOR_N! Trump Derangement Syndrome is no excuse for your championing of the Russia Trump collusion hoax! You are a disgrace!

  15. Minorities are protected within our system! In Hayes's version of reality, the tyranny of the masses will prevail every time.

    Is that really what you want, small brained man?

  16. Chris Hayes and AOC might be two of the most ignorant and stupid human beings on the planet. Hayes' complete diarrhea of the mouth reminded me of that scene from the classic film Billy Madison: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hfYJsQAhl0

    How does this video have four times the LIKES as DISLIKES? The comments would say otherwise.

  17. RepubliCONs hate democracy. They famously don't even want everyone to vote and it's because they know they're policies are for a small, specific group.

    If they want to win fairly, I have a novel idea: be better stewards for ALL CITIZENS. Maybe more people will vote for you.

  18. yea! well said!  we should make the General Presidential Election exactly like our 4th grade Presidential election.  that's like the best smartest thing you said!  I think?  and since land gets a vote, im gonna spend my days convincing my backyard who to vote for.

  19. The electoral college & US Senate ensures that US citizens do not have taxation w/o representation. Heard that phrase before? The three branches of government are decided partly by population and yet equally by representation of state governments. We are the UNITED STATES. It's in the name folks. The United States is essentially more similar the the EU than a small country in the EU. Fifty states coming together for economic stability and protection from invaders. Big govt demos would like to eradicate state governments and steamroll everyone into submission. Imagine New York raping Utah for it's natural resources during industrialization. People in Utah would starve while NY was rolling in it. There are countries like that currently. Move there if you please.

  20. Is this guy for real? He can't really be a political reporter and be this clueless about what the electoral college is all about. And land gets a vote? Is he drunk? So he points out that the Constitution sets what is Constitutional. Wow … What a genius!!

  21. Hayes lies and exaggerates. There was a time when the media tried to make sure what they reported was true. In that era, Hayes would not have been allowed to even do an editorial.

  22. Make the USA a true democracy.
    Dump "the electoral college".

    Whoever gets the most votes should become President.

    I agree completely with Chris Hayes.

  23. The Electoral College does not lead the 49% to dictate to the 51%. As you correctly point out, Democrats are elected President about as frequently as Republicans in recent history. The Electoral College prevents 51-49 from being a tipping point.

  24. I understand how the electorate college works and the flaws it has, it’s not perfect. Republicans would try to get rid of it too if it was benefiting the democrats. It’s just so fun to see how the right is so afraid of “one person, one vote”.

  25. It's exactly BECAUSE every other election is decided by the person getting the most votes that the election of a President is done by the Electoral College! Cities would ruin rural areas IF they were allowed to govern them at the highest levels, just ask rural Oregonians how that works!

  26. Everything in the constitution would be unconstitutional if not in the constitution. I like the staff initiated applause breaks. Very Steve Jobs.

  27. So many uneducated replies saying the electoral college was made to give states the power to choose… This age old debate isn’t even a debate it was made because the founder fathers believed that the people would be unable to make democratic decisions by themselves. Thus the electoral college would protect the government and the people from themselves, a safeguard mechanism if you will. I will say on his point about senators that is the way it is for a reason, and we have representatives equivalent to the number of people we have. Understand that outdated systems need to be revisted, not removed, only reworked.

  28. Before you change voting laws you have to get rid of all their guns that way they cant oppose your armies. They will try financially to oppose you but most of the states that like the electoral college are poor. Shouldn't be to hard to destroy their lives and force submission under democratic rule.

  29. Guys watch this
    vid https://youtu.be/1XFIIVScvls
    the guy explains the collage more intelligent, and more coherent than this guy

  30. The level of sheer ignorance in this video is staggering. Clearly this individual and anyone who agrees with his position, hasn't actually read the US Constitution or Federalist Papers.

  31. TLDR

    The US currently has the most unpopular and unfit President ever due to the EC, in this comment section you will find special folks arguing in cyberspace as to why this is a great and functioning system.

  32. The reasoning of the electoral college is flawed because the electors don’t end up doing what the were supposed to do how many faithless electors have there been ever? Enough to ever alter an election? What would have happened if enough Republican electors decided you know what Trump is too unfit the responsible choice is Clinton and then elected her? Imagine the uproar?

  33. This has so many likes and the content of this video is sooo false, dangerous and stupid!
    The MSM and the Socialists are trying to instate a tyranny.

  34. The Electoral College keeps the country from being ran by the 4 most heavily populated cites. By sheer numbers, the majority of America would be ignored due to metropolites who say their ideas are wrong.

  35. Electoral college is just large scale gerrymandering… a problem that is running rampant all over the country at the state level which apparently the Supreme Court believes it is not "competent" enough to rule upon so we have to rely upon state courts to decide if they want to allow gerrymandering in their state or not (something a NC court just declared as against their state constitution so… theres one victory against gerrymandering, good for them!)

  36. It's funny how the likes/dislike ratio is positive, but the comments are the opposite. It's almost like the people who actually like this crap arent smart enough to know why they like it. Hmmm….

  37. 2:23 Your policies and ideals don't stand with the direction, the majority of the country wants to go. So some Republicans get mad. But average Americans are becoming what we call 'Woke'. Their eyes are being opened to corruption in Washington (yes in both parties, but who is talking about policy to change it), climate change, and issues of human rights.

  38. If you don't like the electoral college you have three choices, leave the country, try to change it LEGALLY, accept that it is there for a reason. We have WAY too many entitled badly educated adults in the US. I think we need to implement a mandatory six year stint in the military for all adults over the age of 18. Perhaps when they have seen what it takes to keep the freedom they might have a better appreciation for this country and freedom of the individual.

  39. Tell me why the state's don't have proportional voting? So if someone gets 49.999% and the other gets 50.111%, why do all seats go to the one with 50.111% instead of the majority one getting a little bit more of the votes. That would still keep the power of the votes intact but make sure Dems are heard in republican states and vice versa. That would also be much better than right now

  40. The constitution of may country is not a static document. It evolves with the times and people. Americans need to stop living in the late 1700s and modernize their constitution to fit a nation where everyone votes instead of where rich land owning white men do. And the Senate exists to provide equal seats to all states already. So your arguments are weak

  41. The founding fathers were people of their time. They weren't prophets. They had beliefs and acted on them like any human. They are relics now and of they came to the modern world, even they would say so

  42. There are so many other places in the world that are exactly the way you people want them. Why can't you just leave and go live there instead of trying to change and ruin the greatest most powerful country in the world?

  43. So then why don't we "one person, one vote" every piece of legislation up for consideration? Why elect a Congress to make the laws for us?

  44. One person one vote was a horrendous and indefensible ruling by the SCOTUS. Its a judicial monstrosity created by the Warren court with a monocular focus on a single issue, breaking apart the political power of the rural south in order to further desegregation. A noble goal but the unintended consequences have been detrimental to the nation as a whole.

    Madison and the rest of the framers were explicitly attempting to avoid the same pitfall of the late Roman Republic. Where power became centralized in the urban cities of Rome with rural Rome being further and further marginalized by the government. As the situation in Rural Rome got worse people were forced to move to the urban centers looking for work and the political power of rural Rome was further reduced due to population migration.

    That is why we have a Senate where each state has equal representation. So we do not end up in a situation like the Late Roman Republic where we have a positive feedback loop spinning power of the nation out of control.

    One person one vote may have been intended to help further desegregation but it also destroyed true bicameral legislatures in the states. And the states, especially the blue states, have mini Roman Republics going on right now. Rural New York has been decimated. The state government cares only for the interests of New York City. The decimation of Rural New York has caused a migration out of the rural areas which further increases the political power of New York City and worsens the problem. That is the exact situation that Madison and the rest were trying to avoid.

    Its untenable and will lead to the breakdown of the republic. It always does and has so for thousands of years.

  45. After reading the top comments, it seems to be a bunch of MSNBC bots upvoting their videos. Like somehow that makes Chris Hayes smart and know what he is talking about?

  46. Abolish the Electoral College, and all you'll need is…New York and California. Chris is right, the idea that people in less populated areas of the country should influence who becomes President is bizarre. Once the Electoral College is abolished…NY, CA and other more urban states will take control and we will no longer be held hostage by states with smaller populations.

  47. How about you… Get Andrew Yang's name right. How about you stop screwing with the Democratic process?

  48. The kids growing up today, with Trump in the WH, will never have the opportunity to improve our election process, or to provide any meaningful legislation for the near future. We will react to political chaos, and we will succumb to emotions and fear before we rally with the other side to make a world worthy for our children and grandchildren. This nation requires two or three generations to grow up remembering how politically ignorant and impotent so many of us currently are before we can rely on significant changes to our government to even begin.

    It took a revolution to start this nation, and it WILL take one or two to fix it. The Civil War was a failed revolution by the "wrong" side, and they've spent the past 150 years ruining our democracy for their satisfaction; just a little evidence that what we considered was a victory for the Union was actually just a delay in the inevitable. America will crumble, its people will divide, and it will take blood and guts to bring it back together. We can only hope and pray for the "right" people to win that challenge.

  49. Abraham Lincoln lost the popular vote but won the presidency through the electoral college. So the majority of Americans still wanted slaves….. Does that make you think twice about the EC being so horrible?

  50. The question to ask is if the situation was reversed would he still want the electoral college abolished if Hillary lost the popular vote and won the electoral college? Would he stand by his belief that the EC is wrong? NO! Chris Hayes and the Dems are just a sore losers.

  51. Without Electoral College, POTUS will be basically picked by population of Los Angeles and NYC.
    Welp, with that, the fantasy laid out in the movie Hunger Game becomes a reality.

    A nation ruled by 1 (or 2) large population/power centers, full of people out of touch with the rest of the nation.

    Good luck with that.

  52. Says the network that tries to hide a certain democratic candidate literally every time they talk about the democratic primary.

  53. Hmmm, so if we neglect to realize that the Electoral College is actually a popular vote system, but that of the individual states voting, rather than just the people, (seeing the position of President is the only representative position for ALL of the states) than maybe we can convince idiots to agree with the left's mob rule system?
    Seems like Hamilton was on to something, there…

  54. If we're gonna amend the constitution, it won't be for the sake of the EC. Term limits for ALL! End the FED! Repeal the 16th! No HRC ever! God, i hope she dies soon.

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