Have Democrats turned into the anti-police party?

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  1. A lot of that "Crime has dropped" statistic is misleading because the "Crime Stats" are based on number of arrests… and in inner cities like LA & San Fran lots of crime is being ignored or tolerated instead of arresting and prosecuting people who committed those crimes.

  2. force wow what about guns no force there just let them shoot everyone .. force dont fight then there is no force needed

  3. I stumbled onto this video and the comments are absolutely insane with right wing morons making up facts and believing an entertainment program (Fox News is not classified as a news program). Logic and critical thinking skills escape everyone in the comments

  4. Why are they so angry and violent? Why can't they voice their concerns and opinions in a calm way? It's just disgusting!!!

  5. If you are living in a Democratic Party controlled state or municipality you are living on borrowed time. Check out the failure rate due to bankruptcy,crime, single parent families,dilapidated neighborhoods,vast numbers of welfare recipients,and overall hopelessness. The best case scenario is that you will die quickly if you stay hoping for the revival,a turn around,or a mass gentrification. There is no Marshal Plan for California,Florida,Illinois,Michigan,Maryland,New York,New Jersey,Washington,etc. The $billions that have been thrown at these shitholes was consumed by kleptomania as is standard Democratic Party plantation business model practice. Blaming the NRA or anyone else for Marxism and tyranny is just cowardliness ad nauseum. You can only decide what side of American history you are going to be on before the collapse of the Constitutional Government. After it falls someone else will decide all things for you.

    New York City is about as Anti American, Anti Constitutional as it gets and NYC "law enforcement" is about as corrupt as it gets accordingly.
    New Yorkers perpetuate the depravity that has been NYC sub culture for decades.

    Empathizing over anything that happens to anyone in the oldest pinko commie sanctuary city
    in America and the home of legalized infanticide is akin to empathizing with Marxist Sadomasochism.

    Totalitarianism always eats it's own, including but not limited to Cannibalism.
    How often does the opportunity arise for a cancerous tumor to be allowed to eat itself?

    Let them have themselves.

  6. JUSTICE DOES EXIST for every human being, its called, "COMPLY" to whatever the Police are instructing to a suspect when making an arrest…..If you do NOT COMPLY, you and only YOU, the resisting one has consequences to deal with. As a Law Abiding Citizen, all that person Gardner had to do was comply and live, hire an attorney if he had any "beef" with being arrested period. Get a LIFE there Mayor, YOU never know when it might come your time that the Police might need to protect YOUR life, but might rather look the other way because of your stupidity. I support ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS. God Bless them, for they should not have to be treated like the criminal that they protect citizens from daily.

  7. Mark Fuhrman GOT OJ SIMPSON OFF! Google it: there were tapes of him being racist and saying, ON TAPE, that he'd plant evidence on a black suspect. Then he lied about it on the stand, but OJ's defence had the tapes! I can't believe Ingraham is putting HIM up as a representative of Law Enforcement, he's a racist scumbag and dirty cop who got Freaken OJ off!

  8. ,, We already have laws. Enforce Law Enforcement and back those officers up!!! An officer has no time to second guess, Period !!! They will take the post(after) evaluation later, and will accept that outcome. There is no measurement of police enforcement to criminal force ratio, and can not be. What is understood is Respect and Obey Police Officers. It's simple You Get Stopped By An Officer, Do NOT Resist. You don't want police to take you down physically. Sit down yourself, on your hands. Silent. Respond appropriate.

  9. Dumb politicians and journalists treat events as simple direct cause and effect when in fact life is very complex with causes two or three and more stages removed from what we observe. Unfortunately even the most objective is easily influenced by simple minded thinking and the pack effect. That explains the single minded obsession that the left has against Trump and the accusations of racism that they are now extending to anyone and everyone who supports him. The left has gone mad while the right does want to find solutions to the real causes of so much crime.

  10. I know first hand how evil and power mad cops can be but in this instance, the enemy of my enemy is NOT MY FRIEND!

  11. Make no mistake, the demonrats have a dark hurtful agenda! Trump 2020! Thanks to all legal officials and first responders! They are a backbone of our society and rats want to be the authority, even Martial law! God Bless the USA and all Patriots that love America!

  12. The communist Democrat party is using there Bible Rules for Radicals a communist manifesto written by Saul Alinsky American commie red ! they want to divide and conquer the masses . Hillary and Obama were followers ! they learned how to extort millions thru intimidation and using gov, agencies to go after there political enemies both in gov, and privet sector !

  13. How ridiculous is it that the target deographic is the group 40% less likely to vote then any other group in America.

  14. not a dem but that man was choked in killed for selling cigarettes, Police use excessive force and they seldom face justice, same laws should apply to cops.

  15. Its impossible to deny that US police are out of control, brutish thugs who need disciplining. The majority of the US population is terrorised by your out of control police. The US is recognised world wide as the very definition of a police state. Thug rule by thugs in uniform is what prevails in your medieval UNJUST and murderous legal system. Trying to defend the indefensible makes you look like complete morons. Wake your selves up while you still have the option. It has nothing to do with left or right politics, it is a government control failure issue of which both Dems and Reps have been guilty over many decades.

  16. Tell that criminal, Hold on, i 1st need to call my Sargent for orders how to respond,don't shoot yet 😂😜🤣
    Then Blasio wants to ban all weapons from civilians so they can't defend themselves no more.
    Mad Max(ine) fiction becomes reality.
    While Trump goes for order & discipline and good values restored, leftists call up for violence and approving it (like antifa funded by leftists like Soros)

  17. Throw water on Deblasio, cuss him, threaten him- and see what happens, the cops and his bodyguards will REACT, unchained..

  18. These Democrats believe a criminal before they believe the police. Everything is upside down with them. President Trump has respect for police and military. He is a law and order President. That’s what is great about America. We are protected by police and we have great laws that should be enforced. I feel safe wherever I go because I know if I believe I am in danger a policeman is a phone call away…hurrying to help me. God bless our police . Keep them safe always.

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