Gutfeld: Democrats are tripping on identity politics like bad acid

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  1. any buiness owner whether large or small in Trumps America benefits, We as Americans benefit, I agree with president Trump, If you don't like America, LEAVE, IF America becomes socialist I can guarantee I WILL participate in militias as my great grandfather from Norway did as well, This great American republic needs our not only support but its life and liberty., Its Our Future Generations.

  2. Wokadiles sense a big croc here, and little croc there, ole McWoka sees croca, ee, ai, ee, ai, oooh…

  3. no @Fox News, the USA does not need or truly want a socialist party. Now that you're controlled by Disney, I hope you aren't putting feelers out for that stupid idea.

  4. time for polosi to come and utter the fire for cortez rachida tleib and ilhan omar fast as possible if she wann continue to have A JOB PERIOD SHE IS ALREADY AT THE REEDLINES MANY PEOPLE WANT PELOSI OUT SO NANCY REALLY NEED FIRE THIS 4 WOMEN FAST AS POSSIBLE !

  5. It won't matter how far left they are the Dems have so many safe districts and with Pelosi issuing a mafia like order to all Dem consultants that they will be put in the shed if they work for any candidate that challenge a incumbent it won't get much better. The party needs to implode before there is a single change to their clown shows and tyranny. The Same tyranny that reporters submitted to when they were put inside ropes like kindergartner kids at a zoo outing.. The ropes were present at Hillbillies r press events and campaign stops. This party looks nothing like a party Of the People.

  6. Anyone still watching these Jerry Springer idiots are morons. They're robbing you blind telling you what you mouthbreathers want to hear. Fake laugh track? Jesus Christ.

  7. Through manipulation and strategy, Trump will be the one to select the democratic nominee for 2020. He'll crush whoever that person is.

  8. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ Greg using the โ€NOOOOOOOO!!!โ€ Lady very nice touch๐Ÿ‘.

  9. Dear gutfield, research Ayaan Hirsi Ali
    She is from Somalia originally. She served in Amsterdam parliament. I met her when she was in hiding she now lives in an undisclosed place in America. You will see a big difference in attitude from Omar. Yet she is originally from Somalia. Omar is dumb, dishonest and hateful Ali has a completely different attitt and perspective. She is intelligent . Big difference

  10. Who bussed the imigrants in today Kamala is a sick person, sheโ€™s blaming Russians for her lousy campaign! Lock her up! Loony bin time!!

  11. Trump offers young Congressional radicals being shunned by the Democrat establishment some common sense advise. Do what real world entrepreneurs, visionaries and philanthropists including Bill Gates have always done to gain acceptance of your ideas. Go and create PILOT PROJECTS. When its successful use that success to gain broader acceptance. Trump told the shunned radicals to create pilots of their ideas in their failed ancestral homelands theyve publically stated they still care about. After their ideas proved successful he urged them to COME BACK and tell us how they do it. Did they thank him for this common sense advise about how to buck the Democrat establishment? Nope. Theyre all calling him a racist, sexist and xenophobe. How very sad for them, America and their suffering ancestral homelands. Everyone loses with cry bully haters.

  12. The leftist democrats believe in identity politics and say if your a person of color your vote should only be for that of their race and not for the rest of the constituents that live in your district. That is as racist a it comes. Why would you want to vote for a person that doesn't see anything but the color they are . Politicians should be about all the people of the area they come from. Its about policy and ideas not what you can do for your color. If we follow their plan that means for us to only vote for a person of the color we are and forget the rest as they wont do anything for you.

  13. I said back in 2008 that the Democrats will never have a white male candidate again – after decades of hating on white people in general it is astounding there are any remaining in that party. They'll tolerate white women to an extent, as long as they preach hatred of their own race, which explains why Hillary was allowed to run. But that's it folks…no more. It is now and forever the black and brown party explicitly. LMAO.

  14. The UK is a key ally, problem is there swamp is worse than ours. Positive the working class is uniting, the newly formed Brexit Party just last month destroyed Labour and the Conservative Partys.

  15. Donald Trump thanking himself makes people so angry, yet is one of the traits I love about him.
    I hate hearing billionaires tell us what sacrifices we can make to be better people, Iโ€™ll take my rich people unapologetic. You donโ€™t have to be ashamed of being successful, I wouldnโ€™t.

  16. Hahahahaha. The DEMS are just a cabal of crying spoiled children.
    Trumps tweets about the British ambassador are spot on. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
    Brilliant way you have reported the news..๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜„

  17. (Democrats + Identity Politics = Racism + Diversity = Segregation)
    (Democrats + Gun Confiscation = Tyrannical Rulership)
    Diversity/root word; Divide, Though the word "Diversity" is a pretty word, it actually means to "Segregate" to "Divide" to keep "Seperate" from others.
    For Example : (There are a Diversity of races. OR IT CAN BE SAID There are separate groups of different races.) The word "Diversity" is a Negitive not a Positive. The word "Diversity" used by the Democrats and others, has been misused and used too often.
    A Positive Word would be the word "Variety."
    For Example : A "Variety" of races came together in a crowd to celebrate an event. Another Example : America is made up of a "Variety" races and traditions but all live here as One Nation Under God and Indivisible.
    The Democrats Forgotten (Indivisible). It's going to bite em in the shorts come election day.

  18. Illegal aliens from Guatemala come here and work. Yet pay ZERO taxes and receive everything for free (food stamps, section 8 housing, Children's education and lunches) on the taxpayers dime. Yet have enough money to send $9.3 billion back home last year.

  19. Nice photo of AOC opening her mouth! She told President Trump NOT to insult the alligators until AFTER he crosses the river! I think we should send those gators to the border and lock them up in those wretched "concentration camps"! Sorry, PETA!

  20. remember everyone to vote. get rid of these people so we don't have to keep hearing about them or listen to them talk

  21. The Dems might as well give up. Stick a fork in it. Trump is a genius and sooner or later he is going to get what he wants. So the Squad should cut the drama and get over it! Everyday they look like bigger and bigger idiots.

  22. If I can ever meet Donald Trump! I will tell him…SIR, YOU ARE A SAVAGE! LOL.. and will you please adopt me

  23. Trump has the Democrats running like scared dogs. I used to think he was crazy but his opposition take the bait like dumb fish. All you need is popcorn to watch the show!

  24. The British Ambassador has been in bed with the EU Leaders for decades. He was only put in position to try to split the President from Britain.


  26. Let's rename the aoc & her cohorts, because a squad is usually made up of men, less than 10. Now squallies seems a better name.
    No one ever seems to remember babbling pelosi & shifty schiff's press conf. after the Kavanaugh hearings & around the mail bomb stunt time. One of the reporters ask pelosi, do you think your rhetoric could possibly cause someone to commit some harmful act, such as you endorsing waters acts of calling for people to attack any republican or Trump supporter if they caught them in public could end in tragic situation? Since she had been a critic of Trump's talks. Words were said to this effect: There could be possibly collateral damage & if there is; "So be it". This is a terrible remark to make, especially from the speaker of the house, no one called her on this. The squally four are doing the same thing now. Love it or leave is an old phase not a racial slur, it's an equal opportunity phase it was used a lot in the McCarthy area & so was " you can ride out on the same horse you rode in on", I don't know if anyone thought that was racist but no one thought about checking on the horse's color. The squally 4 remind me of s couple of old songs, 'johnny one-note' is truly a song & I really thing we ought to bring back the other song which is called ' Short People' , I listen to this periodically to remind myself. This song was very misunderstood at first so I'll give you a tip, it is not about physically challenged people. It's by Randy Newman, it had a kind if cult group of followers. Check it out.
    God bless our President & keep him safe. Tk you God for our blessings!

  27. Gutfield and his crew crack me up!!! The first show pertaining to politics I've ever been able to watch!!! It's unfair though the dems fill him with hilarious content by the minute!!! LOL too funny!!!

  28. You are just disgusting! You are teaching your own family to dishonor the benefits you are getting from the President. You cannot accept that he is a great worker.

  29. Tbh it's kind of odd to see the pure definition of divide and conquer.
    It seems like this is a severe lack of positive dialogue between both parties.
    Not political btw

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