GSM Based Voting Machine

Hi, I am going to explain about
“DTMF Based Voting Machine”. In democratic countries, voting is an important
tool to collect and reflect people’s opinions. Traditionally, voting is conducted in centralized
or distributed places called voting booths. Voters go to voting booths and cast their
votes under the supervision of authorized parties. The votes are then counted manually once the
election has finished. With the rapid development of computer technology
and cryptographic methods, electronic voting systems can be employed that replace the inefficient
and most importantly error-prone human component. To increase the efficiency and accuracy of
voting procedures, computerized voting systems were developed to help collecting and counting the votes. Voting is the most important process which
is carried out to reveal the opinion of the people in selecting government or in any issue
that is under consideration. So the conventional voting systems based on paper voting are being replaced by electronic voting machines. Voting is a decision making mechanism in a society and security is indeed an essential part of voting. The term “electronic voting” represents the practice of electronic means in voting to safeguard the security, reliability, and transparency. The crucial role in determining the result
of an election, electronic voting systems should be developed with the greatest responsibility
and security. The Electronic voting machines aid blind users by reading off the instructions using headphones and also provide essential tools to help people with disabilities. Voting machines are the combination of mechanical
and electronic equipments which are needed for casting votes and displaying the election
results. The DTMF Based smart voting machine is a system
with which we can vote from any destination using our mobile phone. We need to call the voting server number after connecting the call, a voice message will be played from the server be played from the server to enter the correct password depending on our mobile no. The voter ID is fixed. After entering the correct password, voice message will give the options and we can select the candidate and vote. In this project, when a person wants to vote, he should call to the given number which is located with the voting machine. Voting machine will be equipped with mobile phone and supporting hardware to perform voting. The voting machine receives the call after a pre-difined rings and displays the voter information on PC. PC displays the options like press 1 to vote
PARTY 1, press 2 to PARTY 2. The voter has to select the required option
to vote for desired person. Voter selected information will be decoded
by DTMF decoder, it marks vote for that particular person and it provides voice announcement
about voting status. If the person tries to vote again, this module provides information that already voting has been done for this ID. After voting is done then the admin can enter
the password and can see the result. This project has advantages… those are… 1. Democracy. 2. Privacy 3. Accuracy. 4. Fairness and Verifiability. This project has applications… those are… 1. Remote areas. 2. Villages. 3. Banking’s. 4. School, College elections. You can buy this project in For more information see the description below. Please like, comment, share and subscribe
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