Grinnell College National Poll: Peter Hanson Discusses Trump’s Reelection

The president’s reelection numbers are
pretty dismal by any measure. Only 38% of Americans say that they would
to re-elect the president. Over 50% say their feelings toward him have become
more unfavorable since he was elected. And so this is not the kind of position
any candidate wants to be in heading into a tough race. Clearly his handling
of the economy is winning accolades from the public. 51% of the public thinks he’s
done a good job. At the same time that’s not translating into broad-based support
for his re-election. Now historically, what we’ve seen is that presidents who
govern over a strong economy tend to do very well for re-election and tend to
win office. Once again, we’re not seeing that here. Again only 38% of Americans
say the president should definitely be reelected, so he’s just not benefiting
from the strong economy the way past presidents have.

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