Greg Palast – Will the “Billionaires & Ballot Bandits” win?

okay what a john nichols katherine
harris num chomsky al sharpton jason alexander all agree on crackdown says
that j_d_s_ greg palaces in the studio with us investigative reporter the b_b_c_ news regarding the author of
his latest book billionaires and ballot ban it’s not a
steal an election in ninety ec steps craig palace vested in a cocaine carlr
over their buck bodies i was coming straight enrolled in a
direction by robert f_ kennedy junior wall what a book and uh… i don’t top ten-year times bestseller list grand
palace congratulations and welcome out of the gate but that’s because people
are packed on a what’s going on here but i wanna make a correction catherine
there’s back on the genius she called me twisted and maniacal away i was when i was actually a runoff
that so that was happening there are special not just like a war they like to get the
carrier senators to maniacal she complained to you harper’s magazine about me and threw the
brick house wisdom annika but she didn’t say agreat palace liz on right and and so so billionaires in
bala bandits are still in election ninety eight ninety z stats wat are these guys doing distiller elections be
held on fortune this is my sequel to the best of marks money can buy which you would reject to america com and i thought i’d never have to write a
sequel but here it is so yet nine way starting out the good
old katherine harris uh… trick purging uh… purging voters starting with the
so-called felon voters that’s how we started and two thousand with katherine harris knocking off tens
of thousands of black folk calling them felons they’re only crime was voting
wall black they’re back at it if you look in
billionaires in ballot bandits chapter on back with the florida felon con that’s like eighteen thousand people and for example if you wonder how they
do it they take these databases and they find criminals like mister
robert moore then they find someone in florida like mrs more let me repeat that mister bobby mo mister
robert moore commits a crime missus bobby deol beebe ar i’m more is removed from the four rolls because she happens to live in a
neighborhood that is largely minority you or tends to vote democratic well
they don’t guess next every voter’s name in florida is their race so i when i look at those listen mike when
i say that’s almost all black people i’m not guessing and either they it says
b l a next to their names now just so you know how many innocent people are endless answer is one hundred-percent they can’t find a single real criminal illegal voter on the list it’s if they found one d trade your
certified find one all rest them as a waiters eighty thousand names start
arresting so it’s just a list its list of people now can’t vote so that’s just one of nitric stages
knocked eighty thousand people off again and again settlement it’s like that so i say why hadn’t i
thought i had a write a sequel but then there are nine eight other tricks to
think they they knock sixty to eighty thousand off in two thousand election
which got bush with in a close enough margin that if the supreme court which
is stopped account in florida he could pretend anyone i mean if if any gift even one-percent of the number black people
removed in two thousand voted were allowed to vote like willie stern
the gulf war veteran i’d i met if he was allowed to vote andy you’d never got parking ticket uh… bush would not have been president
but we’re going to that same game again now in florida now it’s spread all over the united
states and by the way the important thing member i wanna go back to one
thing and never emphasized for these databases of criminals so-called aliens suspect voters who’s coming up with these lists uh… and the answer is a bunch of billionaires the guided the first list is named ken
lingo he just give a million dollars to mit romney meant they had breakfast i
try crash there join them for breakfast and victor in new york couple weeks without your
checkbook and i can’t do it there were thirty seven billion years thirty-seven doing is having breakfast
with mit romney last weekend won’t work uh… len go-to guy came for the first
black list and now that you guys are coming up a new blacklist there is there
the coke brothers who have a database they call theme is which they’re using and a guy who went the named after a flower by president bush occurred blossom a
stricter blossom karl rove has something called a trust which is he’s working under contract
with republican national committee these games are continuing but now on a billion dollar basis that’s the game that i’m trying to bust this is this is like jim crow on
steroids so don’t grow on steroids and just because i’m so concerned people get
it i’d we even have ten rollins a fifty page comic book in the middle mhm case europe victim of the yet no child behind with
school in america you can least at the whole thing in or use water really
quickly and i wasn’t so you agree yet they got so we’re trying to greg
palaces new book billionaires in ballot bandits other still election ninety c
statute is named one of those steps so that was that this person is k_g_o_
there’s pressed digitizing blocking injecting i can’t remember all them
unless you want to keep a look at the that’s that and for you can’t that’s fucked up i
thought that the other regard as the cd but the point is for example changing
their back to changing cajun if you don’t get very did you know
if they do a mailing and then if you don’t respond to mailer will mere
history it what happens karl rove did this he mails out letters cases do not for women letters come back
to call a cage they then say off half the voters voting
from a fraudulent address that republicans say will of course we have
to challenge those voters but you know where they’re sending them they send the
homeless shelters they’re sending them to uh… traditionally black colleges in
august when the students are out there these are the legal voted listening to
soldiers who have been deployed you got the punch line ’cause writing
here i have a cajun list of the naval air station they’ve been
sending these they’ve been sending the skating with psyche to not to
active-duty soldiers who are not at their home base where
they’re registered well mister rolf here you go take a look at that okay salute r_n_c_ wrapping itself the flag is
meantime challenging tens of thousands of active-duty
soldiers saying that they’re from out after a legal voters even though you can vote from a war zone
in america if you’re in american citizen believe it or not and no one knows that i talked to one
soldier said i got the vote they said kazi mailed in his ballot but he didn’t know that he was on the
challenges that comes in suspeito sama gets kicked off and and and put in it but i’ve been
trying where the users wisconsin tight senate races this is what i want people to understand
there are ten absolutely paper-thin division senate races that are in on the line
here now i’m not here elect democrats and i hear elect the bombers mama but i don’t wanna senate that hasn’t
been elected i don’t wanna clinton elected by uh… calling this machine that the coax
owner carl rose state interest battery heady and i’m very concerned and he’s ten
racial casey you got this uh… this poster seven ways to beat the
ballad and that’s what we did what are we doing ok right at the back
of of billionaires in ballot bandits we
have seven ways to beat a ballot bandits now
this i call your ballot condom for say voting whack if you go to bed ballot and it’s not or r g you can
download the poster for free you can order nice colorful ones like i gave tom
he gets one for free ’cause he’s so handsome indeed added actually anyway
that’s all from the not for profit organization trying to just say votes i hope the republican party has them out you know we want votes to count and so at the back of the book plus we
have action resources media resources like the top partment show important things for people to know how they’re doing it nine which is stealing it and the seven
ways that you can take to at least try to protect yourself vote early before the bell bennett’s
wake up uh… do don’t go postal was i mean
don’t mail it in will try not to really if you can walk in because if you like it and you’ll find
out if you’re being challenger leah what you’ll find out if you’re being if
you’re suddenly a challenge voter id they say your felonies a year and saying
you can’t vote if you have seen in florida unless you’re the governor okay that such i’m either about theology but you cafeteria safe to fly it really suspect voters in voters which we haven’t found but they’re knocking
off tens of thousands of voters in that way the suspect addresses the cage voters and something else to four hundred eighty eight thousand ballots mailed in ballots in two thousand eight
were rejected for wrong size pendulum wrong postage yourdomain on the outside
doesn’t match the we decided on the inside because you included a middle
initial on the inside but not on the outside this time’s going to be four times many
because co control organizations are now sending out challengers to look
at every absentee ballots walk-in brought it up and didn’t do it greg now as you can read all about and billionaires and ballot and its
hottest election ninety six dash and i would add you and i can do about

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