Green New Polling

92 percent of Democrats back
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal? Wow.
(applause, cheers, music) If that big number sounds
shocking to you, listen to this one. 64 percent of Republicans
are supporters of GND as well. That’s right, 64 percent. How can
this be? These numbers come to us courtesy of highly prestigious
Yale and George Mason universities, so we can trust what they say,
right? According to their report, the Democrat AND Republican parties
are full of people who think we can ditch fossil fuels completely,
build high speed trains across the nation, run everything
on wind and solar, renovate every building in the land for
energy efficiency, provide guaranteed jobs, free education
and free healthcare. We can do all that and more in only a
decade. Of course, this is complete nonsense. The report
I’m referring to was put together by people who specialize
in communicating climate change hysteria. The poll was taken
before the Green New Deal was even formalized. The questions
were framed in a general way that played on the desire of
people to build infrastructure and be protective of the planet.
We all want that! There was no mention of
costs or feasibility either. So, the report is highly
misleading at best, and subversive propaganda at worst.
Why do I bring this up? Because we should all be
aware of the depth of the dishonest campaign to create
a moral panic so people will go along with nonsensical ideas
that they would normally not consider. Unfortunately the
results of this preposterous poll have been repeated many times
by people and news publications that normally have a high-functioning
bull squirt meter. But in the era of fake news it’s hard to keep up.
Beware of anything you hear about public acceptance of ridiculous
ideas. Even if people can be manipulated in a poll, or by
press coverage, they wise up pretty fast when the costs
become known. For the Clear Energy Alliance,
I’m Mark Mathis. Power On.

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  1. So is America the ONLY country to pay hmmmm What about Mexico, China, Inonedia and the rest of the TOP POLUTERS???? How are you going to jack them for cash girl? NOT – go back to slinging drinks a bar "BOSS" LOL

  2. Let me inform you pie in the sky people something.!
    1935 Mr Pouge's carburator 220 MPG PROVEN FORD MOTOR COMPANY was closed down by WHO?
    BY BIG OIL..! OAC is going to close down big oil that big coal that Gorge Soros and every other billionaire on earth are invested in to there ears? I DON'T THINK SO YOU IDIOTS.! GLOBAL WARMING /CLIMATE CHANGE IS ABOUT TAXING THAT OIL THAT COAL THAT BLONGES TO THESE BILIONAIRS OF EARTH, CARBON TAXING FOSIL FUEL.!
    AND YOU CAN'T TAX SOMETHING THAT DOESENT EXIST..! All keep it in the grown global warming /climate change people claiming the sky is falling in 12 years ARE certifiable Baker Actable absolute idiots..!

  3. Instead of being dicks about the Green New Deal, why not propose what you think is sensible legislation? Trash channel. Unsubbed.

  4. if these climate change people really want to save the planet from a impending doom, why not avocate for self sufficiency instead of telling the governments of the world to do this and that for the planet?
    because its common sense logic for these enviro fools to go ahead and want government to do their bidding.

  5. That fire breathing bullshiter needs to be slain before she causes irreversible damage. And that dragon needs to be killed as well.

  6. I put no stock in poles ! They can be made to say any thing . The pollster can mark you down in his category with no paper trail ! Just like those voting machines !

  7. This "organization" continues to amaze me with it's stupidity and climate-denial oriented propaganda. The science is in – climate change will be irreversible in 12 years and will obliterate the planet if not taken care of immediately, according to The International Climate Science Coalition. Clear Energy Alliance is spewing bullshit propped up by fossil fuel sponsors and it's so obvious.

  8. You're the dumbest group of people I've ever fucking seen. I mean what do you think is going to happen if we keep release millions of tons of corbon dioxide into the year every year? Oh you don't believe we do that?? That what do fires, engine exhaust, factories, Mills, and even chopping down trees release? Nothing? Are you fucking idiots?? I mean for Christ sake take your head out of your ass and read something besides political propoganda for once.

  9. Climate change has become a trillion dollar business. The "scientists" propagandizing climate fear are garbage scientists, not real scientists. Humans cannot control the weather with windmills. Every sane and honest scientist in the world knows that. Watch Climate Hysteria at

  10. What is the costing of this "new deal" – per working US citizen, over the next ten years?
    I believe the individual costs should first be explained to the interviewee.
    I have heard figures mooted of around an extra $20,000, per taxpayer, per annum, over 10 years and the loss of approximately 65 million jobs. Can anyone comment on whether these figures are accurate or not?

  11. It is very believable that 100% of democrat politicians believe that gasses stop at imaginary borders (e.g., what gets pump into the atmosphere in "developing nations" stays in developing nations) – and next they will be demanding that we open the borders to those poor misbegotten molecules.

  12. You guys make it sound like climate change does not exist.
    Even though scientist around the world, says its real.
    Come on guys if you guys have a better plan. Lets hear it.
    What would republicans do to combat climate change.

  13. This guy really hates aoc lolol you can tell they are tying to depict her image/personality in an negative way. This guy really does this for a living wow. How does someone get paid for misinformation, koch brothers and who else? This video will not age well when the next natural disaster is found to be made worse by climate change. Multiple natural disasters have already been promulgated and more destructive due to climate change.

  14. Please guys I know most of you are republicans and already believe all this bullshit, but if you wish to be a free thinker, study the claims from 99% of the scientific community. I hope you aren’t a climate denier, and that you become a victim to it, it would be sad to see how destructive your cognitive dissociative will be.

  15. If I wanted to accomplish something like GND, I would pick a single mid-sized city and do feasibility studies on the various elements. For instance, how difficult would it be to upgrade every home to high efficiency standards? What would be the reality behind building enough wind and solar power to eliminate the need for fossil fuels? And how would the expansion of public transport and elimination of cars go? My best guess is that there would be intense resistance to virtually every element of the plan. If I had to predict the result I would expect almost immediate disaster, perhaps bordering on civil war, as a result of forcing implementation of these provisions. One very interesting question would be if there was a contest to see which city would get the initial implementation. Would anyone fight to become that city, or would most shy away in terror? I would expect the latter, but it would bathe the "winning" city in billions of Federal dollars, so maybe it could be made at least initially attractive.

    I think the way to resist this would be to try and imagine concrete results of each policy and see what might pan out. Maybe a novel like like Kurt Schlichter's novels of the future divided America. Would anyone want to read it?

  16. Hang on a minute … I viewed the document referred to in the video, and although it is chock-full of data saying that Americans believe in Global Warming and want to do something about it, there are precisely zero references to the Green New Deal. Here's the document so you can check it out for yourself:

  17. GREEN NEW SCHEME-Nothing more nothing less! What happened to rebuilding our infrustructure,And i am not talking about someone telling me I have to rebuild my home and at my exspense!

  18. You idiot, trillions in tax cuts and trillions in subsidies to the wealthiest in the last 40 years would have us there now!
    I hope you are alive to see your posterity die!

  19. Wake up and do not go gentle into the good night, but rage rage against the dying of the light!

  20. We aren’t living in the fucking 19th century, yet we act like we are. Coal and oil power went out of style 200 years ago. Stop killing the planet you piece of shit.

  21. But how do we pay for it? This isn't a matter of political will as much as how could ANY nation cough up that much money for a single program?

  22. This is just another stupid video by an oil and gas shill that still denies the meta analysis on climate change that also includes quite an insulting caricature of AOC. Real classy there , Mark. You're just another swamp creature.

  23. Shitty propaganda. Selling our earth’s future for money in your pockets. If dems are lying, what do they gain from this? Nothing. If the fossil fuel companies are lying, what do they gain from lying? Money, money, money.

  24. Pure bullshit…all that needs to be done is take back control of our government by voting in candidates that do not take billionaire, multinational corporations pac/super-pac money. It may take a few election cycles but the progressives are coming. The Republicans are literally dying by natural causes – old age – …also, their racist, xenophobic, bible thumping (theres a long list & we know what they are) ways arent the new generations ways. Plus they have COMPLETELY lost the majority of the country…Republicans are dog shit eating crazy. Only the dumbest or 72+ year old & dont have the energy to search for the truth & rely on FOX NEWS , bible thumping hypocrites (these Christians have ABSOLUTELY shown their colors) who just hate anything different & judges everyone…are whats left of & make up the republican party. If you’re still backing donald trump you are 100% racist, bigoted, xenophobic, hypocritical, full of hate & just a bad person PERIOD. You have done us all a favor by speeding up the republican demise. 10 million more votes last election…get ready because the corporate democrats are next to go.

  25. The CEA's Board of Directors includes lobbyists for extractive energy industries:

    David Blackmon, Director of Government Affairs (lobbyist) for the El Paso Corporation, a methane gas drilling and pipeline company based in Houston, Texas. Blackmon previously served as Communications Manager for Shell Oil Company. 
    Dave Harbour, Executive Director of the Consumer Energy Alliance of Alaska. He coordinated public relations strategies for two dozen gas pipeline members of Arctic Gas Consortium the lobby Congress to support passage of the Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Act of 1976.
    David Holt, President (and a managing partner at the oil and energy industry lobbying group HBW Resources) 
    John Heimlich, formerly with United Airlines financial planning
    Melissa Taldykin, formerly of the Carlyle Group

  26. This whole video is just a blatant lie. The dems don't support it or her and neither do the Republicans.

  27. At least we are fucking trying to save our planet from an increasing global temperatures, while we are wasting our money and resources on walls that only serve as a hate monument that is purely political other than a useful non political way to try our best to stop our planets mere end. But hey it is kinda too late, we are all caught up on our differences and we haven't realized that we have already passed a point in this global warming event because we didn't do it soon enough. Now in going to have to live my long life in a world that will probably regret the past decisions to ignore such deals.

  28. This is the fundamental strategy of every politician trying to win an election to office as well as most or all of the talking heads in mainstream media outlets (all-inclusive, there's no argument that the left wing media and right wing media are equally biased and equally full of shit. They just execute their agenda in very different ways). But fear takes virtually no effort since it is usually a spontaneous reaction. Fear mongering is the quickest way to get a powerful emotional response that instantly favors the alternative being presented by the one who is mongering the fear. As long as people prefer the easy option over the boring and often frustrating option of research and maintaining objectivity (all of which rarely leads to highly satisfactory results that are going to make you feel great) then the same approach mentioned here is going to be the way things get presented from the left, right, climate change zealots, climate change deniers, etc.

  29. Who funds this bullshit? They won't say. But it's clearly propaganda. That said it's adorably pathetic like a blind declawed kitten trying to fight a lion.

  30. Big oil propaganda. We are destabilizing the earth's environment with fossil fuels and plastics. If we don't change our ways we won't be around for much longer. We will be extinct. Green jobs and new technology is a necessity for our survival.

  31. Yea because 64% of Republicans are totally cool with the government getting rid of airplanes, and revamping literally every building in the United States at the tax payers expense. Yea totally 64% of Republicans support spending trillions and trillions on that while simultaneously letting the government take the biggest grab of power in American history

    Liar liar pants on fire

  32. Wow! You're a complete piece of shit! Go suck on a diesel tailpipe until you asphyxiate. Let us know how it works out for you.

  33. You need to start turning these views into subscriptions. You need to optimize your strategic foot print almost 100k views and less than 6k subscribers. I feel that you are asking for people to subscribe way too late in the video I’m sure if we looked at your analytics most people have stopped watching by that point of time you ask them to subscribe

  34. Beware of Misinformation from the Clear Energy Alliance. ( "Clear Energy"…natural gas, perhaps ? )
    This propaganda uses all of the known tactics of thought control agents from the CIA and others clandestine agencies/
    Most of which are designed to chastise, denigrate and minimize those would dare to seek new energy ideas and technology
    by threatening those in the Top 1% controlling our fossil fuel based economy.

    " Full of people who think we can ditch fossil fuel completely"
    " Build High Speed Trains across the Nation."
    " Run EVERYTHING on Wind and Solar"
    " Renovate every building in the land for energy efficiency"
    " Provide guaranteed jobs for everybody"
    " Free education AND Free Health Care"
    "We can do ALL THAT and more, in ONLY a Decade !!"
    " ,,,Of course this is COMPLETE nonsense."
    "…The report was issued by people who Specialize in Climate Change Hysteria."
    " No Cost, No Plan."

    This is the worst kind of propaganda, designed to shame anyone with forward,
    positive ideas and force them to crawl back under their political covers.
    By lumping all these concerns together and using minimizing language
    ( straight out of a 1950's Father Knows Best misogynist's handbook )
    They make it appear that all of these concerns should be responded to with equal measure.

    Just to be sure: they tied issues of energy creation with socialized education and socialize medicine.
    So ips facto, all those concerned with fossil fuel production are unrealistic Socialists.
    Make no mistake; this piece is designed to influence those who refuse to think for themselves.
    It is designed to protect the status quo and to defy logic and the very basics of physics ( The Law of Cause and Effect )
    Their all (oil ) or nothing (not oil) slant makes it look like any other option is irresponsible.
    They imply that because a new infrastructure will cost money
    ( ours is based on inefficient technology already 100+ years old )
    it's inception is not attainable and impractical and worst of all…irrational !
    I say call this group out on their lack of vision, lack of leadership. lack of courage, lack of empathy.
    These are not the industrialist we're looking for.

  35. We should have ALL learned about "Polls" during the 2016 election,, They were all manipulated and changed to deceive the Public….
    I don't believe any of them..

  36. Careful, this guy is going to be sued and will end up pennyless. He's payed by oil companies. Fuck this guy

  37. In the end both the right and left will be our doom they're both just as stupid and foolish and just as bad as each other yet both act like their shit doesn't stink #beneutral

  38. First of all, the report the Green New Deal is based on projects that, if we continue on our current trajectory, climate change will be irreversible. This does not mean the world will end in 12 years. I means we have 12 years to make major strides in reducing CO2 emissions. I believe that we do need to eliminate the construction of new fossil fuel based power plants, and retire existing coal based power plants as quickly as possible, but neither wind nor solar or a combination of the two will get us there. Both wind and solar are intermittent power sources that are available on average 30% of the time. The other 30% of the time we have to rely on a backup power system, and the backup has to be able to supply 100% of peak load capacity, so wind and solar will be a capital expenditure on top of the capital expenditure for whatever power system is the backup. Currently, the only practical backup is conventional natural gas powered power plants. CCGT plants are twice as efficient, but they take 40 minutes to ramp up power, which is unacceptable as a backup for an intermittent power source. This means we can either consume the amount of fuel of a CCGT to meet our power needs, or consume twice the amount of fuel 70% of the time to consume zero fuel 30% of the time with wind and solar.
    The answer is also not Light Water Reactors, at least not without recovery of the uranium in spent fuel rods. Without this recovery the world has sufficient uranium to provide 100% of the world's electricity needs for 3.9 years. OK, with a doubling of the price of uranium the mineable reserves increase by a factor of 10, but that wouldn't provide us with more than 40 years of electricity.
    The answer is Molten Salt Breeder Reactors. I support the Green New Deal, but only if it allocates in the neighborhood of $20 billion towards research development and initial deployment of MSRs.

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