Graham: Sanders’ candidacy is a down-ballot Democrat’s worst nightmare

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  1. Here's the best example of why term limits are desperately needed in Congress. Ms. Lindsey, you are a disgrace and a COWARD!!!!!!!

  2. Suspected criminal activity among Trump associates, colleagues is unbelievable and unstoppable … .Guess what ? "Show me who your friends are and I tell you what you are

  3. You tell me this baby does not feel pain from conception ? God Speaking Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you;  Jeremiah 1:5

  4. Bernie will probably have a heart attack if he won then we are stuck with his vice president…whoever that may be and the looks of it is Billary!!!! Lol her only way of getting in. Maybe Bernie is the next victim on the Clinton hit list…this election thing is a joke!!! They are making us think we get people elected!!! The joke is on us…we are hoodwinked daily by these Constitutional OATHBREAKERS and they aren't going to stop lying anytime soon. Water the tree of liberty before it is to late!!???

  5. Fox Propaganda Again is preaching Hell for Change. Democratic Socialism is already here in America under the Nose of Idiot Trump and Republicans. Other Democratic Socialist Countries like Canada, Germany, England, Switzerland, Netherlands, Europe, etc. pay less into Taxes than Americans. Democratic Socialism in America is Social Security, Unemployment, Disability, Aid to Dependent Families, Farm Subsidies (bail out of debts), Manufacturing Subsideis (bail outs), Welfare, College Grants, Afordable Care Act. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH REPUBLICANS, THEY GET ALL THE SAME BENEFITS TOO !!!! BUT THIS FOX FAKE NEWS BITICHES AS IF ALL REPUBLICANS ARE MILLIONAIRS !!!!

  6. One of Graham's biggest donors is none other than Mike Bloomberg. Of course he's going to bash Bernie. Bernie is the only candidate that has a chance of beating Trump.

  7. "I believe in science, and I believe global warming is real"… ok Lindsey what specific science are you referring to? Can you please post a link that shows that science?

  8. It's not about beating people in elections and helping other people win elections about if your ideas and policies will be better for the American ppl. These ppl are making the wrong tight, the most important fight, like DICTATORS. Their ONLY concern is control. Actual Competence isn't important to most Lefty's in Federal Government, elected or otherwise

  9. It's not "Feel the Bern" it's "Feel the BURN when your check gets cut in half"
    Thanks Bernie, for showing how insane you all are.

  10. LYING "MISS LINDSEY" claimed to be scheduling senate hearings into the FISA abuse , but NO HEARINGS have been scheduled!!

  11. Apparently, someone hasn't seen any of the trump matchup polls. The only way to beat a fake Anti-establishment candidate in this political environment, is with a REAL, CONSISTENT, HONEST, TRUSTWORTHY Anti-establishment candidate. Can't wait to see republican snowflakes cry in November. Your party is dying, your voter purging, supression, and gerry-mandering is going to fail, as the courts have repeatedly ruled. Too bad you went all in on a game-show host demagogue as your savior. 🤣🤣🤣

  12. The truth is the American people will turn out in large numbers just to replace coward and corrupt republicunt senators like you Mrs. Graham.
    Voting 100% blue in November.

  13. What has happened to the democratic party with Bernie and Biden being the best they have to offer. Corruption and the laws of karma. You reap what you sow!

  14. Linsey Gram is concerned for down ballot democrats and thinks Biden would be more formidable candidate against Trump? Yeah right!

  15. That's Right Mr. Graham. But don't forget to talk about the other side. There's 2 to Tango with. The right hand and left hand know what the other does.
    //Not as though the word of God hath taken none effect. For they are not all Israel, which are of Israel:

    7 Neither, because they are the seed of Abraham, are they all children: but, In Isaac shall thy seed be called.

    8 That is, They which are the children of the flesh, these are not the children of God: but the children of the promise are counted for the seed.

  16. You should worry about your own seat Graham. Their coming for you, you F'n disgrace. Take the house back… hilarious. Your lies only work on the weak-minded minority.

  17. Miss Linsey is a repulsive little lap dog! Better a socialist with programs that help all Americans than a fascist narcissistic DICKtator like 🍄rump.

  18. Fear mongering as if its going to work like a double edge sword. But people see though the facade and integrity shines with Bernie!

  19. Klobachar  whatever said follow roe vs wade ,, That's Bs  because a heart beat happens at 18 DAYS . democrats have no sole .


  21. Joe Biden for president the other night he's not even sure if he's running for the senate or president and we want him to run our country the other night you said he was running for the Senate he doesn't even know what for freaking office he's running for he's going to run this country that's a big joke but that's probably the best of democrat can do out of the candidates that you have I wouldn't let him run a dog clinic and we don't need one of them guys we already got the greatest president in history a Donald Trump 2020 and Beyond

  22. We got the best president in history right now Donald Trump 20/20 Ambien I think you're had three terms since the Democrats tried to overthrow him with their lies and deceit and being traitors to the country they should be prosecuted

  23. Breaking news!!mega donors sound the alarm on stoping Bernie Sanders. I’m pretty sure that’s also Lindsey’s cash cow as well.

  24. OG's Biden I thought you were running for the Senate that's what you said the other day you forgot your running for president you thought you were running for Senate maybe you'll forget you're running America and you'll think you're running Russia or Africa or something obviously there's something wrong with you you should go get medical attention

  25. So 76% of Democrats want our country to be communist socialist why don't they all just move to Russia then they can have that let America be the way it is

  26. Life starts at conception. That's what morality and science tells us. Stop killing the innocent and save your soul. 👶🏻

  27. tRump is a Russian political fiction. He wasn’t a successful businessman, he just played one on TV. Unless 6 bankruptcies, including bankrupting a casino, is a deemed successful, because it’s so tough to make money off a casino. Russian oligarchs bailed him out in 2007 when no one would lend him anymore $. In comes Deuschte Bank to lend him money, the same bank that paid out over 600 billion in fines for laundering dirty Russian money.

  28. He says Democrats are good people how is he going to hold them accountable if they are all his friends and good people he's not going to do anything that will expose him as a deep state hack he's is political air bag

  29. sanders "sincerity" doesn't mean anything sincere comes from a Greek word means without wax describing a statue that wasn't cracked and fixed with wax sanders is sincerely wrong about everything

  30. "Come on man" Joe Biden should be impeachment than put in jail. Hunter and Joe can share the same cell.😳Very disappointing and disturbing. ..

  31. Bernie has to much momentum and he's going to demolish Trump. Socialism, like Canada. Lindsey needs to dig up his balls, he left them in McCains pocket.

  32. Sen. Klobuchar …slavery used to be the law of the land also – but not now – so abortion can be reversed also.

  33. Roe v Wade does NOT provide for abortions after 20 weeks, and that is an adjunct decision. What she is saying is that she is ignorant about what Roe v Wade actually says and should NOT EVER BE IN AN ELECTED OFFICE.

  34. Hey Lindsey are you ever going to investigate the
    Obama and then he Clinton's in the fisa warrant and all that stuff at your job should be are you ever going to prosecute any of them are you going to let them Democrats all be above the law only hold it on the people The laws not for them huh they're above the law just for the poor

  35. "Upside down politics" … yes, Senator Graham, that describes the Democrats perfectly. Just like Jeremiah 17:9 in the bible says… The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked, who can know it.

  36. Sander's candicact is not just the Democrat's worst nightmare, its the Nations biggest nightmare to possibly a Communist President, the USA would never be the same again.

  37. Graham is typical: make promises with no intention of fulfilling them, and hope the American people will forget, as they almost almost do. This is our elected representatives. Some of us deserve better.

  38. Lindsey Graham is a BETA MALE!!! as JLP would put it. I don't hate the guy, but I wish someone better would take his place.

  39. For democrats, all humans have humans rights, including illegal aliens, they say they can come
    to USA non-screened and non-skilled, just jump in. They even say MS-13 have a "park of divinity" etc
    So all..all people but, Wait a minute…
    they VIGOROUSLY EXCLUDE one group: Pre-born babies, to them, they are not HUMAN ! ! ! ! !

  40. Lindsey is nothing but a political leech. Leaeched off John McCain for years and now he's leeching off trump. Cant stand her do-nothing- azz.

  41. Lindsey, Joe Biden is not a wonderful man. He is disgusting and horrible a human being. He is corrupt and rotten to the core and that would be provable in a court of law. We have his own public testimony proving he is a criminal. The evidence is overwhelming proving his guilt. How can you praise him making you seem a lot less credible.

    Lindsey, the neocon Trotskyite socialist warmongers are dead. You must disavow John McCain and the neocon fascist under the traitors of Bush and his administration!!!!!

  42. Bernie, a dried up 80-year-old communist millionaire who owns three houses, is shouting about "revolution. "
    on the bright side, with his heart attack, he's got one foot in the grave, and the other foot on a banana peel.

  43. Amazing how Bidens ONLY statement of why to vote for him… Not a thing mentioned of what he can do for the people. ONLY of party to be overwhelmingly elected. D v R. That's it. That's all. Period.

  44. Linsey is being too kind to Obama, of course Obama knew what the iraninan leader was, he wanted him to have the nuclea power lol. but hey, he's gotta sound politically correct

  45. Graham has lost all redeeming qualities. John McCain would have turned his back on Graham if he were still with us. I sincerely hope Graham is voted OOO along with Moscow Mbitch!

  46. How do you think we won war in Syria in just few years? Because our government spends some more time with people here in Russia. But in US they feed you with Democracy crap…. How many years have you been promoting "Democrcy" in Afganistan ???? How many people have you lost??????????? Have you got anywhere ?????? Wake up IDIOTS

  47. My views on abortion are irrelevant to this post. Exactly how does medical science know at five weeks an infant in the womb feels pain just because nerve endings have fully formed? Plus, if we were to use this same rule to all other life, would any of us eat creatures that scream? When dropping crabs or lobsters into boiling water and you hear them banging against the sides of the pot. Would you do the same if they could scream? If yes, would that make you a sadist aisle from just hungry? At a very few weeks the infant growing inside its mother feels through the umbilical cord all the mother feels and experiences. This is also scientifically stated, but I’m more willing to believe this than the possibility of a five week plus old infant can feel being ripped apart. I’ll end with this personal life experience. If I were given the choice of being ripped apart, or being born to parents who would be smothering, spiteful, and uncaring to my feelings as a child as my parents were. My mother told me many times beginning in my teens, she wished I’d never been born. Younger in grade school when I came home and told my parents as I was being bullied by not only the kids, but the nuns who were in charge. My mother told me it was probably my own fault. My father did nothing. Not even a phone call to inquire about what was going on. And now at age 59 with tons of health problems doctors have told me began with how I was allowed to be abused, plus the mental abuse of being told I wasn’t wanted, etc. I wish I had been aborted and spared all this suffering with only a rare few bright spots of love from another and all I accomplished in the pro music world as well as in Corporate America. I fought a rigged game all my life and now I’m just treading water until my last breath. I would hate to see any child brought into a life such as I had and I ‘had it good’ according to outsiders who never experienced what I went through. I suggest people think about what kind of life an unwanted child might have knowing that the child in the womb can feel the mothers feelings long before it enters the world. I think THAT should be the biggest talking point as well as any time past the first trimester.

  48. We may be live here in Russia under Putin, we like him, but in just 5 yearws we got Crimea, we won Syria war, we won Donbass war….. What did US win in past 20 years ????? Afghanistan??? Iraq???? Libiya ???? NAME IT ???? I thought you are the EXEPTIONAL NATION ))))))))))))))))))

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