Gov. Christie: It’s Dangerous For Trump To Deny Russian Meddling In 2016 Election

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  1. Good old "straight shooter Chris." Always callin' those balls and strikes. I guess he was never the least popular governor in the United States who lied every day about scandals and allowed Trump to run him over like a bitch in 2016. We can forget all that stuff now that he goes on Colbert and panders to his audience, right?

    Hey Chris,
    FUCK YOU. You'll always be human garbage, no matter what talk show hosts you schmooze with.

  2. I hate tequila but love that Christie drinks it like water. He's way cooler than a lot of Republicans. Personality wise.

  3. More Trump bashing from this tiny little man who sold his soul for a big payday and now parrots other peoples jokes and political ideals like a good puppet should. #WalkAway

  4. I think it interesting that Colbert let him finish most of his thoughts! Usually he interrupts oppositional politicians A LOT!

  5. Trump is obviously a dipshit but jesus Colbert, if you think purchasing Facebook ads, most of them after the election mind you, is equivalent to "hacking the election" then we have way worse problems than "Russian interference". It's pretty clear that establishment democrats have been using that nonsense to scapegoat Hillary's disaster of a campaign despite the complete lack of substance, and you can see them go straight to it every time these people face any sort of threat to their disintegrating neoliberal ideology.

    Remember when Colbert was doing pretty cutting edge satire? In the words of our dumbass leader, "sad."

  6. I should correct Christie here. Those agents inside the FBI who had a passionate fear of Trump, were also American citizens, and this was during the campaign, so, Christie's statement that it was the president who they talked about, is wrong. At that time, Trump was merely the Republican candidate for president. As it turns out, their fear was justified.

  7. This is like Lettermann having O'Reilly on his show, only Lettermann would mock O'Reilly before, during, and after. I am very disappointed in Colbert for treating this criminal with the respect that he does not deserve.

  8. Anybody who prosecuted Kushner's dad gets points in my book…if only he'd done better in the GOP '16 debates, we could have avoided all the insanity of FatNixon…sigh.

  9. Man Christie is one funny ass drunk 😂 I’m a Democrat and would still love to kick back, talk politics and drink with him.

  10. I lost my pet hippo. Last it was seen wearing an ill fitting suit and pants riding his chest with a sky blue tie. Please report if you see him at

  11. #Colbert #LateShowLive I am a RN for 36 yrs I agree 100% with Bernie. My specialities are geriatrics, geropsych, behavioral health and hospice nurse. #bedsidewarrior for #Bernie2020

  12. I hate it but Chris Christie seems to be a likeable guy in every interview. He seems like someone I could have a fun conversation with. Other republicans like McConnell, Cruz, Barr, Carson etc would make the conversation painfully stupid.

  13. And let's not forget that ABC (owned by Disney) – just fired a journalist, who complained about ABC News being soft on coverage of Donald Trump…just like Christie was in this interview.

  14. Shame of Stephen Colbert for giving Air time to a criminal.
    I guess Stephen Colbert pretends to be moral person.
    Stephen Colbert, take your Solid Gold Cross and shove it!!!

  15. I didn’t watch this video. I really like Colbert. But I just came here to tell Christy to “F” off. Stop 🛑 giving douche bags like him air time.

  16. Colbert still pushing russiagate…..what a tool. The colbert report was a fun show, now he is a complete POS propagandist for the DNC.

  17. Christie underwent laproscopic surgery in Feb 2013 to try to control his weight. Initial reports cite a 100 lb loss, but I could not find dates for that figure. Just looking at him it appears as though any short term weight losses he managed to achieve have been lost over time. He doesn't look any slimmer now than he did in 2013. I'm not trying to fat shame Christie or anyone. I'm just pointing out that, visually at least because I don't have any current weight figures for him, he has undergone an invasive surgical procedure which hasn't yielded him any long term successes in weight loss.

  18. I love Bernie but the most important thing is getting rid of Trump, but Bernie can't win against Trump if Dem's don't even want to vote for him. Trump is desperate for Bernie to be the nominee. That's why Putin is meddling to help Bernie. Personally I'm voting blue no matter who but not everyone is saying they'll do that if it's Bernie.

  19. Wow, what an opportunist, flip-flopping like a flag in a storm. Such a person might be great on a party but you don't want such a person in charge of government post. I go for the candidate with the best consistency there is. 😉

  20. Russia Russia Russia. How much money did they spend on Facebook ads? $70K at most. 90℅ of it was spent after the result. While Israel & KSA r actually actively interfering. $70K is nothing compared to millions spent by PACs of Israel. Trump spent $90 mil on ads. Russiagate is as true as Saddam's WMD.

  21. Colbert?!!!!!!!!!!!! Why do you give idiots like him a platform? Really? Are you no worse than MSNBC???? Please stop… I have a lot of respect for you but if you keep doing this …. I don't know….

  22. I like it when two opposing people can briefly get together and have a bit of fun. Colbert and Maher are masters at bipartisanship. And very few Republicans have the guts to go toe to toe, so respect to all.

  23. Jesus, Stephen. Ragging on Bernie and rubbing shoulders with Christie. WTF is happening with you? Why are you giving this waddling lump of protoplasm any air at all?

  24. Christie missed an opportunity (which is why he was edged out by Trump):
    CC- "I'm doing commentary for ABC"
    SC – "That's a different network"
    CC – "Yeah but they can organise a debate"

  25. The President is not the "Chief Executive Officer" he's the Chief Executive. That extra word makes a big difference. A corporation has a CEO. A country has a CE.

  26. This guy and those that buy into the notion of these Monday morning quarterbacks are the real enemy, NOT TRUMP.

    Wow, outrage for 48 hours then back to ignoring things is just brilliant maneuvering. Way to prove the cycle will continue.

    WORDS mean 💩
    So, the kumbaya BS makes you part of the problem.

    Why are so many people so willing to forgive and forget? It’s because they never really gave a damn, it’s just lip_service.
    Cynical or realist. Trump isn’t my focus, his supporters and lazy weasels like those that believe we should stop complaining take apathy to a new low.

  27. He had my support in 2016, instead I votd for Hillary when the GOP chose Trump. That being said, now that I see the corruption and detestable antics of the Democratic Party I can't believe I casted a vote for that scandalous warmonger Clinton. Now more than ever we need TULSI GABBARD FOR PRESIDENT.

  28. Christie's a blowhard, but he's a smart guy, generally speaking. Spent too much time in the republican soup, but still seems to have his finger on the pulse reasonably well.

  29. We can expect anything from Trump. He acts in ignorance without regard for the consequences of his actions, and he has no self-control. He is totally unconscious of how amoral he is. And he seems to have no understanding of how selfish, ignorant, and vengeful he appears to others. I join Nancy Pelosi in praying for Trump in recognition of how truly self-destructive he is. He is profoundly uncouth, and that is the only way in which he is stellar.

  30. Why does this idiot get applauded? He gave Trump Bill Barr. Hes an enemy to the constitution and the rule of law. Its a slow moving coup

  31. Christie is an apologetic troll. The pres should of course not run the government like one of his bankrupt companies, and needs to not meddle in justice, in cases

  32. Given the Trump-Barr relationship, I agree with the self described description of Trump that he is the "chief law enforcement officer".

  33. There's definitely some friction between Christie and Stephen going on. Stephen was especially difficult with him which came off a bit unwarranted to me. I mean, we don't see what happens off-camera but something's up for sure.

  34. Bloody hell Colbert! Just shut up and let Chris finish all his answers. For once, he had something worthwhile to say about current politics.

  35. Look no matter what Christy says he still threw Bridget under the bus and I don't know why you have them on the show as a legitimate voice

  36. Politics today dictates that we dont all have to agree to get along and have a good conversation. Partisan politics are alienating everyone. Let's all grow up and realize there is more to life then identifying ourselves by political affiliation

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