Gladwell Otieno on August 2017 Polls in Kenya

but I mean, what would you say to ordinary Kenyans, I mean, they should still go out and vote, I mean if the people vote for the Opposition in an overwhelming manner how can the Electoral Commission maniacally the figures? well they can do it for example by doing what is now seeming to be intended by criminalizing dissent by monopolizing information, particularly information on the results, so and cloaking the procedures of the election in obscurity so that people do not see what is happening from one stage to the next. The problems that arose in 2007 were the same problems that arose in 2013 and will probably arise again in terms of tallying of the vote and the role that the Electoral Commission takes on which is completely illegitimate in law of changing results along the way and actually not just announcing the result and handing over the certificate to the winner, but actually counting the results again the results are supposed to be final at the level of the polling station and should not be changed except by a court of law, but that process has been thoroughly contaminated. So it seems to me that it would be very easy to manipulate the elections by simply doing what was done before again.

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