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  1. Donald trump has been playing on people's fears since the start. Obama is a Muslim, Hillary a crook, the media is against him and the election is rigged if we loose. It's so so sad.

  2. Why did you ever think you could deflect his attack after you have become his weapon.

    CNN everything that work's for you can be used against you.

  3. Are we starting to scare you Jake? Good you should be you are involved in this corruption & there are a lot of people that are sick & fed up with this corruption. We will be coming for all of you so you should be afraid very afraid.

  4. Fear-based voters need to go off into their caves and leave the adults to get this shit cleaned up. If you aren't helping, you are hurting and we do not, need/want you here. wanna bet we got plans to get rid of you after she elected?

  5. He is making people all around the world question the democratic process every time he says our election is rigged.

    More republicans should take a stand against that kind of rhetoric

  6. Trump supporters are getting REALLY desperate now. Dead people tend to vote democrat? Well, at least they're more alive than anybody voting for Trump.

  7. These people have gone completely mad. I am not an American. Originally being from The Middle East, not always particularly happy about wat America does. But this crazy man (Guiliani) and his friends should be ashamed of themselves. By questioning the democtratic process, they are shaming USA, The greatest country on earth. And by doing so, They help radical monsters like ISIS. Shame on you, man. Shame on you!

  8. Jake seems to be a real commentator, it's no doubt that he says what CNN tells him to say, (that's his boss) I see him as someone who has much more insightful thoughts on the race and the candidates and the two party system, CNN don't deserve someone of his intelligence and his ability to be objective.

    BTW, Giuliani is right

  9. Jake is talking about the tone and tenor of something said. Meanwhile BLM et al is talking crazy stuff about dead cops. So how is that fair??!!?

  10. Mr. Giuliani, or should I call you unhinged Rudi?

    Voter fraud happens about as often as you see Bigfoot. I personally have never seen bigfoot but some folks say they have.

    Anyway, when it does happen…..voters of both major parties are guilty. I know for a fact, a man….charged with voter fraud….was a Republican….voting for his dead wife.

    Check the following link.


  11. "You don't interrupt Nancy Pellosi!" BOOM! THUMBS UP #InfowarriorsWearREDonElectionDay

  12. Did I get that right….Firefighters and Police Officers were checking people at the door at his second term election?? Isn't that the board of elections job??

  13. Rudy is so full of shit. If 25,000 dead people voted he'd all over that shit locking people up. The GOP say the same thing. But it was the GOP with the rigged voting machines and throwing out poll tapes. The numbers say there's been like 35 cases of in person voter fraud over the last 15 years. Hardly enough to swing an election. And when you get caught your ass goes to jail.

  14. Because Clinton isn't making outlandish, ridiculous claims. Because the GOP is known for
    deliberately reducing the number of polling stations, making it as difficult as possible for those without cars, or who can't easily travel to get to a polling station. If it's rigged at all, its because the GOP is doing it.

  15. god damn mainstream media, why don't you begin finding new jobs. because i'm absolutely sure you will be FIRED because of dishonesty and misinformation you propagated which is completely unacceptable from an unbiased media.

  16. the following people vote democrat:
    dead people
    rowdies and anti social elements
    race baiters
    tree huggers and potheads
    white cuckolds

    what an impressive voter list!

  17. The truth is out. Here's a Quote from the leaked Podesta emails

    "As I've mentioned, we've all been quite content to demean government, drop civics, and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry"

    John David Podesta is the Chairman of the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. Podesta previously served as Chief of Staff to President Bill Clinton and Counselor to President Barack Obama.

  18. Donald Trump says the polls are rigged. Yet when the latest CNN Poll showed him leading in Ohio he was so quick to use it to promote himself and to prove how well he's doing. He has no credibility.

  19. This is a guy who married his cousin and spends time calling others stupid.  You think after he met her at the family reunion for the third time he would have figured that one out before saying "I Do".

  20. CNN it's called freedom of speech you better wake up, if you choose to go down this path we will be in a recession in 2/3 years and she will blame Obama is this what you want

  21. I love how they use a district in Philadelphia that did not cast a single vote for Mitt Romney as one of their primary examples of an obvious fix. they also neglect to inform that 98% of that District consists of registered Democrats. would think they would be focusing on rigging districts that they don't have a 98% chance of winning. Not worth the risk unless morons which would go against their own argument as to consistently fix a national election implies some intelligence.

  22. CNN suckssssssss! A friend of mine that works there told me that Jake Tapper and Don Lemon use Arabian Hotpockets on each other in one of the closets there almost daily. Apparently someone caught them. Tapper was the pitcher. Lemon was the catcher.

  23. LOL, its clear dems are corrupt. So corrupt that any patriot or a person that loves his/her country would love to act – act in someway that fits the personality of the person in question.. Ofc you should do this by legal means fight fire with water, but after watching the leaked tapes and reading some of the stuff that wikileaks has. Ohh man.. Really makes you wonder would you hold back. You should, but would you. Honestly.

    <3 GJ Rudy <3 GJ Project veritas <3 GJ wikileaks <3

    Blow the house of cards down. Follow your principles and this story will have great ending.

  24. I think this guy should retire and stay home because he doesn't know what he is saying and he needs eye glasses for poor vision.

  25. I have seen these dead people Trump was talking about. It was about last Halloween. They were zombies. I asked some of these zombies who they were vomiting for and they said they were not voting for Trump. They said Trump had cheated the on their wages when they were alive, and some of them became frightened because he threatened to deport them if they tried to legally collect the money they were owed. So some of thes folks died of starvation and turned into zombies. So in a few days we will probably see an increase in zombie voter registration. Please let these zombies vote. And I believe Giuliani could possibly be a zombie. We know Trump is a zombie. No live person could act like that big of a schmuck, heartless. I personally think those women that claim that Donald Trump was groping them and sticking his tongue down their throats, Donald Zombie Trump was trying to eat those poor women. Donald Trump. Bill Cosby. Donald Trump Bill Cosby.DonaldTrumpBillCosbydonaldtrumpbillcosbydona…………….

  26. If you want the truth don't watch CNN puppets! They have nothing but the same old same old…not real news…they read what they are told…BREAKING NEWS…all planned right down to the media and crisis actors…

  27. Imagine the resources it would take to find the identities/SSN of newly dead people / registered voters, intercepting the mailed ballots, matching names (ethnicity), age, and gender to a (large?) group of people, willing to go to prison for electoral fraud …?

  28. I agree with Trump elections are rigged…time for the people of USA to take back their country or be ruled by the elite/Vatican/Jesuits who own the government. Corrupt to the core. New "black pope just elected another Jesuit in the Vatican! Only God can end this circus act on the world stage.

  29. This is why its a joke you guys will be escorted to a bad outcome even wether you like it or not, even if you disagree with there its going , 1 million Democrats, Liberals , SJW etc can make death threats and even cause actual violence and riots, and it means absolutely NOTHING becasue they are on the "moral justice" side. And All they have to do is skim through 1 person on the oppositional side and blast it across the screen for 2 minutes, TRUMP SUPPORTER ALOT OF BLOODSHED IF HE LOSES,

    What about the BLM leader who was caught in sex trafficking child prostitution how come that didnt tarnish the brand of Liberal funded BLM? , Its because the Liberals are selecting and omitting data and evidence that only goes with there ideology and ignoring everything else as "oppression" Its not that the election is rigged the whole thing is rigged the perception has been skewed by the liberal media to Hollywood and just look around every European country whether its USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, Sweden, they ALL have regressive Liberals running there country selling out the countries interests to Globalist interests.

    Its not that the election is rigged the whole fucking system is rigged and you can see that they are pushing us towards a Global Village one world culture, destroying independent nationalism by the importation of 3rd world immigration, treating nationality citizenship there like its based on a piece of paper.

  30. Democrats have a long history and a lot of experience of perpetrating voter fraud. It goes all the way back to the jim crow laws the Democrats used to disenfranchise black voters, and continues today with registering illegal immigrants.

  31. Fun fact:
    You know who was registered to vote in two states in the same time frame? Top officials, Republicans too. Ironically funny!!!! Read this.
    STEVE BANNON- Florida and New York.
    TIFFANY TRUMP- Pennsylvania and New York
    SEAN SPICER- Virginia and Rhode Island.
    JARED KUSHNER- New York and New Jersey.
    STEVEN MNUCHIN- New York and California.
    haha he haha. Sorry, I know it is not a laughing matter.

  32. Giuliani is looking a bit dead himself. He is a former Democrat, BTW. Now he is just a rabid hypocrite. He still takes credit for lowering the crime rate in NYC when the FBI statistics for the period show that NYC was no different from any other US city in its crime rate. "some people voted 8 and 10 times" How does he know or prove this statement? He doesn't. Let's talk about Russian hackers meddling with poll computer systems to help Trump. Even with the Russian help Trump still didn't get a majority, so there's hope for the US.

  33. Not only the dead but has anyone ever seen Live P.D, Cops, or P.D. Cam?….these nutty ass people probably vote Democrat too! Because how can a SOBER person and reasonable and intellectual person vote for them? It would be different if the Democrat had morals, and values, and was honest, and trustworthy, and truthful, and was SERIOUSLY for the best of this country and it's people. But unfortunately that's not what we have. We have liars, cheats, thieves, dishonesty, corruption, deception….you name it…that is the Democratic party and that is sad but true. That is why Trump 2020!!!!!

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