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  1. Trump is Russia's gift to America… does anyone really think that Russia ever got over the fact that we caused their economy to collapse thanks to good old Reagan the dragon. The GOP grew with Ron the con and now it is dying and all but dead with Don the con

  2. If you look at history this county has FAR more problems under repub administrations then under Dems. AND I know thoose who vote Rep will jump on that but before you do GET A FREAKIN history book!

  3. Crybaby loony leftist-loving Dems will not be saved by the no longer relevant deep state apologist George Will.

  4. George Will is too intelligent to be able to have any sway over public opinion. He is too eloquent, too incisive and too knowledgeable to the point where many people have trouble interpreting his words. On the other hand, Trump, whose words and expressions are so consistently juvenile, connects easily with an equally puerile public. This is the great tragedy of American life where reasonable and thinking people are sacrificed to clouds of ignorance by the dumb and dumber segments of their society. George Will, a voice of reason and quiet competence cannot compete and be heard while President Bone-Spur and his yokels occupy the public stage.

  5. i NEVER THOUGHT I'd SEE THE DAY.. to paraphrase a remark uttered by Mr. Will, maybe more than once. But he is so right on this.. this moment in Republican History is certainly not its GRANDEST.

  6. Trump wins 2020 in a massive landslide – 2018 republican sweep – Democrat party is dying – George Will is a total loser

  7. Why does George Will still have a job? He is wrong about everything. He thinks he is an intellectual giant but he writes books about baseball. Hey George, who was it that is not going to be president?

  8. I join him. I am and always have been a Republican. But this man and the Republican party Do NOT REPRESENT ME. HE is no ABRAHAM LINCOLN!!! He is a liar, thief, and DRAFT DODGER!!!!

  9. You might as well vote for a Democrat .Most of them are just middle of the road republicans anyway . Taking corporate money

  10. I used to be a conservative… But after Trump I will Never Vote for a republican again.. !! Trump wants to be a King..

  11. George Will was making a better living than you preparing the ground for Dotard L'Orange.
    He's had a anecdote referring to 1940s, 1950s and 1960s politics to support his slant for every issue that Democrats warned about with this election, with the Obama election and Administration.
    George Will isn't a RINO, he's a Northern Democrat from the 1950s….
    Well maybe more the 1850s…

  12. Obama's "catch-and-release" program to let "parents" use children as tickets to get into the US is the way to go. Granted many of the "parents" are actually cartel "coyotes" but that is a small-price to pay for being fair-minded

  13. I used to be a Republican. I saw this coming about 15 years ago. Not Trump, necessarily, but all the other unsavory things that the GOP seem to stand for. Trump is just the result. Please register and vote Democrat.

  14. Geoge Will is a nobody these days, he's neither conservative or liberal. He was always a one-world guy, selling out America. 60+ million voters could see through their bulls**t, and voted for Trump to STOP it. In 2020 it will be 100+ million. Times have changed, and we're NOT going back, get over it. AMERICA FIRST will prevail!

  15. I never thought I would ever hear George Will say vote for the Democrats!
    But given the confusion, the obvious corruption and total chaos under republicans, I would agree with George Will, and it's not often I agree with "any" republican on any issue!

  16. Does anyone know who is next in line to change trump's dirty diapers after General John Kelly leaves the adult daycare center at the WH?
    Who is it, that will get up at all hours of the night and early morning to give this man baby his Big Mac and fries feedings and burp him?
    Sounds like a job for that lying Sarah Huckabee Sanders!

  17. Mitch McConhell says the Congress is in the personnel business, to advise and consent!
    Well guess what Mitch!
    So are the American people, and "we" advise you leave now like your scurrilous colleague Paul Ryan is doing because he knows he was not going to be reelected to continue the Third Reich police state train of corruption of Washington dysfunction, and you will soon get your pink slip too, on November 6th, 2018 midterms!
    It happened to Mickey Cantor of Virginia, it could happen to you!
    And he was in a leadership position too!
    And your party lost a the republican state of Alabama to Doug Jones for the Senate seat there, that you ignorant republicans swore would never vote blue, because many of those voters in Alabama woke up to see just how ignorant you kept those voters down there like in your state of Kentucky for so long, so don't get to comfortable in your "lack of leadership role"!


  19. George Will used to be my idol. Now he's degenerated into a tool for liberal idiocy. Very disheartening.

  20. Romney and Will, their rejection is a good reason for Democrats to vote for "the party of Trump. They both have no conception of Populist ideas whatsoever. Will prefers for Republicans to represent the loyal opposition than to lead, so he can write his dry, pithy articles about why Democrats are wrong. I almost barfed voting for the oily Mr. Potato Head Romney, but he is so devoid of ideas that we would have been on cruise-control instead of fighting Obama's increasingly bizarre executive orders.

  21. George Will…I can't imagine someone who is LESS relevant to politics in 2018 than George Will. Unless it's Chris Mathews. A couple of OLD, useless, has-beens who don't know they are already dead! LOLOLOLOL

  22. George I vote once I vote twice I vote how many times it needs to get done. You know like that illegal that was in California that got 30 years of Social Security benefits totaling $360, 000. I wonder how many times he voted. Poor guy he got 37 months.

  23. God bless PRESIDENT TRUMP! He is well on his way of being a truly great PRESIDENT. So proud of PRESIDENT TRUMP!

  24. Vote all democrats out… Obama meddled in every election in the 🌎.. Down with deep state.. Trump 2020 đź‘Ť

  25. Ryan is soros poodle, not Trumps. Vote republician in midterms . Save our butts. Dems want to raise your taxes, flood our country with illegals, that you will support. Start taking your rights. Turn us into a socialist goverment. These men talking are liberals

  26. America will go deeper under internationalism if Trump is gone ..Democrats will increase Woodrow Wilson style democracy globalism will happen

  27. I have disagreed with Mr. Will on nearly every policy position for decades, though I always respected his intelligence and eloquence. I'm glad to see that he's the rare conservative in public life who actually stands firm against Trump, recognizing what has become of the Republican party, and calling for specific action (voting against Republicans) to correct the party's course.

  28. Go George go after after crooks who cares more about lobbying interest groups & personal wellbeing instead trying to help average Americans struggling for daily basic needs & healthcare coverage. You sided too long on wrong side of equation but now realizing the political realities based upon ideology,greed & cornered gains of capitalism by congress for less than 1% US’s households. Unless you finish your newly shouldered wisdom to go against Pence like rouge GOPERS & succeed in defeating them @ polls,people won’t believe in evolving GW. Good luck. Phytoist

  29. George, say something critical about the socialist running in New York, and see how much attention they pay to you in this progressive channel.

    You are more a Republican than a conservative. That much is clear.

  30. Trump won the election by gaining Democrat & Independent votes in the southern & midwest swing states. He didn't have record Republican turnout. Somehow he thinks he's gonna win with only his base. He's pushed those same Democrat & Independent voters away & now he's pushing conservative Republicans away.

  31. George Will is a major loser. He's just another old, washed up has been that was part of the Bush Era Republican Party that suddenly realized his "time" has long since come and gone. The Bush Era Republican Party is DEAD!!!! It died when that fool Bush left office. The Republican Party is TRUMP's Party. Pathetic and crotchety old George Will is in the denial stage and, as with his fellow Democrats, realizes he is FINISHED. Instead of trying to keep himself relevant by selling out to these left wing loons on MSLSD and spewing his left wing propoganda, his time would be much better spent shopping around for some good nursing homes.

  32. really even with a currency collapse ?….i guess mr. will will be inviting people into his home if we have massive riots and food shortages ……mr. will i assume will take on a che guevera like posture ..and…..

  33. George will is finally realizing that the Republican Party has authoritarian tendencies. The lack of push back by republicans to trump’s views and policies is appalling

  34. ~ Song for the day, August 1, 2018:
    1970's "1984" by Spirit. VOTE in November for decent people capable of empathy, reason, and critical thinking.
    Cheers, DAVEDJ ~

  35. The only reason left wing channels hire Republican commentators is to play the part of a right wing stooge. The stooge Hall Of Fame = George Will, Steve Schmidt, Bret Stephens, Anna Navarro, Nicolle Wallace, Mathew Dowd etc.

  36. oh yeah sure, but that means voting for the Good Cops on Climate Change. the Believers that believe that they care but "other people just don't care so don't blame me!!!!!"….. and that Man's Technology is Powerful. oh so powerful. carbon removals? a piece of cake for the Good Cops on Climate. unless it rains outside and some more people get caught in a cave, or there are more fires somewhere but… carbon removals…. oh, yeah. vote for those folks…. they are the Good Cops not the Baddie Cops that invited the Pope to lecture Amerikee and that Dr. Hansen said would have voted up a carbon price way back when except the Democratic leadership in Congress insisted on a carbon price busting "no refunds" to the little sheeple so they could hand it out as unrelated to carbon usage such as, health care insurance payments???? who knows. yeah, vote for those knuckleheads. good idea. NOT!!!!!!!!!

  37. If you're American you'll vote America 1st and not party. In this age this generation the Republican party DOES NOT HAVE THE BEST INTEREST OF THE COUNTRY AT HEART!! Therefore, if you do care for this nation vote Democrat. Saving America is saving yourselves fm the catastrophe of national destruction.
    You see what Trump is f2f oing and wgat he represents. You see the inaction of the Republican party and their support of Trump. That should speak volumes to you of their agenda…the same agenda as Trump. They are partners in thge Putin led train to Moscow.

  38. Simple answer Chris. There is no need for Republicans to challenge Trump because the liberal establishment; the news media (including the snobby, boatedly verbose George Will), the entertainment industry, public academia, illegals, abortionist, all the fascist ANTIFAS,   are all in full Treason mode. If all those are against Trump, he must be doing a lot of things right. Drain the swamp and with Chris and George in it.

  39. George I have listened to you for years. I have voted Republican for 45 years. I however agree with you 100 %. Trump is destroying the party and the people that follow him Don't even understand it is.

  40. George Will is a has been hack who is totally irrelevant. He has a personal vendetta against Trump because that whole “never Trump” thing did not work out for him. Will is now a paria in what once was his political party. Instead of blaming Trump and Republicans he should just retire. Kissing up to the likes of MSNBC is pathetic

  41. I hate the way Chris Mathews speaks. It's not always easy to understand him. He swallows half of each word and talks so fast.

  42. George Will is NOT a conservative….he talks like a far left progressive…his personal hatred for Trump is getting in the way of his supposed professionalism! MOST of the hate for Trump is pure JEALOUSY! Would a journalistic imbecile like Will rather have a traitor like Hillary Clinton in the White House? If George Will has all the answers he should run for president!

  43. Poodles. Lol these republicans and dems too in the wh should be held accountable for what's going on and not stepping forward. Vote blue and end this mess

  44. MOORE is CORRECT!!! YES , the LAST 'PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES' (INC.1868) because POTUS is a Corporate TITLE !!!
    NOW let there be just the President of the 'United States of america' (1783) THE WAY IT SHOULD BE ! (**NOTICE*** AMERICA AMERICA AMERICA IS MISSING in the TITLE 'POTUS')
    ****HINT****that is why OBAMA's Birth Certificate did NOT matter he was a PRESIDENT of a CORPORATION !!!!
    listen Listen LISTEN to TRUMP he NEVER says U.S. CITIZENS,,,he ALWAYS says AMERICANS !!!!!! he knows what he is doing !!!

  45. It is absolutely imperative to vote Republican in 2018. This will keep Donald Trump's plans in line with what We The People wanted when we voted for him. Think about that for just a moment. George Will's argument, when you fraction it down to that lowest common denominator, seems to be "President Trump is doing what he promised he would do if elected." Duh? Yea. That is the idea. For someone who espouses himself to be as intelligent as George Will has always done….about himself….it's somewhat difficult to ascertain why he doesn't understand that a President, or any politician for that matter, doing exactly as he promised to do while campaigning for the job is in fact and indeed a breath of fresh air for our democracy.

  46. I will say someone didn't get his check on time. I say we all need to vote for the Republicans first and second. Or God Help Us All!!

  47. Voting Democrats on November 6th 2018 is a win for democracy and the constitution and liberty and justice and freedom and constitutional rights for all of America.

    Voting for trump’s gop is a win for hate and bigotry and racism and fascism and before you know it, trump will have succeed in accomplishing his mission which is to turn America into a autocracy.

    VOTE BLUE SO OUR COUNTRY CAN BE SAVED!!!!!!! DO NOT BELIEVE THE POLLS, it’s all just a scheme by the gop to trick us as American resistors into thinking the gop have no chance to win just so that way we won’t show up and vote on November 6th, 2018 so that way putin can save them again. Do not let 2016 repeat itself. Our democracy depends on our vote to save our country and our values. DO NOT STAY HOME AND ASSUME THERE IS GONNA BE A BLUE WAVE, THAT’S WHAT TRUMP SUPPORTERS WANT, THE ONLY WAY THERE WILL BE A BLUE WAVE IS TO SHOW UP AND VOTE ON NOVEMBER 6TH…DO NOT LET HATE AND FASCISTS AND RACISTS AND BIGOTRY WIN!!!!! Voting blue makes America actually America again. REMEMBER THIS!!! DO NOT BLOW THIS OPPORTUNITY TO SAVE OUR COUNTRY. MY VOTE AND YOUR VOTE WILL COUNT AND IT WILL MATTER VERY MUCH. I am voting blue because I care about my country and it’s values. I hope enough of will too on November 6th. We can do this America. DO NOT LET TRUMP AND HIS FAMILY AND CRONIES AND SUPPORTERS AND PUTIN WIN.

  48. Gottcha George, I already had that thought. Did it last time too and the times before and the time before and the time before. Strike me dead if I ever vote Republican.

  49. OMG, I left the GOP several years ago, for the same reasons George Will has cited in the past. I've always had the greatest respect for him; he does not fail to be wise and balanced in his narrative and never minces words. I long for the days when the GOP was ripe with George Wills.

  50. For a so-called reporter making statements about who to vote for who would believe that he can be unbiased in reporting?

  51. HAS Mitt Romney said WORD ONE
    about the separation of families at the border? The Pipe Bombs in the
    mail? The shootings at synagogues?
    Anybody heard anything ?

  52. G. Will seems to be describing the characteristics of Philippine politicians, ergo why we have had Filipino presidents like Trump. Now let's see if America can muster enough "people-power" voters to get rid of Trump, his minions Pence, L. Graham, McConnell, and the rest of the "Nazi-leaning" Republican politicians.

  53. Right on! Ryan for one did nothing to stop trump’s golden path to McCONNELL who refuses to run the country as it should be. Republicans need to find the guts to vote for the rights of all the people of our nation! MORALS,
    FOLKS…we need reps with morals that care about We, the people, NOT their wallets!

  54. 87%? Really? Just goes to show you how brain-dead Republicans have become. This is no longer the party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Reagan. The party is DEAD!

  55. You heard it folks… don't vote for Republicans, they're not acting in the interest of the public. They're playing roulette with the American people and our lives. All of you southern states need to pay attention and do your job to drain the swamp.

  56. Dear George. Where were you when President Obama was running our economy into the ground, where were you when we lowly middle class republicans were struggling to pay the bills, where were you when us poor Christian republicans were having our basic values criticized and cast aside? You were not there to speak for us, you never tried to fight for us. George, do you even know we exist?

  57. love him or hate him; jailed or pardoned, trump WILL BE the butt of jokes for the next 100 years.
    How is that for a legacy…

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