Fox News Poll Shows Support for Trump Impeachment

-Let’s get to some news here. A new Fox News poll finds
that 51% of Americans support Trump being impeached
and removed from office. Yeah. Fox News. [ Cheers and applause ] Fox News poll was
a pretty big shock to Trump, and you could tell he’s pretty
upset at the network. Check out what happened this
morning on “Fox and Friends.” -Joining us now on the phone is the President of the United
States of America, Donald Trump. -Hey, Fox.
I heard about your poll. Well, here’s another poll. ♪ I just took a DNA test,
turns out ♪ ♪ You’re 100% fake news ♪ Bye-e-e. [ Click, dial tone ]
-That happened today. Isn’t that amazing? -The President called in
and said those things? -Meanwhile, tonight, Trump held
his first campaign rally since the impeachment inquiry,
in Minnesota. Trump loves Minnesota because the Vikings mascot
basically has the same hair. [ Laughter ] And this made me laugh. Yesterday, Trump signed
an executive order and invited business leaders
to the White House. When he introduced one of them, he seemed to struggle
with his name. Watch this. -With us today is Kevin Loony. -My name is Kevin Lunny. [ Laughter ] -He was like, “I think there’s quite enough
loony in here already, so…” Listen to this.
The Oxford English Dictionary just added the term “fake news,” though Donald Trump was actually
more excited that they added the word
“baconator.” -Really? [ Laughter ] -Just this week, it’s come out that the fountain in the opening
credits for the show “Friends” also appeared
in the film “Hocus Pocus.” -Ooh!
-Ooh. Though the fountain still says that what it really wants to do
is direct. -Oh.
[ Laughter ] -And finally, listen to this.
A recent study found that today’s students think
they learn more from YouTube than they do from textbooks. Sounds odd, but you can actually
learn a lot of the same lessons you’d find in a textbook
on YouTube. I’ll show you what I mean. For instance, if you’re
studying communications, a textbook will tell you
that you must choose your words carefully, especially
in public settings, but YouTube will just
show you this. -7:02 already this morning. It is just flying by, this week. It’s Wednesday, right? -I think so.
-Hump day. -Yeah, we’re getting there. -I believe we’ll have
a dry hump day. [ Laughter ] -Wait! [ Laughter ] -If you’re studying
physical therapy, a textbook will tell you weightlifting requires
a lot of caution and care, but YouTube will just
show you this. [ Crashing ] [ Laughter ] -And finally, if you’re studying
dramatic arts, a textbook will tell you
that performing can be a powerful form
of self-expression, but YouTube will just
show you this. -Sweat it out!
Spin it out! Spin it out! [ Indistinct shouting ] -Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!
-Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! -Bad mother [bleep] your mouth! -Oh! Oh! Oh! Yeah, baby! -What?! Oh!
-Oh, my God. -Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!
-Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! -Eat your heart out,
Tonya Harding! -We have a great show!
[ Cheers and applause ]

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  1. turns out the poll was fake. Someone at fox hired an anti trump company to do the poll, which then polled mostly dems…

  2. His staff having to tell him that this poll is false (probably Hillary is behind it) and that he's even greater than Jesus Christ and that actually more than 90% of the people approve of him is like telling a 5'6", 145 lb. kid that of course he can play in the NFL or NBA someday, his choice!

  3. Sick man Donald cannot face the fact that the American people do not like him. Rich man Donald is finding out that he is no longer able to buy the support of America's voters. Oh, poor sick man Donald.

  4. Of course he won't mention the fact that trump approval ratings just surpassed Obama's highest. Hahahahahahahah miserable evil clowns.

  5. 0:59 Trump again making an ass of himself and being ridiculed for it. Any normal person would tire of being mercilessly mocked and laughed at on a daily basis. Trump, however, isn't tired of it. Just one more indicator of his deep-seated mental incapacity.

  6. time's tickin jimmy… we can picture you bald… fluffing it up ain't working. I just wish you would embrace it and stop aiming for an audience 20yrs younger

  7. 1000 people polled, what a great way to rep our people. Fake news again, couldn't take time to poll 10k 50k 100k? All you have to do is read comments, there is your poll.

  8. It's no wonder the Dems are pushing impeachment. The Dems are scared out of their wits that Trump is finally uncovering all the corruption in the Obama administration.

  9. The famous montrose rollerblader! I live on montrose in Houston Tx, he is a local performer who just loves showing off ‘ !!

  10. 1:50 I'm a Communications major! And (I swear I'm not making this up) the first thing my Communications 101 professor taught us was "Be careful about what you say."

  11. Why u ignoring US murdering their Kurdish allies and possibly freeing 11.000 ISIS soldiers? No wonder americans are so ignorant.

  12. hey jimmy lower your chair jimmy how tall are you 5 foot 9 yet your guests have to look up to you hey jimmy johnny carson never looked down to his guests jimmy boy lower your chair

  13. Poll was a sampling of 1001 possible voters contacted by phone……skewed Democrat. How'd those polls work out for you Leftists in 2016? That's what I thought. Here's truth you are going to hate. All this impeachment talk guarantees an EPIC Trump victory in 2020. And Trump will propel the Republican down-races in every state to victory as well (Thanks, radical Dems!)

  14. Jimmy Fallon is a dumb ass. I don't understand how you morons can even listen to a word this soy boy has to say.

  15. Grooooaan No, Jimmy, no! Don’t compare the Minnesota Vikings mascot’s hair to Trump’s. #vikingsfan #nevertrump

  16. I haven't watched Jimmy since he had Trump on his show and fawned all over him and ruffled his hair. Not watching the rest of this clip either.

  17. Attention All Trump Haters…..all of you please………. if you want to know the truth about all this impeachment business go on Glenn Beck's chalk board on the subject. Its all there. The Dems will all have yucky egg on their faces. I feel sorry, I really do for Joe Biden…..this impeachment thing will cost him any hope he had on being president. They will all wish they shot the whistle blower. Now I understand why Trump stopped cooperating with them….let them bring it on……………

  18. Why do late night shows hate trump so much. Also why does Hollywood hate him. It’s all about the money they can make if they’re against him.

  19. The most popular president in decades ah no, they just want war in the Middle East and this is Foxes way of saying it. Bunch of baby killing Neo-Cons

  20. Weaponized language to incite hate that’s a fresh term but true….trump has been on Twitter listening to people for several years….the end results from all of the feedback about all policies enacted over years has come to a sharp point in this nation… trump has spun this underlying hatred of government to the masses…. trump has used the Ivan Pavlov theory very effectively….. trump followers have become so blinded they are so unaware that they have been conditioned by trump’s pulpit of spin doctors…. I truly hope people come to their senses and find a better solution than trying to annihilate mankind all because they have a different point of view….

  21. The Fox News Poll has the stench of Paul Ryan; and sure enough, he's the clown that's hiring the polling team. Paul Ryan will likely come to the tonight show to announce he's a democrat.

  22. What the fuck is going on with jimmy he looks and sounds like shit, seems like it’s not his show anymore more of a puppet

  23. Weasel Paul Ryan on Foxnews Board Hires liberal polling company to do Trumps polls. We should have known this creep was up to no good. I guess hiring all the new Liberals is his work as well.

  24. We’ve all since learned that the Fox News poll oversamples left wing democrat voters so this isn’t a valid poll. Much like all the polls that said Hillary was winning by a 94% approval rating- how does it feel to have sold your soul to the devil and now you have to peddle bullshit to enjoy your new standard of luxury living. Well Judas. That money always comes with a price tag

  25. Mussolini made the trains on time, Hirohito increased trade with China and Hitler provided full employment, yet each of them should have been impeached, but weren't.

  26. The stock market tells me more than the polls, just kept going up. If these attacks on the president were legitimate, Wall Street would at least get nervous, no sign of that.

  27. 100% a lie. Trump is leading the 2020 election and his following is getting bigger .
    Anyone be living this crap Hollywood is putting out , then your out of touch with good people republicans. 76 million voted for him last time and for my first time in my 60 years of life I’m voting for a true leader. One that stand for all Americans. Even the dopes on the lift.
    Trump 2020 God bless America

  28. You're not funny anymore and you're getting old very quickly. You must be in tremendous pain, having to "knowingly" lie to the American people.

  29. Bill Clinton, after his impeachment proceedings in 1998 and 1999, Clinton's rating reached its highest point at 73% approval. He finished with a Gallup poll approval rating of 65%, higher than that of every other departing president measured since Harry Truman.

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