Fox News In State of Shock When Obama Wins the Election

his was just too good so i don’t know if you watch a fox news
last night i was i mean i actually is watching fox msnbc and cnn uh… two different computers going on
had one uh… he replied with fox one ear plug
with c_n_n_ and ice n_b_c_ was on um… and whatever nick you’ve liked we see
what’s going on fox would not mind watching well when i when what to do him like i
can’t do that because i have this whole thing something set up that i have to be
stevie near a computer dont got this one ear italian and then at one point like have wanted you want to be watching fox when they
call it present and here it is the moment where they call uh… oh hi for president obama on box and everyone else knows in the universe that of all heil goes for president
obama it’s over so it’s a question of how big but it’s over pretty convinced cuz i was watching fox and lead up to
this and i don’t know what time this was that probably around eleven thirty year somewhere around there i’m pretty convinced that they were drinking xbox i’m bond just arab bradbury wise making kelly um… somebody at the guys in their like
little war room i’m pretty convinced were drinking blake tripti and uh… uh… barone i’m pretty convinced they were dropped and so here it is here’s the call for all hi al and then it’s like if you ever see anybody running in uh… i remember was a play frisbee with
somebody as a kid and the frisbee one of my head and i ran
backwards watchin in front of me to catch the frisbee and i banged into a
tree and i just froze in a state of shock floyd three seconds as my brain process what
just happened and that i collapsed on the ground that’s what i think just happened here
with box last night foxnews canal project that president
obama will win the crucial battleground state of ohio uh… in there’s a question now about is the it was that mean happening is
that mean that’s that’s the president about life
that’s essentially member rocco bomb was detonated we will need for your call one of the
current on clinton anoxia and understand here you know that miracle will be the aliens came down and uh… abap paraded ohio with some type of big all high-low
aberration gun those brett hume saying like well i
don’t want to say that dates over but its more itself but it’s remain the whole night at say with fox was like one of those scenes in a movie
where uh… you know like uh… like two cops uh… you know uh… with partner get
shot in the other than the cop comes over to
cradles as partner as he sort of drifts off into the he lied to death that’s what that’s what fox look like me
who is like they were just cradling all these
conservatives in decision making cell campaign and it don’t worry who will remember you

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