Former Democrat Van Drew Says ‘Weak Impeachment’ Sham Led Him To Join Republican Party

The Democrat Party’s ridiculous, partisan
impeachment is costing them in the polls and now it is costing them some of their own members. The only bipartisan part of the impeachment
was the fact that two Democrats voted with Republicans against impeachment. And it is likely that there will be Democrats
in the Senate who vote to acquit President Donald Trump when the trial gets to them. But it was New Jersey Rep. Jeff Van Drew that
delivered the most stunning strike to the Democrats when he was so furious with impeachment
that he became a Republican. He appeared on “Sunday Morning Futures”
to defend his decision to leave the Party that he was aligned with when he was elected. “There has always been something in my career
that let me know it’s time for a change,” he said. “I feel good…I feel I did the
honorable thing.” Many Democrats have scoffed at the Party change
and have said that Rep. Van Drew did it because he knew he could not win in the primary, Fox
News reported. Rumblings of a possible party switch in the
midst of Democrat-led impeachment proceedings against Trump caused members of Van Drew’s
caucus to accuse him of clamoring to cross the aisle in an attempt to save his bid for
reelection and led to the resignations of five aides from his office. A recent internal poll conducted for the Democrats
found that 58 percent of primary voters in Van Drew’s 2nd Congressional District wanted
to nominate another candidate, while only 28 percent said he should be renominated. “The final sign for me was, oddly enough,
when one of the county chairmen said ‘you have to vote for impeachment,’” he said. “And that ‘If you don’t, you won’t
be able to run in my county.’ It’s not his county, it’s everybody’s county.” “This impeachment is a weak, thin impeachment,”
Van Drew said. “It’s been a long, dark shadow on our country.” “We are supposed to be there for the American
people and not for political bickering,” he said. “It harms our country and it fractures
us more.” Of 659 votes Van drew has only voted with
the Republicans 300 times, but he did pledge his loyalty to President Trump so that could
change his future votes. And it is the first of many damaging hits
to come to the Democrats after their shoddy impeachment sham. The biggest ones will come in 2020 when the
American voters tell them to pack their bags and take their socialist ideas with them.

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