FOD Presents: People Try Voting For The First Time

So you want me
to go in that? Absolutely not. [music] I’m super into
democracy. I mean I’ve never
voted or anything, but I’ve always
meant to. Do I look like someone
who would vote? Because I consider
that an insult. I mean, I could see
myself voting maybe, maybe on my death bed,
you know, because at that point it doesn’t
matter. I’ve heard of voting.
I’ve just never looked into it, same with “The Wire”. You know what, my
friends say it’s good, but a waste of time. [music] Ooh, democracy. Yes. Other people have
gotten into this? This one? You need to see my
ID before I go in here? Does this work
for ID? This is a standard
set up for perverts to
masturbate. Look at this. There’s like
a janky ass iPad in here. Does this
have wi-fi? Zach: Republicans
and Democrats. Those are pretty
arbitrary groups. Connor: Wow. There’s
like a dozen categories on here. Hey, what am I
doing? Voting, or ordering lunch on
Seamless (laughs)? Will this touch screen work if you’ve
burned off your own fingerprints? You have to
pick best one? Are all of these
real names, or are some of
these placebo? Do you have these
one size bigger? [music] Uh, this is my first time,
but I’m pretty sure we’re not supposed to
vote both absentee and in person. So, I’m going to go with
a lady, because that’s the right
thing to do. And bubble
it in? What does it mean
by bubble? That’s the term? I bubble it? Bubble it in? Elections are
a farce, but I do enjoy filling
in the bubbles. I’m going to pick
Ben, because Ben’s the name
of my best buddy. What’d you pick? There’s a lot of people
that I didn’t vote for on here, like there are a
lot of names. What if it gets…
what if they see this? That’s very
hurtful. [music] It felt exciting,
then scary, and then
exciting again, and then I
got bored. My voice was
heard. The system
works. Together we can be
statistically significant. China will pay
for that wall! It was fun. It was kind of
like doing taxes, you know, and I did that once,
and then I said no thanks,
never again. I’m talking
about Trump! Voting, I can’t explain
why, but it’s kind of like sticking your hand
in a big dirty pumpkin. I loved it. I can’t wait to vote in
the general election, but not in
the midterms. No-no-no.

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  1. Democracy in the US is such a joke for so many different reasons. And only one of them is Trump being a candidate.

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