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  1. SHEER2019

    There is a reason live comment were disabled during these debates… fake news media doesnt want to hear from the silient majority

  2. If only federal debates could have included more class and professionalism. All I saw were adults arguing over one another, which is a shame to be honest.

  3. Hit the like button for max bernier as prime minister. Let's show the main stream media who we really want.

  4. I hope undecided voters get something from this. good points made all round. now who can be trusted to keep them? I wounder if we get a minority government, will cool heads prevail. I voted for change and didn't get positive one. this time I want action.

  5. Scheer the only one to say I'm prolife, thank you! you got my vote!, there's nothing wrong with standings up for the unborn!

  6. Sigh, First question of the debate, only Bernier actually answers the question.

    Then, first question asked by the moderators is nothing but a smear to poison the well.

  7. All I learnt from this debate is how much control the UN has over our country. Vote max and the PPC and get our sovereignty back from the UN and become one country working as one. We are one of the wealthiest counties in the world with our resources and the UN has crippled us. We need our wealth and control over our country not the global ruling class

  8. Maxime was the only one who presented reasonable arguments. Scheer singh may and trudeau are all in bed together. Vote ppc!

  9. snc lavelin enjoys immunity from almost a billon dollars in corruption,,, none of these clowns have power to stop that,, only the people can make real change…. vote none of the above and render parleament obsolete for a good ten years,, we have the resources, we just need the courage,,, we can make history if we stand together as the first modern country in history to reset the system from scratch….. do you care? it is the only way and your futur depends on it.

  10. When everybody is against one person, really makes you wonder. Is he a lunatic or is he on to something…haha.

  11. Mad Max came out swinging. Only ostensibly right wing and sensible canitade up there. Make the right decision fellow Leafs

  12. No doubt in my mind Maxime Bernier is the right man to lead this country. His reform just answered a lot of issues in our everyday life. Affordability and quality of living. We must invest to something that population needed. Free market ideas like Denmark

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