FBI agent took measures to stop Trump from winning election: Jim Kallstrom

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  1. Just love it. EVERYTHING the lefties have dished out onto Trump is backfiring in their face. This HAS to be Divine Providence.

  2. Man, you guys are so desperate. Why do you keep pushing this horse shit? What did jail bound Trump promise you that he DEFINITELY won’t deliver on? Your souls will be judged and your day of reckoning will come. At least hell is always warm…..

  3. Well, get in there Mr. Kallstrom and help us save the FBI. We need help from folks like you who know all the players and Americans overwhelmingly agree it is an outrage and something drastic NEEDS to be done.

  4. Sorry but it beginning to look like Trey is all talk and no Bite. Look at the history of his involvement ultimately nothing was done about any of them Other getting Trey on tv

  5. Drain the FBI swamp. Everyone at the top should be fired immediately and every investigation should be reviewed for political bias and corruption. If your an honorable FBI agent do the right thing and be a whistle blower. Do it for your country, do it for your family. Do it for justice.

  6. Trey Gowdy is just another snake oil salesman for the Republican TeaTard Pedophile party. His goofy hairdo is his sad little way of getting attention.

  7. With help of Trump's master Vladimir Putin tha Dotard is gonna make a new FBI, better, bigger and more loyal to Putin's gopher, and our Russian comrades gonna help set the base for a new American KGB to make Russia great again

  8. We have all these groups calling out local law enforcement for corruption etc but no one calls out the FBI. It's big to crack.

  9. "I don't have all the facts, but this guy belongs behind bars" (4:02). Really? Is that how Karllstrom thinks the justice system is suppose to work? We lock people up, without knowing all the facts, just because they don't agree with us on whether someone will make a good President. And then on Robert Mueller's actions, "he should be charged with civil rights violations" for his actions against Paul Manafort. Really? Paul Manafort "lied" about being a foreign agent. And you and ex FBI Assistant Director defend him? Wow! And you dare call Mueller's actions a disgrace? Common man, get real?

  10. this is the legacy of the obama admin. take a bow eric holder. you loaded the management of the doj and the fbi with your scumbag socialist chronie lawyers. It is no coincidence that holder and obama remain in D.C. They stayed because they thought hillary would be the potus and they would be able to protect their legacy of corruption. time to expose their un american legacy.


    THE FBI!
    Yes, I know this may be confusing since we loved the fbi less than a year ago. Remember when trump made a speech congratulating James Comey and said how great he was? WELL FORGET ABOUT THAT. How dare law enforcement do their job and investigate the president. Gah, how dare those FBI agents talk shit about politicians during the election.

    JUST A REMINDER. Anytime trump is criticized, here’s the list of people to blame!
    1. Blame Obama
    2. Blame Hillary
    3. Blame the media
    4. Blame the FBI

  12. Well, there is a culture in the FBI that goes back many years along with the CIA; these agencies are working under the cover of darkness. Neither have any real oversite, and they control what our government gets to know and see. I guess my question would be are they working for America? How do we know? At this point, I suggest for arguments sake, we say no! Now what? "Clean House," but Jeff Sessions can't; he's a lame duck. The President, God Bless him, must be the one, he must step into the gap, and it is a large one.

  13. Mr. Kallstrom
    RE: Your "conversation with some lawyers" and your scandalous allegation of "cabal"

    You're the fraudster, scandalizing the office of congressman. Put your money where your fat mouth is, liar. You're just using scandal and slander. Bring it on, loud mouth.

  14. Heavily involved in hiding government involvement in 911, Las Vegas, etc., etc. DE FUND and start over !!! Between them, the CIA, and the media we probably don't stand a chance. Wake the F up Sessions !!!

  15. This guy Kallstrom is a former FBI agent? Really? He doesn't even know what a crime is if he thinks Strzok committed a crime by expressing his opinions of Trump. We don't put people behind bars just for having opinions. But then maybe he's just one of those junk yard dog  types he seems to know about.

  16. LoL… the far right deplorables' congregation is here??
    You fascist, poorly educated idiots, first of all, Comey and Mueller are both REPUBLICANS. Mueller fired the guy as soon as he knew about this.
    Evidence will or will not be brought up, it will not be made up. What a bunch of fools you are. By discrediting an investigation, dummies, you are making the case for Schlumpf haters to call the result a total scam if somehow Orange Man were to be found innocent, and also you would look (even more) stupid, because you will be saying: you see we told you he was innocent and now even the "honorable" Mueller concluded that. The problem is after you did everything to discredit him (what a bunch of fascists) it would make you look so foolish if he actually exonerates Schlumpf.
    LOL… should Mueller be fired so that we get another person who sympathizes with Trump? How about Hanity for special counsel?
    30% of the American people are deplorables. The Republican leadership and FOX (ENTERTAINMENT) NEWS know that and use these sub-human mongrels like fools to advance their personal agendas. SAD!

  17. What a bunch of nonsense from the Fake News Channel. Nothing in the text messages says anything of the sort — I read them and suggest all you Fox viewers actually read the text messages without the Fake News Channel interpreting their meaning for you. Don't be a sucker. Having a political opinion has NEVER disqualified anyone from investigating potential crimes or malfeasance — if it DID, you also have to believe that the 9 Republican investigations of Hillary Clinton were unfair because EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN on EVERY SINGLE INVESTIGATION wanted her to lose, and they said it over and over and over again on the Fake News Channel. The only difference in this instance is that there are text messages correctly pointing out that Trump is an idiot and would be a disaster. Trump is a degenerate, pervert, sexual assaulter, serial adulterer, pathological liar, and addlepated incompetent, but Mueller CAN'T charge him with a crime that never happened, so why are all you conservative snowflakes shitting your britches over the investigation?

  18. Obama never loved America, never will. The Constitutional role of President presupposes LOVE of COUNTRY. As a result, the inherent LIE that Obama loved America required so much cover up the entire media complex was required to distort reality and feed the people more lies to sustain Obama's administration who must feed the lie and each lie thereafter. The RESULT: 1. Destruction of the Democrat party 2. Election of Donald Trump 3. Corruption of the FBI 4. Corruption of the DOJ 5. Corruption of State Department 6. Eight years of economic malaise. Lies require ever more lies to persist but TRUTH sustains itself.

  19. Robert Mueller is doing a good investigation. Let the professionals do their job. Stop with the false news Fox. When you say "cabal" or "conspiracy," you sound like a flatearther. Its embarrassing.

  20. It's a lie. Strzok's text was intended to address Page's belief that the Russia investigation could take its time because Trump wouldn't be elected president.
    Strzok said they need to work on Russia investigation, even though Trump being elected has the same chance as dying at 40.
    This is his quote:
    "I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office — that there’s no way he gets elected — but I'm afraid we can’t take that risk. It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you're 40."

  21. We should condemn the FBI because the entire apparatus allowed it to become corrupt. No whistle blowers… Public shame and distrust is what they have earned collectively.

  22. The BIG problem for the Democrats is that they had the IRS weaponized against the conservatives in 2010-12-14 

    Obama may not have even won a second term without Lois Lerner and the IRS.

    And the Democrats had the FBI weaponized against the Republicans in 2016.

    They will not have those weapons, neither will they have a believable press

    The Democrats will lose 15 seats in 2018

  23. Mueller & his gang need to be lined up against a brick wall and shot . If this were the days of General Washington they would already be fertilizer for running the 9/11 coverup !!!

  24. Let’s hope Kallstrom has paved the way for active and honourable FBI agents to blow the lid off Mueller’s cabal. Many senior heads at the FBI need to roll and Clinton and Obama must pay for their roles as puppet masters in all of this diabolical corruption.

  25. Mueller would of known about this dooshbag s bias against Trump…they are all Hillary lovers and Mueller deliberately hired them for this reason…come on idiots…wake up to yourselves…James good on you for speaking up

  26. Looks like all these criminals will get away with this. Investigation is just another word for
    THE BIG STALL. Time to move to a better place where hopefully people are not pedophiles or blackmailers. Even the judges are corrupt in this country. I give up.

  27. This guy Kallstrom sounds like some kind of nut. He's trotting out the talking point of 150 billion to Iran. Nobody gave Iran anything. As part of the nuke deal we unfroze Iranian assets. This is part of the give and take of international negotiations.

  28. Son of the bitch FBI releases all the memo now, idiots “BFI” James Comey & Robert Mueller are corrupted Crooks! All FBI become “BFI” bunch Crooks are in Government! They smell like sewers! Shames to be nation, I use to think FBI & CIA are high level they are heroes. But hell No FBI they are become “BFI” come from shithole!

  29. The people in question are NOT investigating Trump.
    They've been gone for for 8 months now.
    Is that all they've got to distract from fucking RUSSIAN collusion?
    Who is standing up for RUSSIA? And attacking the FBI?
    WTF is going on?

  30. I don't agree that as a matter of fact all the rest of the FBI is hardworking great, honest whatever! Don't forget s*** runs downhill!!!

  31. I don't accept no one else in the FBI? Is his dishonest as this guy??! Struck still has a job we are still paying his salary when he does belong in prison losing his right to vote and should be held responsible for the cost of this investigation along with several other people in the FBI! This is an attitude that is tolerated if not encouraged by the FBI! Look at what intelligence did 2 mr. Flynn and honest hard-working patriotic American they didn't care that they were destroying him they are to be destroyed with the same tools they were leveling at him!

  32. What reasonable person would trust the FBI?  How much evidence do we need to see before we admit this is a corrupt agency among many corrupt DC agencies.

  33. Why hasn't FBI Agent s Strzoks in prison ??? that SOB must be indicted Hung on the Street in front of the FBI Head Quarters. to make sure no other FBI agents Directors go fowl of the law. At least don't get caught???????

  34. Conflict of interest is in your pledge to be one one Trump's loyal cronies. What of American Justice? When facts come out, you eat your propaganda, and you apologize for your role in the attack on the Justice Department and the country that you swore to protect. Hide the truth as long as you are able. The truth will out and you, sir, are the disgrace.

  35. Hard to trust they are still there, and how deep does it go. Also remember once you lose trust it's hard to get it back.

  36. so sick of nothing but opinion – not one fact in over four minutes of listening to the hatred in the guy's voice. Shameful, disgusting – produce facts or STFU

  37. This is a huge nothingburger. The real issue is the disgusting thing some call their president. Sane Americans want Trump put in a cage

  38. It seems the FBI went bad during the Obama Administration. And that's not all we got crooked politicians crooked mayor's crooked governors people like California's governor Jerry Brown and his attorney general Xavier Becerra.

  39. I have said in the past the FBI CIA IRS TSA Don't seem to have the best interest or the same goals as most American citizen just look at there track record I would put more faith in your local sheriff departments to keep you safe ehat are these agencies really doing for us I onley have to mention the IRS scandal the Kenedy hits 911 these have been proven to be serious issues not to mention Waco and Ruby ridge and the list goes on.


  41. Mueller will go down in history as a low life. Look at the IRS what happened there. We should have known what a disgusting small person Hussein is

  42. They wanted jezebel Clinton so they could continue their criminal empire. They knew Trump would put an end to there crimes

  43. Thank you James Kallstrom. You are being honest and truthful. With all the lies that has been told I it's nice to hear the truth.
    It's not the average FBI or DOJ it's the top dogs that has allowed their position to get to them..

  44. FBI is a corrupt institution. Look at the movie Richard Jewell. They mess with the people who are innocent and want to help. They are pushing an agenda.

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