Faulty Voting Machines Could Propel Ted Cruz & Brian Kemp To Victory

For about the past week now, there have been
wide spread reports of faulty voting machines in both Texas and Georgia. Ironically, all of these voting machine complaints
that come in, seem to be coming from Democrats saying that their votes are being flipped
from blue to red. Votes for Beto O’Rourke in Texas are being
switched to Ted Cruz, or their votes are being deleted completely. Over in Georgia, votes are being switched
from Stacey Abrams to Republican Brian Kemp. That is according to reports that have been
coming in since last week. Now, voting machine experts are telling us
that there doesn’t appear to be anything malicious happening with these machines. They’re not rigged to flip votes from blue
to red. The problem is that we just have these outdated
faulty voting machines that do not work properly. We’ve known about that since at least the
year 2002. These states and these counties, whatever,
they’ve just decided to not do anything about it. The reason they don’t want to do anything
about it, is because whenever there is some kind of voting machine problem, it always
seems to benefit Republicans. We saw it in Florida back in the 2000 election. Saw it in Ohio and Pennsylvania in the early
2000s. Now, we’re seeing it again in Texas and Georgia
in 2018. All of these faulty voting machines tend to
say, you’re a Democrat, whoops I accidentally put that one down for Ted Cruz. Or in Georgia, oops, I put it down for Brian
Kemp, and that’s just who you’re voting for now. Could you imagine the kind of outrage we’d
be getting from the Republican Party right now, if votes were switching from red to blue? My God, we would have paper ballots in every
single one of those counties so fast it would make you go crazy. Because it’s benefiting them, they won’t do
anything about it. Again, we’ve known about these problems for
years. We know that voting machines are unreliable. They’re easily hackable. The software is outdated and prone to these
kinds of malfunctions. Because it’s benefiting the Republicans, especially
those Republicans in very tight races that they could likely lose, they’re gonna sit
back, let the voting machines do all the work, and hopefully flip enough votes to put people
like Ted Cruz and Brian Kemp back into office, in some cases for Cruz. Kemp wants to be governor. If he becomes governor, do you think he’s
gonna do anything to fix the voting machines in that state? Do you think he’s gonna do anything to secure
the elections in the future? Absolutely not. Do you think Ted Cruz or the Texas Legislature
is gonna do anything to fix the problem with those voting machines as long as their candidates
win? Absolutely not. There’s another thing that’s actually on the
ballot today, that most people don’t even realize. You want better elections? You want more secure elections? You want safer elections? Then, get these Republicans who refuse to
do something about the faulty voting machines out of office today.

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  1. It would be nice to include some education on exactly who is responsible for setting up whatever type of voting system is used at each polling place. Who decides the type of machine, paper or electronic, etc.

  2. Betcha the Russians are responsible! Are there paper ballots? Of course not! It's fixed! The republicans will win because politicians are making sure of it! Democracy for ya! Will the People protest it? NO! I have no faith Dems will take over!

  3. This has been going on since Bush, remember. Nothing. Of course they are rigged. How can a co. Put out such a faulty machine.

  4. File complaints with the U S Marshals Under Violation of 18 USC 594. Also file a lawsuit in a Federal District Court for the same. Get at least 5 signatures, Class Action. If they claim the machines have been faulty for six (6) years, they should have repaired them. What could they "REASONABLY EXPECT" would happen with defective equipment that only hurt one (1) side? Challenge the VOTES outcome and go to the international press as well. Also file a complaint with the ICC, International Criminal Court! Just for the attention against the Republican Party! ALL States voters can do this. The majority in Congress and House as well as the ability to effect Amending the Constitution by LOADING Govenors in states EFFECTS every American!

    I was told by a G4 in Vietnam in '77, the first time is Happenstance, the 2nd time Coincidence, the 3rd time is ENEMY ACTIVITY! The machines "MALFUNCTION IN 1 DIRECTION ONLY" is not malfunction, it's wrigging!

  5. Faulty? Don't you mean pre-program software exclamation point not to go Alex Jones on you, this isn't the law of unintended consequences, this is by Design!

  6. There was no blue wave!!! And I wasted a vote today, just
    like in 2016.
    That was my last time voting.
    We obviously want to be latter day USSR with an Oligarchal leader like Putin and Russia.
    We finally achieved it!
    A totally almost red map should tell us something. And a few blue state's scattered here and there should also tell us there's no way democrats win in any future election.
    And we still have no check or balance against the imperious one. This gives confidence to his dictator mentality already.
    America is dead!

  7. Phyllis' husband from England;
    If the machines malfunctioned when 9I had voted I would stand at the machine & cry out foul & refuse to move until something was done to take the machines out of use. I'm sure others would back me.
    All the best for a blue wave, Tony

  8. No… Keep Red all the way in the office NOWWWWWWWWW……. Red will stay around about 16 years….. They can resign or move away if can't stand Trump. After 16yrs they can move back. Take it, accept it, deal with it and problem solve.

  9. There need to be a revote! If a machine is not doing the one job it's supposed to do get rid of it! In MA we had paper ballots no problem!

  10. There was proven tampering with the machines in 2016 in order to get whoever they wanted in voted in. Not who the people voted for.
    Yet they're still using the same machines!
    And even knowing that the voting was corrupted in 2016, did they do a revote?
    NO, they just went with it. How is that Democratic?
    People need to insist on paper ballots! And they must be counted by people not machines! All machines can be programmed.

  11. What happens if ted Cruz wins, can the election be investigated if the dems win the house? And if they find that the voting machines were tampered with or hacked or hacking in some way in general any where…what happens?can an election be redone? Or can a recount be done with the findings in mind,,,what can happen and what can’t?

  12. Bring up lies fake news and propaganda of course it depends on who wins if there's going to be a big deal made out of it or not

  13. Sorry Farron, but this fails the pattern recognition test. If the machines were faulty, then they should fail in a fairly standard way, across a set number of conditions. A full 'red' vote, would not vote for Ted Cruz, but Beto. Just like a full 'blue' vote has voted for Ted Cruz. It doesn't feel consistent and it doesn't appear to be anything other than biased.

    That to me says programming and configuration. Not a faulty machine. The way it keeps on happening, that's starting to feel like hostile action.

    I really get confused about this stuff, why Australian elections aren't seen as the world standard.

    Yes, paper ballots, yes, high turn out. Yes, no voter fraud, as far as have even been reported. Yes, the ability to do whatever you want with the ballot and most importantly, yes, a secure and unbiased body who oversees both the election, the districts/electorates and most importantly, the ballot.

    If that doesn't tick all of the boxes, I don't know what will.

  14. Funny how some States don't have paper ballots?? No paper trail?? Wonder who doesn't want the vote counted?? Fraud!! Hope Mueller is watching!!

  15. Well it worked and these cowards have no shame Abrams, Gillum, Beto and Phil B. of Tennessee need a redo with proper voting machines. This is why they have hung on to these broken outdated machines because when you can't beat em cheat em is what repub live by.

  16. Faulty….my ass. Rigged is more like it when Republicans are involved. Kemp even said it before the election. Odd.. i dont think so

  17. The foxes are in control over the hen house all over this country. There is no laws pertaining to the president so being in control over the house will not save this country.

  18. Please America already knew this and Kemp blames Democrats. Like Trump his leader not me Hillary did it so Kemp says the Democratis. Astonishingly this works.after all Trumps impeachable offenses and he still president and Kemp can still run and win. I mean sounds like a scene out of the twillight zone or maybe Trump was right don't believe what you see !! United States a democracy country !😂😂😂🤔

  19. If some people went to jail for voter suppression/rigging, this shit would come to a screeching halt. But what do I know. Maybe the relevant LE agencies have a clue? or not.

  20. Why are the Democrats doing something about the bad voting machines. More ring of fire lying bullshit. Or doesn't seem that the Democrats wouldn't care enough to go to court, yeah right

  21. Well, if the voting machines are corrupt, voting isn't exactly the answer in a nutshell is it?

    I took two with me to vote for Beto. The only way to win against corruption is to overwhelm them at the voting booths, and before it's too late to ever accomplish it.

    They were good to advise us when we arrived on how to deal with the machines (go slow) and check the results at the end.

    Gerrymandering, fake felon lists, fake cross-check lists for duplicate voters, faulty voting machines and those which can be hacked and selectively calibrated to alter results, and other forms of voter suppression and election fraud (not voter fraud) are some very real concerns.

    Despite all of that, Beto damn near won. 50.9 to 48.3—So yeah. Vote and take some good people, who thought there is no use in trying, along with you for every election.

    And then maybe we can get paper ballots for our future and eliminate other problems and corruptions to the integrity of elections, and get ranked-choice voting and other real choices.

  22. You seem to be forgetting when Obama got 110% of the vote in one district. That year the machines were picking democrats for the advantage. Suck it up, it goes both ways.

  23. Do we not remember the court case in Florida, where it was admitted that they were instructed to change votes? Nothing changed after that admission, why, because of the corruption that controls it.

  24. The problem is an outdated machine? Reeeeeaaallly? There are reports and phone vid of "straight" Democratic tickets being flipped to Ted Cruz (meh) and that is the ONLY name flipped. Outdated machines my achin' ass. If you believe that, I have a big, pretty orange bridge for sale in my backyard, and I'm willing to let it go cheap.

  25. Yes, cheats, these Repugnikkkans. Yes malfunctioning machines are designed to make sure the Repugnikkkans illegally win. That's voter suppression in broad daylight!

  26. Naw shit was rigged. Cruz didn't do much campaigning because he knew his party had his victory in the bag. I demand a fucking recount. Beto should have won not that damn serial killer.

  27. Faulty voting machines? Sounds like voter tampering and corruption. You don’t have to be a genius to figure that out.

  28. Paper ballots should be required in every State. Then we have a records, for the voting process. This should be a Federal Law, for God's sake.

  29. This is something I just don't understand. If the machines are known to be broken or faulty then the entire voting process needs to be re-done after the machines have been repaired or replaced or a paper ballot should be used instead. Obviously, results obtained from faulty machines are not valid. Suspicious that the machines are running in favour of the Republikkkunts – you might suggest a rigged vote if you were that way inclined…

  30. Someone needs to fixed the voting machines, we are getting all of this criminals thugs and cheating morons elected..

  31. Who in the hell wants to immigrate to the US if this shit going on. The brain dead folks in the red hats are happy with things just the way they are. There is only freedom and prosperity for a select few.

  32. OK the Dems took over the House. Big deal! Repubs are still in the Congress and Senate where it counts and both parties make excuses to NOT impeach so we're stuck with our unhinged delusional, temper tantruming sociopath people insist on calling "President"! He's a phony!

  33. Who is supervising the people doing the recount to see if they are not cheating. If These are brenda snipes peoples i dont expect honesty.

  34. Fire Brenda snipes now. She was found guilt by a Judge in 2016. She has misconduct issues year after year. how can she still be the supervisor of election??

  35. search "project veritas " on YouTube it will open your eyes to what's happening right now with investigation on politics

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