Exit polls predict strong Tory win after UK votes on “Brexit Election”

now it’s been dubbed the brexit election
on Thursday millions of Brits headed to the polls and a snap general election
the third in the space of just five years in the UK is expected to set the
direction of Britain’s departure from the European Union the polls closed just
a few hours ago now we have our reporter Oh Sooyoung on the line to help us break
down the expected outcome as the exit poll has been released so seon we are
set to see a strong win by the Conservatives we’re hearing a majority
of 86 seats good morning mark that’s right the exit
poll has been revoked giving us our first proper hint of who’s won the
election and this is true the survey of tens of thousands of photos on polling
day expects Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party 12-1 360 ACS now that is well
above the 320 range needed to avoid a hung parliament and that much stronger
than what most opinion polls predicted a 28 seat when or even a hung parliament
where there is no majority now this would mark the party’s best performance
since 1987 with an 80 seat majority over labour meanwhile Labour’s anticipated
191 seats is said to be its worst performance since the 1930s that’s the
loss of 71 seats compared to the last election so if the pool is accurate then
it’s a massive defeat for party leader Jeremy Corbyn who many say will now have
to step down well we’ll have to see whether that happens or not but the the
exit polls have been relatively accurate in the past and if the Tories do get a
strong majority which is what it’s looking like the biggest question on
everyone’s mind I suppose is will Boris Johnson and his Conservative Party
finally after three and a half years or so get brexit done yes that is the 1
million dollar question say this snap election election of course was called
because Johnson wanted a majority to push through his brexit though and
Johnson has said under his leadership that the UK would leave the EU on
January 31st 2020 on schedule and that the transition period during which the
tube Arty’s strike up new trade terms would
not be extended beyond December 2020 so yes a strong majority for the Tories
will give Johnson the backing here is seeking to leave the EU and stick to his
deal with Brussels but that won’t be the last we hear of brexit MPs are expected
to hold heated debates over the terms of the UK’s trade ties with the EU and of
course the UK will have to work on it straight eyes with the rest of the world
as well

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