European elections: who won in clash of candidates?

Where will this Europe go
in the next five years, in the next 10 years? In a new world order,
it will be completely different than today. What’s killing Europe and
what’s hurting our societies is indifference of
well-meaning people. They should speak up. They should say
where they stand. Then they can shape the future. People must know that the
decisions on European level have a direct impact
in their daily life. Do have a look and
decide for yourself. Don’t let other people
decide your future for you. This was the first debate that
had both the two favourites, Manfred Weber of the
centre-right EPP and Frans Timmermans of the Party
of European Socialists, as well as some of
the smaller parties, the Liberals and the Greens. The candidates’ place on
the stage was drawn by lot, but it turned out that you
had the centre-right parties, the conservatives and
the liberals on one side, and the centre-left parties,
the Socialists and the Greens, on the other side. And that’s kind of
how the debate went. There was a pretty
clear right-left divide. Well, Manfred Weber
was saying, oh, we need a [INAUDIBLE] Europe. Why did he vote and his group
vote against exactly that in the European Parliament? The Socialist candidate,
Mr Timmermans, was against more co-operation
on defence, for example, on foreign policy. And so yeah, we have
to be realistic, and he doesn’t like dreams. I think we need dreams. We need vision. I think the main
dividing lines are about how you go about
creating more security. I think there is a strong
difference between Ska Keller, myself on the one hand and Guy
Verhofstadt and Manfred Weber on the other hand in
terms of social justice. I’m a man of free trade. I believe in single market. The European single
market that wants to strengthen the single market. I think socialists are not
so clear in these fields. It was on economics where the
centre-right parties emphasised trade, whereas the centre-left
parties talked more about tax redistribution
and social justice. Very harsh austerity
agenda which has not been leading to
growth and development at all. What I want to do is now
to invest in innovation, to have openness for trade,
and we have to cut red tape. We could also see
this on security, where both centre-right
parties want a European FBI which the left
parties were more sceptical of. Another security policy was
about whether to co-operate more on defence. So what I think we have to
do is really European army, and I believe that
it is possible. European army of 20,000 people. Thank you. 2024. Why not? Give me the list of
national parliaments who will give out of their hands
the decision on sending troops into harm’s way. Give me that list. The candidate of the
leading party that stands to get the most
votes in the election is Manfred Weber of
the EPP, but he also seemed to have the
most to defend. He doesn’t have
as much experience as some of the other
candidates, especially Frans Timmermans, the
Socialist candidate, who is sitting commissioner,
vice-president president of the Commission, and
who many times attacked Weber directly. Timmermans, on the other hand,
came across as the debater who was most at ease with
concise messages, even though his party trails
quite a lot behind the centre right in the polls. There are also many topics
on which these candidates are more or less in agreement. For example, on the
importance of climate change sustainability. Of course Ska Keller,
the Green candidate, comes with perhaps the most
credibility and the most radicalism in her proposals. Have a CO2 price on every single
CO2 tonne that’s being emitted, and then repay the
income from that to each and every single citizen. So if you have a
lower income and you have lower CO2 emissions
you will have a benefit. You will have a big
plus on your account. If you earn more, and especially
if you emit a lot of CO2, that will not be the case. We have to do these changes
in a social acceptable way, and we have to do
it all in a way that our industry
can live with this. And they also agreed
on the seriousness of corporate taxation and
the difficulty of taxing multinational corporations. It is unbearable
that big companies are making billions of profits
in Europe and paying no taxes. We need to change
that immediately. Ska Keller, you are still
in the lead in terms of time discipline, so why don’t
you answer the question first? … the refugee policy… Unfortunately, we only had
one woman on the podium, and perhaps a bit
stereotypically, she was the one who
kept best to her time, whereas you had some
instances of older men talking over one another and
not finishing on time. Who won the debate? In my own opinion, there wasn’t
really a clear cut winner. Who is likely to do
best in the elections in a couple of weeks’ time? This in the end depends
on you and how you vote.

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  1. paid servants of George SOROS…corrupt politicians.
    TRAITORS of EU!!!! weber, kurz, merkel, schulz, timmermans, verhofstadt, keller…paid liberal monkeys

  2. Question from an American: I see that roughly 8 coalitions have representation within the European Parliament, so why were the leaders from only 4 coalitions represented at the debate?

  3. Collectively 'the charisma of a low grade bank clerk' problem again. 2:40 – what will this federalized european army be used for and who will be sending it into battle? The commissioners?

  4. I didnt watch the debate (maybe tonight), anyway the only relevant topic worth to be discussed is 1: immigration (+ consequences, of course). how is that is there no mention in this summary about that?

  5. Watch their actions and their votes, not their lies right before an election. I hope the EU breaks and disappears in the next decade, until then, watch the circus and be happy, or it's gulag for you plebs.

  6. If Brexit brought a good thing, it was letting people realize the perks the EU brings. More people have a favourable opinion on the EU since the '90's. Let's see how the elections turn out

  7. Those leftist politicians killing EU. Pushing for LGBT rights but not for strong traditional families. Accepting millions of uneducated immigrants doesn't guarantee work forces but army people on welfare. It's no conservative country in EU but Hungary, Italy and Poland.

  8. How can they call themselves Democrats if they are in the Eu. It is a contradiction. There is no democracy in the EU!

  9. It's a shame Bas Eikhout didn't show up in this debate for the European Greens, he is definitely the better candidate, especially in comparison to Ska Keller.

  10. It’s a shame this is only a show 🙁 Europeans should be able to vote for them directly! Right now only Weber has a chance, and that’s only in the case that the council will play nicely…

  11. It would be great if there were more emphasis on the platforms of the political parties at the European level and less about the domestic parties. Too often European elections are treated as a way to punish the national parties. The public really deserves a better debate.

  12. The way candidates are described here on the political spectrum says a lot. Nigel Farage is a Thatcherite conservative. The traditional way to describe someone like him would have been on the 'right'. However,frequently, even on/in the FT, he is described as 'right wing' and 'far right'. Ska Keller is in the Green Party, an avowedly Marxist party of what traditionally would hev been seen as the 'far left', yet now she and her party are simply described as 'centre left'. When did the 'centre' of the political spectrum move so far to the left, that no one bats an eyelid at Corbyn giving a speech in front of banners of the mass murderers Stalin and Lenin, but traditional conservatives often cannot show their face on TV?

  13. A free Scotland and United Ireland is the ultimate goal.  Vote for Brexit if there is a second referendum and then vote to leave England in the dust at the next Scottish independence referendum.    For the Scots who would enjoy watching England destroy themselves and become pawns of China and the Saudis, support Brexit.

  14. How can they say that they believe in free trade? If that were true then Britain would be able to trade freely with the Commonwealth. What they mean is that we must all buy German or French products. This is why 30% of the Southern European youth are unemployed.

  15. The brexit party.
    Will get us out.
    Nobody as changed there minds we want out.
    Corrupt European union.

  16. This is not a real debate.These people are not center right,these are leftist,or globalist.Where are the right wingers?These assholes going to have a surprise on the next election.Hopefuly the all gonna get
    kicked out

  17. Verhoftstaht wants more powers transferred to the EU for the project, they want to censor small tech which benefits big corporations

  18. Just look at statistics and Women Voters. It really is astaunding how many females are actually voting for LIBERAL Pro Immigration Parties all over western Europe. I can tell you now that IF Women were dissallowed to VOTE the next European Election , the Right Wing Populist parties would have the ABSOLUTE Majority in Strasburg Parliament. Not joking. Women Sufferage is the biggest mistake ever done by the Western Powers. It marked the End of European Hegemony World Wide. Politics and Women just dont mix…with some small exeptions ( Margaret Thatcher or Katie Hopkins)

  19. What a waste of time. No one cares about these blocs in the puppet parliment. Lets get out of the EU now.

  20. Do NOT chose ANY of those guys. THe left failed and wants more strength to smash people's left power. Zimmermann and Guy are simply crazy Nazists! The other leftists are deluded. Experience seems to be the whatshword here, but you need question – experience of what? Don't let them fool you.

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