EU Elections 2019

Well hello and welcome to my latest
update video quite a lot to talk to you about in a short space of time.
First of all Thursday we see the EU Elections. We wanted to avoid these
elections I work so hard to try and get us over the line on Brexit and to make
sure that we didn’t have to have them but they are there. And so it’s important
on Thursday that I urge you to vote Conservative We want to make sure
there’s a strong conservative voice in Europe so that we can finish the job on
Brexit and get it done, but also because we have a local interest the number one
slot in the southeast who you’ll be voting for is of course local resident
Daniel Hannon who has been a strong voice on Brexit right from the start but we
we’ve got other good candidates too. Nirj Deva, Richard Robinson, Michael Whiting, Juliet Ash, Anna Firth, Adrian Pepper all really really good candidates. who want to go to Europe and land what’s needed for this county to get out of the EU. So on Thursday please do use your vote wisely and vote Conservative. Second thing to talk to you about is is the incinerator planned South Hurstbourne Priors not in
my constituency but next to the A303. I went to visit the site with Clare Read who’s the chair of the Hurstbourne Priors Parish Council to look at the suitability of the site and try and understand really what the impact of this thing is going to be. Obviously I’ll be working closely with her with other local residents and with my neighbouring MPs, to the South
Caroline Nokes and Steve Brian who’s next door as well, all of whom will be
impacted by this frankly massive proposal and see what we can do during
the planning process. The third thing to talk to you about is Ocado. You would
have seen in the front of the Advertiser last week that Ocado sadly have
announced that they’re going to be looking at possible redundancies amongst the workforce. Obviously both the workforce and the
company are in a horrible situation after the fire. Quite a lot of people have been
paid over the last few months but aren’t able to work because of the lack of
facility. Ocado are getting going again in Andover and starting some semblance of delivery but nevertheless while the two-year rebuild takes place
they won’t need they think all the staff. My job is to make sure that there’s a
fair and equitable settlement for everybody, the company but also most
importantly for the staff and I’ll be talking to the company about how we
achieve that over the months to come. The key thing is though their commitment
to Andover remains they want to rebuild and you
know create jobs in the town as they have done before which is great news, we
just need to make sure that as I say the settlement is now fair. Work continues on
the railway to pressure the franchise holder to perform as they promised I’ll
be pushing hard on that. And thankfully, pleasingly, in the local election results two weeks ago the Conservative Party retained control of Test Valley Borough Council
which means that Phil North the ambitious fantastic leader of the council can
continue with his really really brilliant plans to regenerate the centre
of Andover and generally improve the well-being of the town. That’s it more
next time.

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