[Eng/Vietsub] Go Fridge Ep 9 unreleased cut 1 – Online polls

Have you ever won any online polls? Nowadays there’s so many online polls For example Jung Yong Hwa he won a poll “Which male celebs that girls want to share umbrella with in raining season” Among all idols, Yonghwa ranks #2 Amazing Oh really? – You don’t know that hyung? I don’t know He doesn’t know for real He also ranks #2 in “Which handsome man you want to be friend with? and there’s another poll “Which idol that is pretty since birth, and still pretty now?” He ranks #18 When I was a kid, my mom said that When she first saw me, she was shocked because my eyes are too big All you can see in my face are just eyes ‘Cuz my eyes are big so my mom thought that I will grow up ugly But now Now you’re getting more and more handsome My eyes are still the same Still the same since birth When did your nose grow so big? Since 28 years ago That means you will get more handsome everyday, right? Yes, that’s right Then you will look best when you die=]] Yes, it seems so Like I said before that he ranks #18 in the poll but among all nominees, there’s only 2 men so his ranking still can be seen as high *Chi + Kor* I also won a poll Which one? *Chi + Kor*: It’s the “Which puppy do you want to bring home and raise the most” Is it good or bad? I think it’s good that means you’re so cute so everyone wants to bring you home In China Have you MC He Jiong ever won any top rankings? These polls are mostly for young people like young artists or idols Maybe my fans see me as their family member a very familiar friend so they tend not to nominate me… I saw a poll on the Internet that said Mr.He among all the MCs ranks #1 for “MC that has the babyish face” Ranks #1 Ohh this is not important

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  1. how cute and cosiderate is jackson, eventhough they have in their ears like an instant translator, he talk in chinese and then inmediately translate it in korean

  2. im a cnblue fan sp yonghwa and if to choose out of cnblue i love ja kson hes a cool boy…the more youwatch him themore you will love and admired him

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