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Hey there! Charity Preston here from
Teaching Blog Traffic School! So today I wanted to show you just a fun
way to get your fans and followers on Facebook involved. Now this could work other places as well
and if you end up with something like this on your blog and instead of using
the little emojis you can use numbers. You could do the
same thing on Instagram if you just wanted to use numbers or letters rather
than the little emoticon emoji guys but since we now have this we can use it. I’m trying to see how I can unlike it and we can use it for Facebook
So if I just of course it’s probably not going to work now because I’ve already liked it Ok so if i hover over top of
a like button on a Facebook page i have all of these choices here and the great
thing about doing just kind of a fun little informal poll is not only do your
readers always like to express their opinions but they like to express their
opinions when all they have to do is click a button. They don’t actually have to type
anything. They don’t have to comment. They just have to hover over that like
button and choose the one that works best for them. So this was just a fun one that I did
for the school supply you get most excited about. I wanted to show you easily how to
make your own polls for your own Facebook fan pages as well so I’m going
to start simply by going to PicMonkey and signing in. Yes you can do this
with just a simple free account at Picmonkey. I’m going to go to collage and
we need something that is fourths. I’m going to go to my layout. I’m going to go to square deal
and pick that one so now I have 4 image boxes down here. But I am going to upload my own images and for this poll I just want to know what time do you most likely get up during
the school week. So I add some images. I just grab a quick images. Okay and I have and I’m just going to
try and drop them in five o’clock by thirty six o’clock and 6:30 and this
poll could be anything that you want to be guys. It could be, “How do you get to work?” By
car, bus, train, do you walk, you know how closely do you
live to school? What did you do for lunch at school? Buy,
pack, go out? It could be more than four
things. It could be less than four things. Whatever you want. This is just something super easy and simple and fun for people to participate with. Now why do you want
people to participate? You want people to participate because the more they like
and comment on your Facebook business page the more likely that they will see
your posts in their newsfeed. So that’s why we’re doing this. It’s
something simple they don’t have to comment on it but they just use one of the little emoji guys and now it’s more likely that your post will be seen in their
newsfeed later on as well. So I have my four images but I need to
add my little emoticon guys and I’m going to do that by saving this first and
then I’m just going to save it right to my computer. Ok now I can export it to the editor and
now I need to use the overlays. I’m going to add my own and here are my little guys that I have. I can only do one at a time so I’m going to do this little guy up here in the corner
heart one down here {everybody likes to get up later}, this one down here. Actually think I’m going to add them in each of the four corners. You want to make sure that they are very
easily seen. Last is the like button down here. Ok and you can find these little guys by
just doing a quick google search and you can get those images. I actually just
took a screenshot of them from facebook and then cleared out the background
behind them and I’m using those. I am positive that if you do a quick google
search, you will be able to find some free images that are these
specific images as well. So i’m going to save it again and it’s going to overwrite
the one that already had yep please Now if I go back and I like to copy
and paste this post about a fun poll: Choose the emoticon for whatever the
topic is – not sure how to find those? hover over the like option and the choices
will pop up to choose from. Add my photo {it’s slow this morning}. Upload a photo to it I’m here’s my time cool is that ok choosing my time for the one I’m closest to you usually get up in the morning during the school year. There you go – that’s it. I’m going to
publish it. One other quick tip: always actually do the poll yourself
because no one likes to be the first person to do it. I like to do it as my
page and then I also like to do it as myself so that way when people go to
click on it they will see right away there are already
other people who have done the poll as well. Ok so that is your fun quick tip from
Teaching Blog Traffic School today about how to use the new reactions option and
facebook fan likes to get more interaction on your Facebook page. Ok I will talk to you again soon and
make sure you stop over to Teaching Blog Traffic School on YouTube as well and like our Channel. You will be get the first to get first dibs on all the new teaching blog tip posts I share with you. Ok have a great
week everyone!

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