Elizabeth Warren Narrows Gap With Joe Biden In New Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. this notion that Joe Biden is the King maker is absurd this early on. Joe has the numbers and needs a running mate to bring in say Harris' California base of 30 million. Kind of perfect and an easy win. The cabinet will be something…..Boston Lizzie does have a powerful presence in the congress they will face / work closely with in 2022. Appointments will likely take up all of 2021 and reviewing the code and new EOs.

  2. Frick and Frat, the two liberal dunb-o-crats that don't have any idea of how to run the country, but they will be like Obama and screw everything up, so no thanks!

  3. Luckily VP Pence will be there and use his government experience and explain it all, they start that day after tomorrow, probably enroute to the thing and chopper talked away. Market economies right? 7:41 Don D nailed it ! Amy was on your competition the other day. She is always in Iowa.


  5. When will you guys NBC will realize that polls don’t mean nothing. Your own polls show that Trump was going to lose the primaries and the presidency and look where we’re at now. Stupid polls LOL

  6. most notably is Yang from nowhere. Why do they never mention Yang?
    YANG AHEAD OF BIDEN among voters under 35 yrs “wow lets ignore that” MSNBC

  7. Come on, Harris pulled ahead when she went on and on and on, with her busing issue. She isn't an enthusiastic positive person. She made a bit of a name when she questioned Barr , but it was short lived and wasn't that effective anyway. She's smart and probably would make a good president,, but just doesn't have to flair. When you think about it,, Trump got as much as he did because of his big cocky mouth.
    I think Biden is still running off his popularity from his comaraderie with Obama. Black people remember. Cause from what I hear of his actual policies, some of his ideas weren't that perfect. My biggest reason for thinking Biden would be best is, his obvious lead in the polls,,, high votes. And he's not promising the moon like Sanders and even Warren to a degree.
    A good ticket would be Biden and Warren. I think they mop up the floor with trumps hair piece.

  8. When asked about whether taxes would go up for people if MforA was enacted, Warren wouldn't answer the question. If she can't be honest about the policy she claims to support, chances are that she won't enact it.

  9. My dear Americans, you have killed "Archie Bunker" and was it meat head too, perhaps by accident, but the simple fact is that no country can prosper without a large strong middle class.
    You have let the insurance companies in between you and your health professionals, they produce nothing they just take your money. In that you are alone in the western world.
    You have gone towards education for money too deep and too long, no country will prosper without well educated people, affordable education for the whole population is the solution, there is no other better solution.
    Dr. Michio Kaku has grasped the problem and the result well here:
    Warren, Sanders and the rest of then know it and so do most Americans.
    Why this is called "populism" is just ridiculous.
    As a Finnish president wrote long ago about the society – "it's not the speed but the direction that counts".
    You can do it, bon voyage, only one vote is needed, your vote.

  10. Warren/Bernie presidency is useless without 60+ Dem Senate seats. Biden for the win. Then concentrate on the House to govern to the "left."

  11. What about Biden’s racist rant in the debate that black household don’t know how to look after children (“we’ll send social workers into their homes” – he said) in his crazy arsed ‘record player’ answer – never even mentioned on Morning Joe #morningjoe

  12. NO ONE wants to keep the crappy health insurance when there is a better offer on the table – ask any Australian. We have some private health options, and you will too under Warren. But everyone must start on Medicare and private insurance must be an “opt in” option. And there WILL be plenty of reasons rich people have private health insurance, in Australia the reason is for speed of delivery of ‘non essential’ services like cosmetic surgery. In a public system, life threatening must take priority. With private insurance, you can have any procedure at anytime for any reason.

  13. It is in the messaging regarding health insurance: Will you be worse or better off if your HEALTH INSURANCE is provided by the government?

  14. My fellow Americans, if you participated in this POLL, or any other Media Poll within the last twenty years, please leave a comment below about your impressions of their polling process. I would like to know what it is like!

  15. It doesn't matter. Trump is going to win no matter who wins the DNC primary. The day all the fake news outlets like MSNBC go away is drawing closer. Can't wait!

  16. So unfair how you treat Bernie Sanders! Never mention him! It's always Warren! And yet you never say how Warren takes corporate money how she's going to continue to take corporate money. How she separated medicare-for-all program! Very unfair to Bernie Sanders!

  17. 10:16 Listen My fellow Dems..This is the FACT of the Matter. WIS,MICH,PENN..then we can grow from there. after this slob is gone. DO NOT under estimate the central Conservatives that hate this phony. Biden gets us there.

  18. ***MEDIA FAIL*** — If Donny Deutch keeps playing God and claiming his biased crystal ball election predictions are "fact," then will no longer be watching Donny Deutch. Now, that IS a fact. Also putting MSNBC on notice with this crap.

  19. MEDIA FAIL — One may question their strategy, but one can also observe Democrats trying to hold this President accountable and making progress. Conversely, one observes the media not trying much at all to hold Congressional Republicans accountable, and making absolutely NO progress! Yet, the media criticizes and focuses on Dems more than Republicans gaslighting and covering up the serious crimes of Trump, and not itself for its own lack of effort and progress! Kind of hypocritical, don't you think? How can impeachment succeed if media fails to hold Congressional Republicans accountable?


  21. 12:36 – This guy is so full of sh!t. Plenty of Americans think that their current health insurance sucks and would welcome a single-payer plan. He's an out-of-touch dinosaur.

  22. Warren 2020!!!!
    Let’s b real Who Loves their Health Insurance?? Even Medical Professionals want this system reformed. Our country wastes so so so so so so so much on Insurance overheard bunk.

  23. There is only contempt for Republicans on the Judiciary Committee, who made a mockery in open sight on public record of that body, Congress, and the Constitution with their obstruction, gaslighting, and cover-up for Trump's crimes during the questioning of Lewandowski. They are unfit to hold ANY public office, in any capacity, anywhere! Their debauchery will go down alongside Trump and his administration as one of the most shameful episodes in the annals of American history.

  24. The morons have risen. Warren, the so called leading Zombie is calling for further support from the pack. The pack on the other hand are to busy following Greta Thurnberg. Most have little brain cells left. Go Trump Go !! A true leader that’s making America Great Again

  25. So no independents or republicans in those polls? I really hate the party system and the electoral college. Doesn't seem very democratic to me.

  26. Who in the world would vote for Mr. Touchy Feely?
    The other is a liar. She made false statements for college entrance applications as well as her bar entrance application.
    When Trump makes a speech so many show up, that not everyone can get in because of fire regulations. Warren and Granpa are lucky if they can get 5% of what Trump gets.
    The only chance either one of them has is that there are no voter ID laws.

  27. I am so thankful and greatly relieved that this is all the Dems brought to the fight. They are completely and totally outmatched against our beautiful beloved President Donald J Trump. Thank God! Amen… TRUMP 2020

  28. Ironic that frontrunners of “the progressive party of diversity and inclusion” are rich old white career-politicians. Well… Warren is only 1,023/1,024ths white!

  29. Biden is DNC first pick .. now they are supporting Warren because she said she will fall in line with whatever the party wants …. They don't want Bernie because he actually wants change

  30. Black voters. white voters, male. female….Americans just don't get it…. Just put them together and call them 'people'…

  31. She won't lose 160million voters- most voters are tired of paying ridiculous premiums to for profit Investor Hospitals. People can't afford their diabetic Insulin's, epi-pens, psych meds, HIV meds because of higher cost of medicine, people don't go get that Hernia, Appendix, Gallbladder , ekg's or dental care due to it's so expensive- people die every day because they can't afford to use their insurance.. Most of those 160 million people will be affected in a positive way because those Doctors will be in all the Networks, that Pharmacy will be right around the corner and How hard do seniors hold on to their medicare.. they hold on to it for dear life because it keeps them alive and it works..The only ones that complain about medicare are the Republicans that want to cut programs to pay for Border and WARS … Stop Scaring everybody with your pessimism.. Our cup Floweth over with money for corporate welfare and war welfare but who cares about AMERICA FIRST.. NOBODY..EXCEPT ELIZABETH., BERNIE AND YANG!

  32. Black people WISE UP!.. Time for Old Joe to Go. The Man is further to the right than the white/right wing.. He single handidly created the Mass Incarceration Problem.. He is sympathetic to Opiod addiction, but wanted 'THUGS' locked up for life .. even for weed..

  33. How about a Warren/Sanders private chat and they decide that one will VP for the other if a true leader emerges? I could live with that. Esp if they/we clear the slime now occupying the oval office and most of the gop enablers as well.


  34. None of this matters. What matters is how Biden & Warren can get the middle or independent voters. Trump gets the Far Right and Warren gets the Radical left, but her polices won't fly with the middle and possible conservatives. Forced Medicare for all and eliminating private insurance is a disaster. Being over 65, I have to be on Medicare and it is terrible insurance. You have to have private Insurance supplements.

  35. Donny is every graphic designers nightmare – he’s the marketer who thinks he knows more than the creative geniuses in the room.

  36. Its obvious these are establishment corpotrists and washington insiders. They dont understand how bad most Americans are hurting under the current system.

  37. Biden's TEETH FELL OUT during the debate! His lead is propped up by polls that sample "likely voters" aka people who voted for HRC last election.

  38. If these numbers hold it is pretty much game over Warren wins. Biden might look on top at 31% but the day Bernie drops out is the day he starts stumping for Warren. That makes it 39 Warren to 31 Biden. Meanwhile if you are progressive enough to support a living wage (Yang) you will support real Medicare for All (Sanders / Warren) and Harris doesn't have the votes to give Biden to make a difference while Buttigeig is split all over the place.

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