Election Strategies | 22 Minutes

Our party must come out of this election with
another majority. Our party must come out of this election with
a minority. Our party must come out of this election still
a party. The polls are in, and Justin’s numbers are
looking good. Kinda like Justin. Andrew’s numbers are unremarkable. Kind of like Andrew. Who’s in charge of not letting Jagmeet see
the polls today? Not it! Good news on the fundraising front… We’ve reached our goals. Good news on the fundraising front. I found a toonie on the sidewalk! People think that Justin is hot, but let’s
make him keep his shirt on. People think Andrew is… Do they make shirts for faces? Of course priority one for this election is… Our main focus this time around is… The thing that matters most is… [together] Quebec. [laughter] We believe children’s needs come first. Children’s needs are very trendy this year. Children are a liberal construct designed
to push the carbon tax. Jobs. We need to protect jobs. Carol, when does Jagmeet’s shift end at his
other job? What are we going to do about reconciliation
with Indigenous people? What about reconciliation? Any thoughts on reconciliation? Ok that’s lunch. Let’s take lunch. That’s lunch everyone.

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  1. I just realized that Trudeau won 184 seats in the last election (over 50%) with only 39.5% of the popular vote. https://www.cbc.ca/news2/interactives/results-2015/

  2. Justin sucks. Justin sucks. Justin sucks. ……I am hoping it’s like Beatle Juice and if I say it three times he’ll disappear.

  3. "Children are a liberal construct designed to push the carbon tax!" That is comedy gold, silver, platinum, and bronze! XD

  4. Sucks that the once great 22 Minutes sketch show has become a propaganda outlet for the Liberals.

    But then again, it’s what has become of the CBC as a whole.

  5. Where's the PPC? Did this hack of a show get some of the $595 million?
    Canada lost its sovereignty and all I got was a lousy Air Farce knockoff!

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