Election Morning Visit To RR/CC Polls Section

good morning it’s 8am with the polls have been open for about an hour here in LA County today for the ma 19 statewide special and consolidated election so we’re down here on the sixth floor of our building and norwalk at our headquarters this is the pole section this is the place where we are monitoring the activity of the polling places the the phone operators behind me are taking phone calls from co-workers and from voters with any issues we have a team of reservists standing by if we need to dispatch them to these polling places we have trouble shooters who are out in the field who can respond to issues literally anywhere in the county so far our reports today are looking very good we’ve had a few instances where polls had to open outside of their location but they are up and running we’re monitoring those closely and will be throughout the day so what you see behind me is really the the Operations Center at the the beginning of Election Day this is where all the activity happens here at our headquarters early in the morning on Election Day we have about 50 operators on the phone we have an automated system and answer support system so that each call that comes in the operator is guided through how to get the right information from the boat or the poll workers so that we can respond to that issue immediately it also allows us to pull reports throughout the day and after the election so we have some data from the election that we can learn from and improve our process as we move to future elections so again about an hour in the polling here on May nineteenth things are going well please visit us at la vote net throughout the day will be posting future updates and keeping you updated on what’s happening here behind the scenes of today’s special election

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