Election Fraud Pt 6: Major Voting Systems Compromised

Kevin: All right, so this is Tenex
is the answer, then fire Tenex until they get their act together and
hire another, another voting machine company. No, a lot of people and
hope that it would be that simple. But I see ES&S. That’s a big one, right? ES&S. Yeah. All of their systems are
compromised as well. And they all communicate into the same system.
You’re looking at Clarity, Central Point. A lot of these systems
are all centralized. And their source code when we are reading their
source code to their programs. Basically all they did was they took
Smartmatic out of Europe and they transferred their programming into
different languages and they’re using the same flaws that have
been there since the 80s. So let me ask this question. Alright
you’re white hat hacker. You work for the good guys and all that. What
can a black hat hacker do with this? With the tool sets that are out
there just on open source? These entire systems can be compromised in seconds, not
in minutes, not in days, in seconds. Because just for example, you’re
seeing on the screen. where it shows that the port numbers to be
able to go in. Well, if I’m scanning that website at that port, number,
I can then watch what it’s communicating with. I can do a
Google search and say, what normally uses that port and then you start
finding your exploits to be able to get into it, in this day and
age, we now have artificial intelligence that if I put all of those
Web site addresses into AI hacking software, it’ll all do it
automatically for me. Ok. So I just got this. This is all after the fact stuff. This is here. Here the poll workers. And you can
compromise. Poll workers. I get that. But but
on election day, aren’t the voting machines physically separated from
the Internet and all of that isn’t. Aren’t they secured and
stored securely and all that you’d? And you have cards that come off
them and you just read those. If you keep it completely off the
net, doesn’t that protect the voter? Doesn’t that protect the
integrity of the election? Do your use Android or Apple at all? Yeah. Everybody uses either Android
or Apple pretty much All of that for the most part. All of their software is written
to be used on Android Apple. So if I go and I get an
Apple tablet and I put software on all the known vulnerabilities for
that tablet are then subject to B being attacked. Now, all of these pieces of
equipment require a Wi-Fi signal to report information back. Right now, you’re looking at
men and mental vulnerabilities. And just by looking at various
steps for the information going back, there are about
eight to 10 vectors. That information can be manipulated
in real time on election. Ok. So I hear you and I hear
what you’re saying and I understand you. You got this. But I have in my
head a vision of here is a machine, a voting machine. I walk in. I get my code. I punch my code in.
It goes on a card. Somewhere in my machine,
there’s a card. They take the card
to a secure location. They plug the card into a
secure separated from the Internet machine. They look at at one time
and they say that’s the vote. Now, later, they might be able to
manipulate it, but I’m still not guessing. Are you really telling me that
when I vote, it could be changed there? What? I think what he’s telling you
and looking here is that it’s going to go to Tenex or to ES&S or to
Heart or to Dominion or any of those people. Their databases, those can be
exploited. The votes can be changed. They can be then re uploaded.
The history can even be changed and sent back to whatever is the
county central voting. And in fact, you would probably see that in
the logs, which we’ve discussed previously, we have seen on the
logs that, yeah, exactly what we’re seeing. We’re seeing this
in real time happening.. So this is in your mind, Russ. This figures out what happened, which
you exposed to us before this. This explains it. Yeah. In fact, it even explains
that timestamp mismatch issue that we were wondering about, because people
who are not in loaded end into this thing are coming
into it and they don’t match up on their their machines
from a timestamp point of view. And so it prints out a
timestamp mismatch and it’s an indication that things are being changed.

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