okay so I’m making a part two here and
what what I was talking about was different places where you could go to
you know get services done online and where it might be hidden so we’re right
here in the Amazon Mechanical Turk and right here this one is the requester is
Jesse D cross on congressional press release data collection right there
and so collection of interest group position taking within congressional
press releases so they’re paying people but I’m wondering how I get in there
there it goes congressional there’s been a couple of
them so so I was looking at I was actually looking at this the transfer
Google about the different presidents so I mistakenly shut my video off so I’m
now I’m doing a part two and so I was just showing this and there’s two of
them here congressional press release data
collection and and so so this would be kind of related to collective interest
group position taking within congressional press releases here’s
another one collection of interest group position taking within congressional
press releases so they’re paying people a dollar 10 a dollar 10 two days ago
qualify and so I mean and you don’t know where the people are from this is the
the Amazon Mechanical Turk and so people from around the world could do this and
so yeah I just wanted to show this because I found this you know kind of
interesting let me go back and see if what others there are that was a
congressional let’s see if there’s more I collect a company employees names well
yeah that’s a good word let’s go up here and
see o and G re Cong what I spelled it wrong would do you aria let’s see if I
can filter it that way OOP there’s just two there’s just two so I’ll go back well let’s let me try another one let’s
let’s do political pol i t i see a el political and oh okay there’s more
survey on political issues for minutes brief survey of political attitudes ten
minutes political surveying including reading
tasks and so every time they do this and so look this one will pay like sixty
cents dollar sixty a dollar twenty five two dollars and so then stuff so they’re
asking people to do a survey the I wish I could see the pictures I can’t
actually see the picture so I’d proud it’s this is probably one of those I’d
have to be approved to do so there are certain people who see that it says
request qualification so I wouldn’t actually be able to do these but let’s
let’s see if I can some of them have pictures no those aren’t websites though
that’s there is information there but I can’t actually it’s not a live link so I
can actually see it so this one it says Texas research brief survey of political
attitudes it says this survey should take you about ten minutes
it’s and they’re paying you $1 64 for ten minutes it times out in 30 you’ll be
asked to answer some questions about yourself and your opinions towards
political issues you may also be asked to write briefly and then receive
feedback from another participant on you write Pete please complete the
survey in one sitting if you feel like you will rush to finish please do not
take this survey although it is a fairly short survey we expect thoughtful
responses as a token of our thanks we’ll pay you a dollar sixty for completion of
the survey so right there oh my gosh this is Georgia this is in Georgia
you’re right there Georgia so there are paying people in the state
of Georgia to do political surveys about who a dollar sixty so what so the only
question I’m asking is what type of influence is this point to have so when
they’re paying people to do political surveys that’s what this is the N and
this is legal right now keep in mind this is legal
it’s from Texas research this is legal they’re paying people a dollar sixty
then then that means that what they type on the computer can affect the election
yeah it can affect the election so let’s look at this one – well we’ll get this
one up in this survey this is from my Mathias O’s mud sand in this survey you
will be asked to read two texts and answer a number of questions about
politics some of the texts used in this study are relatively short and some of
them are relatively long the survey both su r ve T takes approximately 10 minutes
so there what are they paying oh this is USA and Georgia they’re paying people a
dollar 25 so this is more political interference with this election actually
let’s go down here and look at this as well so you don’t know which country
these people could be they could be talking about politics from another
country even this one isn’t a different language
USA Georgia requirement not met so this one pays $2 so yeah and so yeah we’ve
got four several examples here of here from the Amazon Mechanical Turk sup here
how online interference even here in the United States I mean you’re paying
people online to do surveys for chump change which is nothing and and then
they call that advertising they call that advertising so they’re typing in so
whoever tighten so you might be be typing in your opinion because and and
then they pay him chump change what what kind of system is that that
just seems like slavery and indentured servitude

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