Election Day 2019

Well, we’re definitely in the contest in seats
like Higgins where I’m handing out today. In Kooyong, Macnamara. Of course, the Senate is absolutely critical
and we’ve been making the Senate a key focus. People need to understand that we have an
opportunity in the Senate by voting Greens to hold the major parties to account, to push
them very hard on climate change. So the Senate is absolutely critical. But in terms of the lower house, here in Higgins,
in Kooyong, what I’m hearing from lifetime Liberal voters is they want strong action
on climate change. They realise they’re in a very powerful position
through their personal vote to send a message to the Liberal Party that they’re not going
to tolerate inaction on climate change any more. We hope that we’ll see a change of government
because the Liberals have been a disaster when it comes to climate change. We hope that
with a shorten Labor government and a strong Greens voice in the Senate, we start to get
this country back on track. We start to transition away from coal to 100%
renewable energy. To create the 180,000 new jobs that come with
making that transition, bring down pollution, and do everything we can to set our economy
up for the future. That’s really what the main game is. Climate change is an existential issue. Unless
we deal with climate change then everything else is background noise.

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