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  1. No on all bonds…. The government waste money. They buy $500 hammers and make sure the companies that win the inflated bids are won by uncle Joe.

    Btw, how are the bonds getting paid back. Also we have a bunch of public employees with $300k + a year pensions. That's what they want the money for to pay for the inflated unfunded pensions.

  2. NO NEW TAXES! 90% of LAUSD's budget goes into payroll. Administrators alone make $200-$600k a year. If they need more money, start cutting pay.

  3. Sad to say but whenever I hear about a new tax that will go to public schools I immediately think about all the other taxes that was supposed to better public schools and either was misdirected and replaced with an IOU, or was used for teachers’ pensions and/or pay. NOTHING went to better the children’s life, education, or safety. The proof is in the pudding. And public schools serve rancid pudding.

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