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East Godavari survey

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  1. Projection s AP
    Winner Party : 24-25
    2 place:. 0-1
    Winner Party: 147-158
    2ND place. : 5- 16
    Others. : 1- 12
    Vote share projection s:
    Winner : 48- 59%
    2 place:. 26- 32%
    3Rd place: 8- 14%
    4th place : 3-5%
    5th place : 1.8%
    Understanding of Voting in AP :
    Mis conceptions:
    1)Caste based Voting towards a party
    2) Benefit Schemes favours in winning
    3)money spending favours
    Influencing factors in Voting:
    1) accessible leader in local level
    2) mouth publicity regards good or bad of a particular leader
    3) local issues
    4) Threatening future if some party wins
    5) unfavorable decision of a ruling party which affects large geography
    6) promising future development
    7)easy response in any government related personal need
    8) corruption affected people for their need by government
    9)TAT in public needs
    10)small local leader s relationship in a street or area
    12)Strong hate reg leader or party
    13) commonly acceptable leader or party

    Understanding of 3 major parties with strategy in AP elections & outcome:
    Strength s:
    1)cader & admired people
    2) Development orientation
    3) planning
    4) adoptable to change with time
    5) favourism in some section s
    Responsive failures in gaining votes 2019:
    1) development discussion s by cadre & leaders in debates
    2) reviewed heavily in news paper & social media regarding last 5 years than promising future
    3) unable to present plan for next 5 years s in development
    4) administration not decentralized
    5) threatening public if it doesn't come into power development stops
    6) corruption even in small works in government department s
    7) every work starts & no work completes image of government
    8)in decisive or delayed decision
    9) Capital affect in Royalaseema
    10) not able to counter fully the opponent parties

    Strength s:
    1) admired people
    2) one stand on issues
    3)lonely fighting image
    4) Strong social media
    5) commonly acceptable image of the party
    6)friendly appeal – one chance
    7) strong local street cadre in debates

    Responsive failures in 2019in gaining Votes:

    1) excessive response to critic
    2) historical perception
    3)rigid to change
    4) political advantage s missed out
    5) assembly attendance
    6)On Amaravathi

    Strength s:
    1) admired people
    2)Unity for a cause
    3)motive to win
    4)adoptive to change

    Responsive failures in gaining votes 2019:

    1)media support
    2) excessive critic by cadre in social media
    3) political clout formation across section s
    4)cross voting to others than party stance where it's not contesting
    5)promise of development with alliance parties

    Caste based vote bank in AP & power change factors:
    Only following castes vote towards a party > 70% due to neutrality , effluence on local factors:
    Rajaka. 88 %
    Matsyakara/besta/pallekara 95%
    Telaga of kapu 81%
    Mutrasi 87%
    Brahmin 95%
    The above is due to the least favourism towards politics & their presence, they are neutral voters &vote based on their local factors/friends/corruption/isolation

  2. ప్రత్తిపాడు లో, జనసేన కు, 18 వేల ఓట్లు
    పడ్డాయి అంటున్నారు,
    అయితే వైసీపీ,గెలుపు పక్కా.

    ** *** ****

    ఇక పిఠాపురం లో, జనసేన కు,
    పడ్డా ఓట్లు మీరు చెప్పలేదు!
    టఫ్ అంటున్నారు, ఎలా????.

    ** ** ****

    కాకినాడ రూరల్ లో, టీడీపి కి వచ్చిన
    ఓట్లు, 9040,
    ఇక్కడ జనసేనకు పోలైన ఓటు శాతం
    *** **** *****
    పెద్దాపురం లో, టీడీపీ కి, వచ్చిన
    మెజారిటీ, 10,663, ఓట్లు, అంటున్నారు

    2019 లో, జనసేన కు పడ్డ ఓట్ల శాతం

    కాకినాడ , రామచంద్రపురం అసెంబ్లీ
    సెగ్మెంట్స్ కు,
    జనసేన కు, 10% ఓట్లు పడ్డాయి
    అంటున్నారు, కనుక
    వైసీపీ, తప్పాక గెలుస్తుంది.
    *** *** ***

    ముమ్మిడివరం లో, జనసేనకు
    ఎంత పార్సెంట్ పోల్ ఐనది?

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