Down-Ballot Pledge: Pete Buttigieg

My name is Pete Buttigieg. I’m the
mayor of South Bend, Indiana and a Democratic candidate for president. I may
be seeking the presidency but our party cannot treat the presidency like it’s
the only office that matters. That’s why I am continually inspired by the new
generation of leaders stepping up to run for something — from the school board to
the State House to the United States Congress. So I’m proud to take this down-ballot pledge should I become the Democratic nominee and leader of the
Democratic Party. I am committed to support candidates in all 50 states to
invest in long-term infrastructure and to recruit candidates that reflect the
changing face of America especially young people women people of color and
LGBTQ candidates. America is on the verge of a new era and if we’re going to win
that era I’m going to need progressive partners at every level of government, in
all of the states and territories, so if you’ve ever felt that hunger to serve, go
to and see how you can join that next generation of
leaders who are going to build a better future for all of us.

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  1. Mayor Pete was once a down ballot candidate when he ran for State Treasurer in Indiana. One of the reasons he ran was to protect manufacturing jobs in my hometown of Kokomo, Indiana. Thank you for standing up for us and what was right!

  2. It is always a pleasure to listen to someone who is truly interested in public service encourage others to participate. One note I"d like to add is about the comments left on YouTube videos regarding candidates. I'm sure others have noticed how negative some are, I hope that you know that after researching a number of the more negative ones I discovered that the user was usually anonymous and had no other background other than posting the comment. I am still sure that we are still experiencing a cyber attack and hope that others will intelligently determine this also. I also want to state that the amount of pain one feels is directly proportionate to the amount of resistance to change. If you are feeling pain….look at where you are resisting.

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