Dover Votes: How Absentee Ballots Work

So you can come into the City Clerk’s Office We have a short application you can fill out The ballots are available, so we would hand you your ballot If you’re bringing in a request for someone else we would mail the ballot to them Absentee ballots are also available online We have copies over at the library as well You can email it, it you can fax it you can drop it off or you can mail it. The day we receive it we’ll mail the ballot back out to the person to the address they specify and the rules are pretty clear on absentee ballots that if you’re disabled if there’s any chance at all you feel that you can’t wait in line at the polls if there’s any chance because of travel to or from work or you just think there’s just no way you’re gonna make it in or the potential of the kids being sick whatever reason you don’t feel you can show up at the polls allows you to have an absentee ballot for the elections They have to be received in person by Monday at 5 p.m. They can be received in the mail that Tuesday, November 8th and the law recently changed and actually a family member can return your absentee ballot to the polling location November 8th up to 5 p.m. and there’s just a short form they have to fill out swearing where they are in their relationship.

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