Don’t Sleep On Your Local Elections | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

As you may have noticed, critical states are making it harder
to cast your ballot.Since the 2016 election, nine states
with Republican state legislatures
have passed laws restricting the vote.In Georgia, North Dakota, in Florida
and other key states, suppression could make
the difference in this election. States keep adding new obstacles
that make it harder to vote. It feels like every election is becoming
an episode ofAmerican Ninja Warrior.We made minor alterations
to some classic obstacles
and created some major headaches.Oh. Oh. Oh!OK, that’s a metaphor for Georgia. Last year, Georgia passed something
called “exact match.” Now, I know “exact match” sounds like
Georgia overcompensating for saying, “They all look alike.” But it’s actually this… Exact match. That means every letter
and every digit on your voter registration must be identical to what’s on your ID. Any misspelling or other little
small error could mean you can’t vote. Imagine potentially being
not being able to vote because your voter registration form and your driver’s license
are off by just one letter. What if you last name is Nandanwar? You know that’s going to be
misspelled at some point. We’ve all been there, right? That’s an n-word that never
comes up in Macon, Georgia. Exact match standard affects around
53,000 people state-wide in Georgia, and nearly 70 percent of them
are African-Americans. Exact match discriminates
against black voters, and it could be the deciding factor
in Georgia’s governor’s race. It’s now a dead heat
between Republican, Brian Kemp, and Democrat, Stacey Abrams, who would be the nation’s
first black woman governor. Stacey Abrams
is running against Brian Kemp, Georgia’s secretary of state, who just coincidentally
is the guy in Georgia who enforces voting laws,
like the one that could prevent 53,000 people from voting
for Stacey Abrams. In Florida, they cut early voting. In Ohio, they ended
same day voting registration. There’s really only one way
to stop future voter suppression, you have to pay attention
to state legislators. And I know a lot of you are like,
“What are state legislators?” You know those people
at the bottom of your voting Scantron? Where you’re like,
“Yeah, I don’t care about them.” That’s your state legislator. And you know how you have
that one woke friend, Andy, who’s like, “Look, this is the cheat sheet,
just go in…” And you’re like,
“All right, fine. Andy said it’s OK. He recycles, I’ll just believe him.” State legislators
are the minor leagues of politics. National politics are the major leagues. It’s exciting: senators, congressmen,
the presidency, bribery, corruption, pee tapes. It’s poppin’. That’s why people get tattoos
of the Yankees, the Red Sox, the Cubs. No one gets a tattoo of the Modesto Nuts. This is a real team. OK, it’s a minor league team
by where I live. There’s a mascot. Their mascot
is a testicle in a baseball cap. Don’t tell me that’s a walnut,
walnut’s don’t have veins. But the minor leagues matter. For every José Altuve
for the Lancaster JetHawks, there’s a congressman Jim Jordan,
who as an Ohio house member back in 1998, was named
“Pro-life Legislator of the Year,” by the United Conservatives of Ohio. Say that with me,
“United Conservatives of Ohio.” The only phrase more redundant
than that is “thirsty DiCaprio.” Or maybe “sanctimonious vegan.” And for every Billy Hamilton
for the Bakersfield Blaze, there’s a US Congressman Glenn Grothman. As a member of the Wisconsin State Senate, he voted in favor
of a strict voter ID bill. He also said this in 2016, when asked why he thought
Hillary Clinton could lose in Wisconsin. Well, I think Hillary Clinton
is about the weakest candidate the Democrats have ever put up. And now we have photo ID,
and I think photo ID is gonna make a little bit
of a difference, as well. I don’t think you’re supposed to
that shit out loud, Glenn. What did he say on camera after that? “You know, I’m not a big fan
of interracial marriage. Oh, and if I’m being honest,
last night I was driving home, and I’m not sure if I hit a deer
or a beige dude in a in a beige jacket. Either way, that thing is dead. State legislators are a big deal. Even though they’re at
the bottom of the ballot, they control how you vote,
when you vote and where you vote. And a lot of them are trying very hard
to make sure that you don’t count. So, what I’m saying is,
lookout for your Modesto Nuts.

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  1. Loving the show, but watch the hating on vegans haha. We can be woke too. 😂 This dude is very talented. I’ve been watching his stuff since he used to make YouTube videos in college. Y’all should look up Ali Minhaj when you get the chance. It’s the OG brown humor of YouTube 👌🏼

  2. My question is why does needing an ID suppress the black vote? They just swipe it like a debit card and you are on your way. Requiring it to match your registration isn’t exactly outrageous either. Is there a study on why?

  3. Not that it matters from a pleb on the Internet, and not that Hasan reads any of these YT comments, but the show is fucking marvelous, dude.
    Too short, but marvelous 😀

  4. And why again is the United States the greatest democracy? The more I am watching the news, the more I am unconvinced. I have a bad feeling the world is watching the slow unraveling of American democracy and probably the end of American hegemony and leadership.

  5. So, I just found out that this show exists today and I did 3 things:
    1. I did not cancel my Netflix membership because I'm actually going to watch something on it from now on
    2. I binge watched all 3 episodes
    3. I skipped watching Last Week Tonight today which is usually a Monday ritual for me

    VERY well done. The show is smart, accurate, informative and the jokes are hilarious. Since this is on Netflix I guess I'll have a new Sunday ritual from now on.

    Looking forward to the next one 🙂

  6. I have Netflix, but I prefer watching Patriot Act on YouTube for the ability to change the speeds and see some insightful comments.

  7. Although john oliver covered this topic already, hasan did a very good update and a reminder on why every vote counts!

  8. Y'all see it as discriminatory towards black people, but I see it as black people not being competent like the rest of us to follow simple procedures to vote.

  9. I find it hilarious that Americans just don't want any type of regulations. And it depends on agenda. For liberals, immigration and voter registry should not be regulated. For Conservative, it's gun and economy. We have 4 times your population and yes if there is a mismatch in the name in our Voter ID we can not vote. We have to get it corrected. It's almost like Liberals think Black people are incapable of getting their Voter ID corrected

  10. Meh…even if you get to vote for who you want, you don't get to vote for what they do or vote on any actual policies that affect you.
    Why isn't there a law that gives politician some punishment for not doing what they say they will?
    I mean at this point unless they get some sort of criminal sentence for not doing what they run on…what's the point of trusting them?

    Either the people need to have a system to vote on the most important policies that affect them or the politicians that claim to pass policies you want should get jailed for not passing them after you vote to get them in power.

  11. Defies logic to say, "I give my consent for you to be robbed." Yet that is the basis of the cult of "democracy": the notion that a majority can give consent on behalf of a minority. That is not "consent of the governed"; it is forcible control of the governed, with the "consent" of a third party.

    Larken Rose, The Most Dangerous Superstition

    To argue that human beings need to have a rightful ruler, one with the moral right to forcibly control all others, and one whom all others are obligated to obey, does not change the fact that there is no such thing, and can be no such thing.

    Larken Rose, The Most Dangerous Superstition

  12. Say what you want about Mexico, but here we have an ID literally called “credential for VOTING” that we use as the main, and most commonly, only way of identifying as yourself when voting. It also serves as the most common way to confirm that you indeed are you; most businesses where you can pay via credit card ask you for this voting ID to verify identity, most government paperwork requires this ID for adults, i mean, most nightclubs require that you show your voting ID to verify that you are an adult.

  13. Im not from America can someone explain to me how and why the “ exact match standard” mostly effects minorities?

  14. I'm an Iowan. My polling place was changed within the last 6 weeks and I was not informed. After bringing in a state issued non operator's ID, my voter identification card, and a piece of mail and they still acted like they couldn't find my name. Only after mentioning a provisional ballot did they hand me a ballot. Wtf.

  15. Others have tried – and failed, but Minhaj seems to be set to become the true heir-apparent of Stewart.
    Just consistently great stuff.

  16. Another brown person's opinion on the Midterm Elections & bread (wtf?). Thank you Hasan for being a huge inspiration for Late Night Brown Guy:

  17. I don't get muricas daily/night/PA show.
    It's one guy, basically sharing political propaganda. Don't get me wrong, I can't care less about democrats and republicans, just i don't see benefit of one guy talking propaganda without constructive criticism and dialogue.
    One thing i can think of is subliminally sending messages to stupid people who find this funny and serious – funny it is but a lot of people will create political preferences based on this show and that's sad…

  18. Is this what the uneducated or new generation needs to stay focused,,, over exaggerated movements,,, it's weird,,, or maybe for baby presidents,,, short attention span theatre 😀

  19. Ugh Florida I’m so pissed
    Again we are a red state
    We have orlando and Miami voting blue
    Yesterday I signed my drivers license with the first letter of my middle name and when I signed in to vote I didn’t sign that way they gave me a little crap about it but they finally let me vote

  20. What do you guys think of the Hasan inspired Late Night with Brown Guy:

  21. Love the show, Hasan. Big fan of yours. But one thing tho. Why’s the show so American? Like obv this ep was about the elections but talking overall. Try making it more balanced for the international audience. Other than that, proud of you, fellow brown champ! Pakistan Zindabad😂❤️👏🏼

  22. Why is Deadpool the mascot for a minor league team? I would not have even recognized him if not for the red in the uniform!

  23. In my country, we register with the city when we move to a new city, and as long as you are registered (and a citizen), you automatically get a reminder for any vote in the mail with the date, time and topics and you are automatically on a list the people at the voting booths have. So you just show up, say your name, show any ID, and you are good to go. And registering with the city also eliminates having a census etc. and If you've always lived in your home town and people know you anyway, IDs are just not a thing you'll ever need to show. You also automatically get the voting notification before the first time you are eligable to vote as well as the introductory leaflets to all current political parties (which are around 7). The parties, their principles and all major issues are also covered in school if there is a vote coming up and the students are of the age where you can vote (16 and higher).

  24. exact match ?
    my entire life teachers, tax dept, employers, and even banks have mispelt my name…
    and consequently made life hell for me.
    i now have 'alias' names as a result 😠

  25. I don’t think that “exact match” is a thing in Florida but I was almost turned away from voting in the primary because my license had a middle initial and my voter registration didn’t

  26. @hasanminhaj dude your hands are massive yet you’re like 5’9”. A topic you might be interested in American NGO influence in the UN and Israel for example C-FAM.

  27. Why do I feel like the ending theme song should be America’s theme song? It’s straight up hype like I want to stand tall and proud as an American. If they play that before sending me out to war, I guarantee we are going to win.

  28. Bet Hasan was one of those kids that the teachers wanted on Ritalin. When your mouth works as fast as your brain can! Works for me.

  29. I really don't understand the problem, I'm italian and here every citizen over 18 is automatically registered to vote (and also immigrants for some elections) you just need to bring your id and electoral card (everyone has both) they put a stamp on your card and their list and you vote

  30. The right to vote should be guaranteed in the constitution and any attempt to obstruct this right should be persecuted as an assault against the constitution and therefore the perpetrators declared enemies of the state and be dealt with as such.
    Isn't there an US federal agency to deal with such issues? Maybe they have been corrupted like the German Verfassungsschutz.

  31. I tried to register in 2016 and my voters registration got lost. We have to register around 6 months before voting. I sent voters Registration more then 6 time for the midterm Went to vote and still wasn't on voter registration. So I filled out voters Registration at the voting location. I got my voters registration card and my first Name has two T's on it instead of having one like my driver's license even though Ive always spelt my name with two T's. So I went to tag agancy they said I couldn't change it. Bahhhh 😑

  32. I don’t sleep during any elections. No really: I literally refuse to sleep period until I get the final evening results. I will wake up my friends and families when I found out and they either hate or love my wake ups based on the results. Are the results somehow paused if they didn’t know yet? Hmm

  33. do a video on forsyth county, ga about how it was in the late 1900's vs now and look at how many indians there are

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