Donald Trump’s Message to Midterm Election Voters Outtakes

-The midterms
are just two weeks away, and Trump is taking them
very seriously. In fact, he seems pretty worried
that the Democrats might take over the House, so he’s doing everything he
possibly can to sway voters. He even tried recording
a message to voters, but it didn’t really go
as planned. We actually have the outtakes
from the recording. -Really?
-Take a look at this. -My fellow Americans, the halftime vote
is in two weeks. -Uh, Mr. President,
they’re called the midterms. Let’s try it again.
-What did I say? -You called them the halftime
vote, but they’re the midterms. -I was wrong. It’s actually
called the midterms. -My fellow Americans,
the midterms are in two weeks, which is just a few days away. -Cut. -Ladies and gentlemen, voting in
this erection is very impotent. -Cut.
-What was wrong with that? I’ve been very busy
on the campaign trail. Last night I was with beautiful
Texas Senator, beautiful Ted Cruz. There’s a rumor
he’s the Zodiac Killer. Fake news. Have you ever met Ted Cruz? He looks like either
the guy from “Halloween” or the fish man from
“The Shape of Water” movie. -Okay.
Let’s — let’s try and focus. -The beautiful,
beautiful fish man. I’ll give you other reasons
to vote Republican. For example, I will put snack
machines in all cafeterias with — read my lips —
free juice boxes. Who’s with Donny? We’ll work around the clock
to invent a Saran wrap that doesn’t stick to itself. What if I promised
that I won’t smile like this? And trust me. We really will
build that fantastic wall. And how are we gonna pay for it? Two words — Mega Million. $1.9 billion, all wall,
all the time. [ Cheers and applause ] [ Laughter ] [ Laughter ] -Cut, cut. -And remember, if we win
the House and the Senate, you’re welcome, but if we lose, it’s everyone else’s fault
but mine. Thank you. God bless you,
and God bless… Line? -The United States.
-The United Shtatesh. -No, the United States.
-The United Shtaesh. -All right. Forget it.
We’ll fix it in post. -God bless —
-The United States.

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  1. Come to Brasil, Jimmy. Let me put this way, you come to Brasil, but you gotta leave all your money on US, ok ? I let you crash in my sofa, while you try to get a job. IF you get a job, let's see if you can survive with the money foi will get. Spend just one year in the middle of one of the most corrupted country, where they stole money of education, heath, workers. Here all our taxes are abusive, all the money aint invested on they due sectors and in one year we pay 2 times your taxes and we dont have the return that we deserve to have life quality. You want to know what is so fucking funny? Motherfuckers from US telling us how to vote that never fucking lived here. They said that we have a elite and this elite pay less tax then the poor. But we pay this fucking taxes in every fucking thing, you think when i go to the market they ask about my income, to know if im elite or poor, for me pay less in my food? No, motherfucker. We have humble people that dont know how to read and write, that are cheated by the politicians. We under a political crises, created by the left. The same left that criticizes the elite people, ARE the elite. The same left that say the Venezuela live in democracy and we are seeing the people coming to Brasil and other country, because they dont have nothing to eat. So you've gotta thank, because you guys aint passing the things we are passing, and you have a great president that give you the lower unemployment rate and he's more worried with help the unemploymet then the ass of someones. And dont come say that im homofobic, because im gay and i dont wanna be reconized for my sexual orientation, but for my person.

    And if write something wrong, fuck you. You understood the messege. I know more portugueses, motherfucker.

  2. This is the south american Donald Trump who sells hot dog in real life.No english sub, sorry

  3. How do people vote for trump anyway? He must buy votes or something cause there's not one soul in NY that wanted trump , but money is king right ? # Fuck Trump

  4. 🤣🤣🤣 I’m so mad jimmy got a fake tan for this bit… and he got the lip movements right!!! Aggravating and hilarious at the same time 🤦🏾‍♀️😂🤦🏾‍♀️😂

  5. another skit with a million "trump is dumb" jokes. 2 years of this, and they're still doing exactly the same thing. way to go, late night talk shows. how do people not get tired of this and still watch this crap, can someone explain to me?

  6. The way the US mocks their own president left and right is starting to get a bit sad. It's been too long. I know he's not the best person ever, but he's still your president. From an outside perspective, that says a lot about the people there, and not in a positive way. It's pretty sad.

  7. Usually I prefer to watch your show over Kimmel's because you seem to stay out of the political sphere. Wish I could escape politics on a late night show but it seems to be the standard now 🤷🤦

  8. This is what America has to do, exploit Trump, make fun of everything, over exaggerate his mannerisms, point all his short comings out and play them up. Humiliate him that the only thing people will remember is the exaggerated points…..

  9. Sorry losers and haters, but my IQ is one of the highest – and you all know it! Please don't feel so stupid or insecure, it's not your fault.

  10. Orange man is bad donald dtrumpf is literally hitler he's a nazi racist sexist homophobic xenophobic transphobic islamphobic illegal migrant phobic facist pig
    Open borders to everyone

  11. Jimmy I love you and your show….but can you please quit making fun of Trump, it is getting old because everyone does it

  12. That’s all these nighttime tv host talk about nowadays is Trump. It’s really old because everyone does it all the time. Be original and come up with something better. These snowflakes still can’t get over killary losing

  13. Good thing Trump was able to do this for the American people and get this massager across. I mean this corsage, barrage, mirage, YOU KNOW WHAT!!!!! Let's put this in the garage. Vote and don't be sabotage from what should be your Civic Job.

  14. I bet he is called "low energy Fallon" in secret by other late night hosts, I mean, while they go full hate on Trump, Jimmy just makes jokes. So, for me Fallon is the better one.

  15. dear jimmy…..u impersonating trump is really stupid….
    the only legitimate guy for imitating trump is alwc baldwin….
    please stop it honey

  16. It's exactly what Hillary Clinton said post-election – she began with, anyone who says such a thing is not fit to be anything when Trump said he'd accept the results only if he became President, then said it's everyone else's fault but mine

  17. You are very talented, but imitating the president you become a very ridiculous clown, first bcz it doesn't look funny, it comes worst than Alec Baldwin .2nd. fake 3rd. It's not original old and boring.

  18. Now the elepant is behind the donkey with weight on it and is screaming, r u oooookkkkk? (remember elephant is weightless)

  19. First you invite him and do an interview with him, then you see your ratings fall, and now you come up with this. Hypocrite much?

    BTW, I hate Trump.

  20. My gosh I laughed to death at the "erection is very impotent".
    PS. Usually, the Trump jokes on other late night shows are so sarcastic and mean. But from Jimmy they are so fun, harmless and adorable.

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