Does Your Vote Really Matter?

The collective ability of a population to
vote for how they want their society to be run, is basically the definition of a “democracy”. But the United States isn’t a democracy,
not really. It’s actually a federal presidential constitutional
republic, where individual votes actually hold different amounts of power based on where
they’re located, and in some cases, may not be worth anything at all. So, does your vote actually matter? Well, it depends. First of all, the biggest question is: what
are you voting for? In the presidential election you might think
you’re voting for president, but you aren’t. Instead, election day is more like a big opinion
poll of the American people which is then sometimes used by an entirely different group
of people to choose the president. And those voters are the ones that matter. The basic way the electoral college works
is that every state gets a certain number of electors based on that state’s number
of representatives in Congress, which is generally pegged to its population. Within all but two states, whichever candidate
wins the popular vote receives all the state’s electoral votes. But although some states have laws that say
electors are required to vote the way the public tells them to, there is no federal
law that requires it. An elector who votes against the popular vote
is called “faithless”, and in the history of United States elections, faithless electors
have voted against the public choice 157 times. Since the electoral college is technically
based on population, which varies year-to-year, each electoral vote holds different amounts
of power. In a state like California with nearly 40
million residents and 55 electoral votes, each electoral vote can be said to represent
roughly 725,000 voters. However, in Wyoming, with a total population
of 586,000 and 3 electoral votes, each vote represents nearly 200,000 voters. That means one voter in Wyoming is worth three-and-a-half
times a California voter. This system is problematic, as it can lead
to elections where most of the country votes for one candidate, but the other one wins
by electoral votes, a situation that has occurred FOUR times in the last 57 elections. That basically means that, on average, every
56 years, we can expect the loser to become president, which last happened in the year
2000. But don’t get too discouraged, because your
vote does count in other ways.  Every single state has dozens of important
propositions and state government proposals, congressional and local elections, and other
public matters. The 2016 election has seen issues like marijuana
legalization and the death penalty, where the only vote that matters is that of state
residents. The US election process is imperfect, and
in some ways, arguably undemocratic.  But if you don’t like the current system
and want to change it, the local level is the only place to get started. Fix the voting problem, by voting! Of course for a lot of people, this isn’t
as easy as it sounds. Polling places are known to have long lines,
forcing people to wait hours just to cast a vote that, as it turns out, may not even
count. So why can’t Americans just vote online? Check out this video from DNews. Thanks for watching seeker daily! Don’t forget to like and subscribe for new
videos every day.

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  1. Millions of American Citizens are prohibited from voting because of laws which take that right away from people with felony convictions. ( Check out the Sentencing Project website for more about that.) We need to reform these laws and get big money out of politics if we want to really call ourselves a democracy.

  2. So, Seeker Daily you are telling me that our votes don't count? The people should get to vote for the President they want, and not decided by the electoral votes. This is why most people do not vote, we live in a great country but still our votes do not count, this is like you are not even voting. Wow, what a great country we are and the people can't even vote for the President they want, instead our votes do not count. I am so disgusted by this system, I feel like USA is at the bottom of poverty list. God please do not bless USA. God bless those people who vote and their vote do not even count. Just disgusting!

  3. New Hampshire is currently within 100 votes, either side.

    If 100 more Republicans vote, it would flip sides.

    Which means if at least 100 people listen to this message, quite the small amount out of nearly 700 Million Americans, then the shape of that state's vote could have been changed. Every vote counts.

  4. The system is undemocratic because it was purposefully designed that way as a protection against unwanted nominees by the government itself. And therefore, they should also have thought of a way to prevent it from being changed by voting. This is the fact.

  5. Hillary had more votes and yet trump still won because electoral votes. Aren't they supossed to vote on popular votes? And Hillary only won states where less than 50% of the population was white also where more of the population was 45% blacks.

  6. This is a ridiculous system in a ridiculous country… and the stupidity of the system has now given the world President Trump 😒

  7. Well as a Republican who lives in California, my presidential vote has never mattered. I stop really caring about who is president after the primaries.

  8. no because the popular vote doesn't mean jack hit…..the 3 biggest population states (NY, Cali and Texas) basically has the same voting as a few couple of states even tho the population is is nowhere near the same.

  9. Seeker Daily are you talking about what? I having vote? Or just the Americans? Which for you are perhaps your only audience…

  10. In my own opinion, and I'm old enough to have one, based on time, and experience, I can only say, no, our vote truly does not count, sad but true. If you want even one example of this, let's go back in time just a few years, to California, where during election time, there was a measure on the ballot for the legalization of marijuana. The popular vote was almost unanimously in favor of passing. However, government quickly stepped in and said NO, and that it would be bad for the people. So, if this is truly a government of the people, for the people, and by the people, and our vote truly counts, then why wasn't this measure passed? Don't get me wrong, I was totally against it. Just sayin.

  11. A scenario where the losing candidate wins has not happened since 2000… until now, Donald scored less overall votes but won because he earned more electoral votes, we will have to wait and see whether or not any representative was unfaithful to it's voters.

    (I'm not throwing a Tantrum, just letting you know about this, I'm not whining about Hillary losing or Trump losing)

  12. dont understand i thought everyones opinion was just a opinion not a vote. thats why voting doesnt matter bc they are basing it on things that quite honestly dont matter, i totally agree that my vote doesnt matter bc i was told by someone that wat was said in this video is true. ive known that. but does not change how i feel about voting. i feel our system of government is somewhat unusual in there methods… and my opinion is that its a opinion. not a vote..

  13. making this video while Donald was winning is the proof that this videos are false and full of disinformation like Hilary Clinton πŸ™‚

  14. Well, if everyone thought that's everyone else would vote they wouldn't then…but then no one would vote.

    God damnit why did you vote now we have a big Buffoon in office…

  15. So basically it's the "Selectoral college" because at the end of the day, they can select who ever they want! Smh ✌🏽️✌🏽️✌🏽️

  16. 2:04 Aren't you missing 2016…?

    Seriously, America? Your system is so cracked, and enough of your population so crazy, that Trump won the election? You've got from 'well done, your first black president!' to 'oh no! Not the orange squirrelhead rapist!'

    I feel so, so sorry for all the Americans who didn't vote for good ol' DJT, and who must be so embarrassed right now.

  17. Isnt it possible that the electors ignore the populair choice and ignore drumpf and still vote clinton? (as like is said in the video there is no law prohibiting this)

  18. The electoral college is there so states like California and New York don't dominate elections every year. It gives smaller states a chance. If the elections were based on popular vote all Hillary would need to do is flood polls with votes from California,Texas(I know its a republican state but this is hypothetically speaking)Florida and New York and she would be in a good position to win.

  19. i cant understand the voting system of USA
    people of America are voting for their next president but their vote has no power to choose their 1st & 2nd highest position in govt…why they don't choose the popular vote thing rather than electoral type of voting where few people decide to choose who they want to be their pres & vp

  20. 28th Amendment
    Article 1- The electoral college shall be abolished. Citizens shall vote directly for president.
    Article 2- Every vote, regardless of which state it is done, will be equal to every other vote.
    Article 4- All unfaithful electorates will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If they have already passed, it shall stay on their personal record as part of their legacy.
    Article 5- All previous presidents will stay as the president- elect. However, those that won without the popular vote will be noted as the "unintended president- elect".

    Tell me what you guys think! I think this amendment would definitely help with keeping democracy well fit for everyone.

  21. You couldn't be more wrong. Do you not understand the genius of the Founding Fathers and the principle of mob rule?
    1. Direct Democracies = Mob Rule
    — allowing people to directly vote for president essentially places the election in the hands of New York, California, and Chicago.
    2. Centralization
    —- should a person living in Wyoming have their lives dictated by a government elected by those with complete opposite lifestyles than them? The electoral college (and the Senate) allow government to be more localized in the sense that government is not elected by those living in centralized metropolises.
    3. "If a three-entity democracy made up of two wolves and a lamb was to vote on what's for dinner, what is the lamb's fate?"

  22. This video comes to some wrong conclusions. The popular for selecting electors is an agreed upon system, and popular vote wasn't even kept for record before 1824. In one election a state didn't even send electors. What your vote does on the national level, is tell the State Legislature, whom chooses the electors, who they want to vote for. So it is actually 51 separate elections held on the same day, which the Constitution Mandates. The system was set up to balance the country, and in every election, accept possible 1824, (It was a really messing election), no person has ever taken the White House with out the majority of states.

  23. And Clinton got 65.8 million votes or 48.1% of the popular vote and Trump got 62.9 million votes or 45.9% of the popular vote! While Trump got 304 electoral votes and Clinton got 227 electoral votes! Trump won but lost the popular vote! I guess I don’t have to wait 56 years for a popular vote lost! I think Al Gore won FL! They just covered it up doz Bush can win! Trump is Bush 2.0!
    Clinton should be president!

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