Does Trump Have A Path To Re-Election In 2020? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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  1. Yeah, by literally burning all original copies of the Constitution in a grand display to appease the Constitution hating Republicans.

  2. This guest just went full moron. So Bernie has his biggest rally ever, but his support isn't growing? Yeah, that makes sense. Disliked.

  3. He actually says the constitution is phony.but it doesn't really matter because he is to rich. The people, the real people, have to remove him. His base will ignore even this.

  4. Let's give Trump credit for his learning curve. It took him two and a half years to achieve the Ukraine Scandal level of extreme aberrant behavior.

  5. Oh Hilary your man was impeached too. Karma is biting hard cause why didn't y'all go back to Arkansas instead of upstate New York where the people there don't want you there cause of the super security of body guards y'all have in that quiet neighborhood. It's disturbing and should go home & face the demons ol bill have created😩

  6. Trump Lost by millions in 2016 and is less popular now…
    Blue Landslide 2020
    Midterms Dems flipped more seats than in half century…

  7. So Tulsi Gabbard was on FOX tonight complaining about Clinton. Odd place for a Democratic Candidate for President…

  8. Moody's analytics predicts an easy win for Trump in 2020, if the booming economy holds up. The dark forces may attempt to tank the economy, one way or another. The patriots need to be on the alert, to expose and defeat any such efforts in this next year.

  9. Yes Trump does have a  path to re-election because most Americans are gullible fools who can be made to believe just about anything, Trump + Russia is for most gullible Americans a winning combination, they won't believe Russia is helping Trump but why wouldn't they help him? he's helping Russia get everything it wants by handing the middle east to them on a plate.

  10. Republicans jump are that sinking ship before it's too late ..
    forgot the captain he's having a mental disorder..

  11. It's like someone let a wild rabid dog into the White House and he's running around peeing on and chewing up everything! And, for the last almost three years, there seems to be some question as to whether we should let the wild rabid dog continue peeing on and chewing up everything or get him out! WTF?

  12. Uh yeah. Trump voters are more dug in than 2016. In 2016 many of them didn't want to admit they were for trump. That's why the polls were wrong. They are more emboldened now. Popular vote means nothing. Follow the purple states- Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania etc

  13. If he does survive, the Republic is OVER. But, I suspect those polls will rise, when the evidence comes out at the Impeachment Trial?

  14. I will vote for Trump in 2020 and the only advice I can give is for the Dems to run with a moderate. Also tell Hillary to disappear. Do not let her be involved in any way, shape or form. You do not need those bad vibes around. Stick to the issues.

  15. The first sign of madness is when people keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome every time.  Americans keep voting Republican and are really surprised when nothing changes for them, same old same old every time, the Republicans don't want change they want things to stay exactly as they are, the top people are making a lot of money so why would they want change? healthcare? if people can't afford it they can either die or get into debt, it's their choice.

  16. Trump has a clear path if voters are influenced by these fake news polls used to elect corporate owned candidates like Biden, Mayor Pete and Pregnant Pocahontas Warren with many paths to nowhere. Come on corporate news, I know it hurts but you can say it, Bernie is light years ahead in donors, donations, volunteers, rallies, town halls and most important issues important to Americans. Corporate news, Joseph Goebbels contribution to society.

  17. If you want to change an anarchist's vote you're going to have to do three things:
    1) Promise to give him something that he wants.
    2) Tell him that Trump will take away something that he has.
    3) Convince him that voting against Trump will hurt someone that he hates.
    EXAMPLE: Legalize pot in all states, Trump will take away your guns, Billionaires would hate a Democrat President…

  18. Reputation of USA as nation is at risk. Actually, there is no reputation. Just to have this insane person running and winning the election shows how corrupt is the nation and its government. It is a disgrace even under Trump's standard.

  19. One big issue, those 6 states do not include Minnesota. We're the state that got away to Trump. Previous reporting hints that Trump plans on dumping millions towards ads in the state. Focusing on the swing states while not mentioning Minnesota makes me feel like you don't understand the Trump plan for re-election. Let him try, We'll show him that the MN 1st volunteer infantry regiment is still around.

  20. Ur all nutz if u think trump will be removed ,it would create a thin line 4 other incoming presidents, and it just wont happen just focus on beating him ayt the election polls next year. Make sure he doesn't evev get the popular vote

  21. I can't belive that people don't want trump removed . seriously ? those who want trump are sick people just like him. Unbelievable

  22. Did congress make sure that your election won't be rigged again ?…. make sure your votes are secure and there is no interference from Other countries like Russia . best is to remove him.

  23. We need to impeach this cartoon by any means necessary otherwise he'll win again😡
    Pray for a recession since his mainstay is the economy ….

  24. Donald Trump when are you going to hold Hillary Clinton accountable !
    You campaigned on it !
    Get the job done Mr Trump and get that evil person out of our political system

  25. I have several small bets that Trump will be reelected in 2020. A frightening thought but does it really matter? The country has already been ruined by him.

  26. Thing is HC didn't really lose. The electorial college is the problem here, but no one government (democrat or republican) in power wants to see it abolished. The people's vote is what should count in all cases – "We the People"

    "The Electoral College was formed in 1787 because the Founding Fathers considered the votes of common people unnecessary. Before, most people could not read and write so it would just be a waste of time if they cast a vote for the president. Instead of them choosing the president, it’s the electors who vote for them. The founding fathers underestimated the voting capacity of the general population.

    They thought that people will just choose somebody who is not qualified for the position."

    It's about time this element of the constitution was recinded….. And I like the last paragraph above, because isn't that what actually happened………

  27. Trump is killing it in the polls and yes he will win reelection in 2020. The democrats are trying their last attempt to remove him but its not working. Hey anyone catch Clinton calling Tulsi and that other nut job a Russian Asset… LOL The democrats are so stuck in Russia Collusion they have no idea what they are saying.

  28. msnbc doesn't understand why Bernie is so popular – "he's got the same people at his events as in 2016". You recognize 20 year olds 4 years later in a crowd of thousands? BS

  29. He wins 2020 even easier. Booming economy, driving fakenews CNN and MSNBC crazy, record low unemployment, border wall being built. Democrats could win if the elected Tulsi but they won't. So it will be pedophile Joe Biden or pretend Native American Liz Warren. Lol. Cheers from Toronto

  30. Hasn't Trump been asking for impeachment, as he said that it would help him politically? Anyone called his bluff in his life, he always lost. Great!

  31. He didnt have a path before impeachment inquiry but now the impeachment inquiry has fired up his base and they will flock to the polls ..


  32. America has gone mad. Evil and crime apparently the new norm. 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑 😭😭😪😢 just sad where this country is being lead.

  33. It was almost 26,000 at Bernie’s rally, yet he’s not growing in support? Rofl
    He has more individual donors and the most cash raised, something the DNC always considers the front runner, but it’s Bernie so, Meh.
    If any other candidate had the same numbers they’d be all over the story.
    This is why people get their news from Indépendant media.

  34. Largest crowd at a rally, but maybe he can't attract …stop lying he is a force that will not be denied. Bernie is for the people, not for the status quo and they won't stop pushing back against him. Bernie will, if elected, be good for the whole nation. The rich will still be rich, and everyone else will get the representative government they want.

  35. The Marxist Communist Party and NBC political talking heads are despondent, discourage and desperate because they recognize that President Trump will be re-elected in 2020.


  37. What does it say about our Democracy that a few votes in a half dozen states can determine the election in spite of what the MAJORITY wants? Isn't Democracy majority rule or not? The founding fathers gave us a flawed electoral system.

  38. You can't say she lost the election and not point out that the election was unfree, unfair, and therefore un-democratic!
    It should never have been certified by the election commission.

  39. The criminals in CONgress WILL NOT impeach their Criminal In Chief, however they will reward him with a second term for his crimes. This entire impeachment crap is nothing but a scam, most likely the biggest scam ever played upon the American people by the criminals in CONgress and the White House. Keep your eyes and ears closed, America.

  40. All the things Ms. Ryan says about Ms. Clinton's state of mind are no doubt true and quite understandable. Ms. Clinton has already expressed her thoughts about the 2016 election in her previous book. If she has more to say, she can say it to her friends at the next cocktail party she attends. Fine. One asks why she feels the need to put her own feelings (if she has evidence of Russian government support for Gabbard or Stein, then let's see it) ahead of the good of her party and country, no matter how awful she feels about her loss in 2016. Hey, ALL you candidates! Please try to get this. It's not about you, or it shouldn't be. It's about the other 330 million people in the country. As for Ms. Clinton, please don't turn yourself into a Democratic version of Donald Trump. I can see in my mind Clinton and Trump, chums again in 2030, commiserating about how unfair the world has been to them, both of them extremely rich and whining about losing elections in 2016 and 2020 unfairly. If Ms. Clinton lost the 2016 election unfairly, it is the American people who should be furious and do something about it, so it never happens that their will is thwarted again. Not enough are, focusing instead (with the encouragement of the media) on the fates of famous individuals instead of the nation as a whole.

  41. Bernie Sanders had a heart attack but a surgeon put a stent in his artery snd now Bernie is not complaining but Donald Trump is under investigation

  42. Those idiots will NEVER believe this is not normal because FOX news has been scream-lying that Obama was doing it all for the last 10 years. Obama was a race-baiting corrupt traitor, so who cares if Trump is too? See? Easy false equivalence that lets you get away with murder (literally)

  43. Not only is Trump going to win this time, hes going to make the Dems look like the fools. The Dems have NOBODY and you know it

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