Does Trump Already Have The Senate Votes For Impeachment Acquittal? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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  1. Just IMPEACH TRUMP and PENCE, then remove them! TRUMP and PENCE Impeachment Reasons:
    1. Obstruction of Justice
    2. Self-enrichment
    3. Hush-money payments
    4. Defying Congressional Subpoenas
    5. Racist Language
    6. Sharpiegate
    7. Abuse of power
    8. Emolument violations
    9. Unfitness
    10. Over 13,000 lies
    11. Witness intimidation
    12. Call memo MISSING INFO!
    13. Quid Pro Quo! (Bribery)
    14. Leaving the Kurds to die!
    15. Bombing our own military equipment!
    16. Letting ISIS out of prison back on the battlefield!
    17. ISIS Resurgence!
    18. Rick Perry Donor List; 50yr Ukraine Gas Contract!

  2. Well, that depends. If the Republicans follow the law, trump is doomed. However, I highly, HIGHLY doubt they will. The GOP is digging their graves. Their behavior over the last few years will come back to haunt them.

  3. Sure. Let the facts come out. President Trump wants witnesses. Let's have witnesses and let's have documents. My guess is it'll make the Republicans look all the more shameless in acquitting this lawless president once the truth is hammered home with even more force: President Trump illegally asked Ukraine to meddle in our 2020 elections after asking Russia to meddle in our 2016 elections ("Russia, if you're listening…"). President Trump is a one-man crime-spree; and people finally are catching on. Whether enough Americans catch on in time (or whether we're going to have four more years of this criminal and his lies and his garbage) is the question.

  4. Trump and ALL the Republicans in the Senate should do jail time….!!! Trump should get LIFE + 1,000 years ….in solitary with NO PAROLE…Moscow Mitch and Miss Lindsay Graham should be thrown head first off the Washington Monument…Gaetz and Gym Jordan and Collins should all have their tongues cut out

  5. Now that black people see what's going on it's time for an uprising it is what it is it is simple nothing else to talk about. That's my opinion though

  6. This has happened throughout history of America. White guys in power arbitrarily subvert precedent to get a desired outcome. Then there's little to no consequences afterwards.

  7. Of course he does, impeachment thru and thru was never actually going to happen. Trump serves his unseen but obvious controllers too well. Come on y'all.

  8. All the risks of a trial are on the Republicans. There is no defense that can stand up to the evidence so far. If Republicsns substitute personal feelings for rational consideration of the facts, that is very poor work on their part. If voters accept such behavior there is nothing to do. Perhaps exerting economic boycott to motivate citizens in those states to find better candidates might help.

    Whatever is done by Republicans to whitewash Trump will be apparent when exposed to the public and remembered, talked about here, in the EU and everywhere else. That is a lot of blame for Republicans to carry without any help from Trump. He will do worse. We all know that he will. The Republicans will be blamed for that too. It is all on their heads. The blood is, as the saying goes, on their hands.

    Trump has a lot of demand on him to get everything right. Syria must go right. Ukraine must go well. North Korea must fall in line. The Chinese Trade deal must be stellar
    The South China Sea must become free. Climate change must disappear. Infrastructure must become flawless. Space trips must thrill us again. Wages must go up 2-3% and inflation stabilize. All that and more must go right. Big risk to make such promises, but Trump has made them. Can he and the Republicans deliver?

    That requires the Republicans to produce major wins within one or two years. The GDP is not responding to their tax reforms as Trump promised. Wealthy profitable corporations currently pay only 7% of all the income tax revenues gathered by the Federal treasury, leaving the major burden of taxes on individual tax payers, or the State governments or local governments or the national deficit and debt. Hourly wages are hovering between a .1% to -.1% of the CPI. That means stagnant wages because of inflation, a far dirtier word than impeachment. The unemployment rate is artificially manipulated by including half time workers who want full time jobs but can't find them. Over time is no longer available or not paying time and a half rates if it is. Fully a million people at least are not counted as unemployed just because they have not looked for work in 4 weeks. This masks the true unemployment rate. A full work week is less common – a bad sign. The new job growth is not in higher salaried jobs with good benefits but in the hospitality and home health services sectors, mostly low wage jobs. Population drop in the working age group means fewer workers competing for jobs, not necessarily more good jobs.

    No doubt the Republicans will be soft on Trump crime, as Trump supporters insist. It is a terrible social disaster – a horrible lesson to our children – and has rendered all the work Obama did to pull our national reputation out of the sewer a waste of time. But it is impossible under our present system for the people to do anything about it. When the people who can do something about Trump's corruption won't or don't or complain they can't, citizens have to ask themselves if it makes sense to care more than Republicans. When a building becomes so old and damaged in its core, better to get out of it, find protection for yourself and your loved ones and leave the people inside to deal with the messes they created by themselves. Caring more than those who are responsible for getting things right the first time often only leads to enabling others to lie about like lazy lizards in the sunshine, counting their campaign bucks and doing nothing else. All Senators must earn their salaries the old fashion way – by working really hard.

  9. Was it impartial when 60 Democrats was going to vote to impeach Trump before this ukrain crap ever came up was that impartial….?

  10. Remember what happened to Kadafi and Saddam every time you feel like all of this is insanity and the opposite of every thing that you have been taught about how the United states of America works!

  11. Not necessarily and still need a fair trial to cast those votes! If that fair trial doesn’t happen it won’t see the Senate for a minute.

  12. I'm not a trumper. But I feel he really didn't do anything wrong or illegal.. I'm not gonna like or dislike the video. But he's the president even if he doesn't support ALL my beliefs, I pray for him to do the right thing; even during his "revelations"

  13. If McConnell has his way it won’t matter!
    With the Senate Majority Leader firmly in the POTUS’ pocket, dedicated to the mission of guaranteeing the trial is as illegitimate as possible with no witnesses or pertinent evidentiary documents and no REAL substance to it; there is scant opportunity to convince ANYONE that Humpty Trumpty deserves and MUST be removed from office.

  14. 1) When the articles are delivered McConnell will schedule the Senate to meet and establish/vote of trial schedule and procedure rules. 2) McConnell has already defined his position, same as Clinton's impeachment, no mystery no negotiation. 3) Decisions will be made by a simple majority (51 votes) which the Republicans will dictate/decide every motion. 4) Schumer can propose all he wants, then cast his 1 vote

  15. Of course, same as the House did prior to their vote. The difference is the House Dems at least spoke about evidence during their hearings…the Senate Republicans will just cry about "unfair sham process" revenge against the house instead of facts. Of course, facts are optional for the right these days…

  16. Attorney John Russo. The PROMISE of reform has not been fulfilled. The City Attorneys in Oakland are TRAITORS to his hard work.

  17. If more and newer articles of impeachment come up as new evidence comes up in the Ukraine Scandal and Trump gets additionally impeached for them too, and witnesses are then allowed in the subsequent Senate trial, the GOP will find it extremely difficult to defend Trump in the Senate Trial then, and Trump will be toast.

  18. So I gather from what I'm hearing from snowflakes is the very one sided house attempted coup was fair.
    The articles aren't worth the taddler and peelousy it was written on.
    Hate drives the left.
    Open those indictments Durham so the world can see what the desperate degenerate decrepit communistic nazi socilistic treasonous facist KKK plantation owners party really is about.
    You have been duped .
    Trump 2020
    The extinction of the desperate degenerate decrepit communistic nazi socilistic treasonous facist KKK plantation owners party.
    Merry Christmas

  19. Putin is the Best check Player on the World.
    He have installed a corrupt Person with a lot of dirr to be president. All god members were aggainst trump in the election. All of them. After He won the election Putin have payed high members from gop for thair campain and Party.
    Now the high members from gop Need to fight for trump and they Do. They dont care about crimes from trump its like what He have said that He can shot someone and still be president because the whole Party Must stand behind him.
    If the gop would invatigate trump and kick him out of Office He would throw the whole Party under the bus. Like sondland have said every body Was in the loop.
    Putin have get what He want a Potus that so what ever Putin want. the gop that have Sold their own country. And a republic that is fighting dems vs rep. This can destroy the republic and IT can end in a dictatorship or a Civil war.
    All Americans Must think what they want a democratic republic with FREE press and fair elections or a dictatorship with one Party and citizens that are slaves

  20. In California, it's legal for a convicted felon to vote if he's not on parole, in custody, and satisfies other requirements (residence, age, et cetera.) The California Constitution, Art.2, Sec.4, provides for disqualification of electors while mentally ill, incompetent, imprisoned, or on parole for conviction of a felony. These requirements are set forth on the California Secretary of State's website as of today's date. Despite these clear requirements which are also set forth on the voter's affidavit to register to vote, police, sheriff deputies, pole workers, and private individuals still insist that "felons can't vote in California." BTW, under the California Elections Code, 18543 (a), currently, it's a misdemeanor/felony to tell individuals that they can't vote, or are not registered to vote, or both, if they can vote, and/or are registered: the crime is a "wobbler."

  21. In the immortal words of the cast in the t.v. show Laugh In, "You bet your sweet bippy". After all, they have already seen and heard what the dems. consider as "proof". Nothing but accusations, assumptions, and speculations without any substantial proof what-so-ever.

  22. Danger danger danger. Duty to write your us republican senator and demand country over party. Do it now and rely that you did it and who your senator is. Easy, google and all us senators have an email contact form. Must do it, I did and read the reply on my channel.

  23. Trump had the votes to defeat impeachment in the Senate the moment they had 34 members in the Senate.
    A Democratic President would need a few more Senators to be safe, but not many.
    Politics is about getting away with corruption, or maybe not getting caught.
    Morality is just a child's word to them.

  24. Trump will be acquitted based on lack of due process he was given in the House. The House threw fairness out the window and failed to prove their case. I expect the Senate to be just as partisan as the House. This coming from an independent.

  25. Any Senater that cannot uphold the laws of this country and the constitution which this country STILL upholds DOES NOT OBSERVE THE RIGHT BY THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES to TAKE PART in a trial concerning the CONSTITUTION !!
    A Jury Of Any Kind Should Legally Be IMPARTIAL until all evidence PRESENTED at the time is HEARD !!

  26. Republicans will be known for setting precedent for all future presidents. If that happens, we know Republicans will definitely cry foul in future democrat presidencies when they’re trying to subpoena a president. All the president has to do is ignore everything and everyone and say wah!!😭, things aren’t fair, witch hunt, blah, blah, blah, act like a child, throw many tantrums and the future democrat president should be home free. This is precedent set upon all current republicans for their lack of backbone to hold this vile president accountable. The voters will hold this president and each republican responsible. It’s blatantly corruption from the top down!

  27. If the House had not believed that the Senate would acquit Trump I doubt they would have actually impeached. If Trump would actually be removed from office I believe it would cause a real civil war.

  28. The data of trump’s voluminous crimes will eventually come into evidence; hopefully sooner, than later.

    If you believe trump is not a high order criminal; you are delusional and an enemy of American benevolence.

  29. Please Dems say either our witnesses in the Senate or more articles of impeachment and we will call those witnesses.

  30. This is exactly why Pelosi should never send the articles of Impeachment to the Senate.

    If the Senate violates its oath and refuses to do its job, Pelosi is justified in not doing hers.

    No need to play into the GOP hands…

  31. What I’ve learned. 1/ Trump is not a politician but gets things done. 2/ Don’t trust the media they have their own globalist agenda 3/ Hollywood creeps are sick 4/ the deep state is really in control of the Government 5/ The Democrat party is the party of racism

  32. Don't fall for it. They want the democrats to find them impartial. That way they don't have to deem the president as unfit. As they should. They are bagging us to get them off of the jury. If they really wanted to unfairly get the president off they would zip their lips. Go to trial and find him innocent!!!

  33. Of course the president will be aquitted no matter what evidence is brought out. This will be a show trial, nothing more.

  34. You fools should re-read the constitution ! When the house impeach and the senate votes it down the president can run for a third term ! Stupid dems just guaranteed trump will be in the Whitehouse until 2028 ! Democrats areno match for the Chosen One !ha ha ha ha ha ……….!

  35. No one should care if the Senate has the votes. At this point very little is left to selvage in either party or branch of Government. That's the big picture.

  36. He does…bought and paid for by the criminal in the White House. Senators take an oath to be impartial jurors. If they won't uphold that oath then they should be recused…unable to vote. It is so corrupt! A sitting president that has been impeached by the house should not be able to run for reelection!!!
    We need new laws, new constitutional amendments to protect and prevent this from ever happening again!!!

  37. Is the Bidens corrupt?
    Is the Trumps corrupt?
    Who is the deep state?
    Is the White House holy ground, like Evangelicals say it is?
    Is Trump like Jesus?
    Is Trump the greatest President ever?
    What American politician is working for Putin?
    America's Government is now in ruins.

    Bible verse:
    And constant friction between people of corrupt mind, who have been robbed of the truth and who think that godliness is a means to financial gain.

  38. All the money grabbing Politicians have exposed themselves in this argument. Ukraine was for everyone's picking while in office. But, Biden didn't commit a crime, Biden just gained favor with the Ukrainian government for helping which isn't illegal. Trump just didn't know how to not break the law and get exposed. 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰

  39. The reality of the situation is before everyone was together. But when Trump went to cash in his obvious scheme fell apart and if Trump is exposed than he'll talk about everyone who got away with getting money from the Ukraine cookie jar. Trump thought the C.I.A was on to him. So, he promised the C.I.A anything they want when Trump at the farm addressed the C.I.A and also Trump attacked the F.B.I just in case they knew how obvious he scheme was.

  40. I wonder if the republican's really care about America… they seem to be selling it to the Russians readily enough, or at the very least listening to Putin more than the Constitution.

  41. Trump being exposed actually saved him from jail. Because, now the Republican party can clean up his mess without this Treacherous Bribery plot having ever come to produce fruit.

  42. Come on, neither side is impartial. Democrats have voiced how they will vote as well. I prefer the honesty, because at least then I know which politician I should support.

  43. Let's just tell it like it is. If Trump is acquitted it will mean four more years of lies, racial tension and violence. And a uncertain economical direction. If Trump is removed from office joyful celebrations and maybe some scattering of MAGA red cap terrorism.

  44. The leader should read: Does Trump still have the votes for acquittal?
    The longer this game of chicken plays-out, the more Senators chicken-out.

  45. Ever notice how all the trolls that spout the extreme radical right propaganda about fake news, hang out watching all the networks they claim are fake news?


  47. It should be impartial. If it was the impeachment process never would have began and they would have looked into the corruption of Joe Biden. It’s Trumps job to investigate this. It helping him next election is just a bonus. It’s hilarious how no one looked into it.

  48. McConnell withheld the vote for supreme Court Justice for over 240 days… Pelosi please take all the time you want… maybe even until the Senate has Democrat majority in Nov.2020

  49. Of course the votes are there for acquittal. That was evident right after the 2016 election the same as the house going to impeach him right after the 2016 election. All the stock market record highs, historical unemployment and roaring economy has insured his acquittal

  50. Just one Trump….and USA's democracy shows its weakness and may not work…imagine a string of Trump like Presidents…
    Just like Rome …. the republic collapsed when a guy Julius came…


  52. I'm a life long Democrat and I'm totally ashamed..We wouldn't need to ask for more witnesses in the Senate if Nancy would have just subpoenaed for them in the House..Sure the Republicans are impartial the Democrats are the same way, no shock there.. but we had our chance and now everyone is crying now that the shoe is on the other foot..

  53. Make sure you find him pre-guilty.
    Democrats are traitors to their country. I feel sorry for Americans that this situation has happened.
    But like the UK, through votes the left will lose, hold on!

  54. Haha, they kept taking a dump on America and the people. No regards for rules, laws, proceedings, people, and manners.

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