Does One Vote Even Matter?

– [Narrator] Midterm
elections are coming up. But does your vote
actually make a difference? U.S. voter turnout is amongst the lowest in the entire developed world. And it might be because we feel like our individual vote
won’t make a difference in the mass of votes. Like one Skittle will make a difference in a jar of hundreds. But it’s time we stop horsing
around and we get to voting. ‘Cause democracy, it’s
like pretty important. You might think one vote
won’t make a difference. But if you and the person next to you feel the same way, then
that creates a domino effect that could lead to the
loss of a bunch of votes. Plus who says a few votes
can’t make a difference? Check this out. In 2000, George W. Bush won
Florida by only 537 votes. About six million votes
were cast in Florida, which means that he won by only 0.009% and this gave him the presidency. In 1839, Marcus Morton became
the governor of Massachusetts thanks to one vote. So like, out of this pool of ducks, this one dude made history. I know it feels like our
votes are microscopic, but so is that bacteria
that caused the Black Plague and that killed about
25 million people, so small things can have a big impact. In 1994, two candidates
from Wyoming State House received the exact same number of votes. Randall Luthi won the seat when his name, written
on a ping pong ball, was drawn from a cowboy hat. And again in 2011, Tanya Flanagan and Linda Meisenheimer tied
during a primary election in North Las Vegas. Meisenheimer drew the higher card securing her spot in the general election, which she went on to lose
but that’s not the point. Another example comes from 2008, when Democrat Al Franken
beat Republican Norm Coleman by 312 votes out of almost
2.9 million votes cast. 312 votes is about 0.011%. That’s like nothing. And there’s so many
other examples for this. This happens a lot ya’ll. Especially during midterms. Like push your friends
to the voting polls, bring your aunt and uncle, your brother, Adam and
his boyfriend, Steve. So regardless of what
party you are voting for, you should get to voting. (fun music)

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  1. The reason some people dont vote is because , if you are living in a state wich is more likely drawn to vote for someone that you wouldnt they just dont wanna get their hopes up. And no not every vote counts. Who he had the most votes in a state are the votes that count. Amarica should change that tbh. This is the reason why people dont vote they genuinely feel like their voice wont be heared anyway.

  2. Why isn't voting compulsory over there like it is here? It's ridiculous that only 28% of the voting population can hijack the country…

  3. I don't agree. It is total croc. Say I don't want none of the ppl that has to vote for, to win. I will be losing anyways. It's like if I have to choose between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and I find both not unsuitable. I have already lost, cause there is no suitable option. So in such a case, giving your vote to one or not voting, you as a person already lost anyways.

  4. Why didn’t you mention electoral college votes? Donald lost the popular vote but won the electoral college vote which gave him the presidency???

  5. I don't vote because I see it as useless. One side will win the other won't. Someone will be mad. I feel that whatever happens, happens. I refuse to vote. It's irrelevant to me.

  6. if one person thinks like that it could cause other people to think the same way causing all of them to not vote either which when it gets to that scale, it could have a massive impact on the result on who wins

  7. Yes it does matter, but I only vote not depending on party but if the persons running in the election if they are both crap I wouldn't bother…

  8. What about the voters who have their party affiliation mysteriously switched and thus not enabling them to vote within their chosen party? Or the disenfranchised voters who never had their votes counted? Or those turned away from polling stations with no good reason? I think the real reason people don't vote is because they understand the ruling elite is going to do whatever they want anyway and there's no true resistance to actually vote for. And when there is true resistance, voters are shamed for "wasting their vote".

    Pretty soon, the choices are going to be between two entirely detestable conservatives, and you'll hear folks saying things like, "But do you want the child molester who supports guns to win, or the one who doesn't?"

  9. I was told in my social studies about 10 years ago. The states was one vote from becoming a dominating German speaking country. Not sure how true is it.

  10. Buzzfeed. You are just a massive disgrace. The fact that certain mouthbreathers consider this news is just inexcusable. I can’t say I have ever had this little of respect for a group. Tell your autistic “journalists” to stop eating tide pods, move out of their parents basement, and actually strive to do something of meaning in this short time on earth.

  11. thank you so much for doing this video. Ever since the start of September, this topic has been on my mind. I know that this vid has been out for a while but still, thank you!

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  13. But for the electoral college with the presidency, even if you vote one way and elect an official to vote a certain way, they can choose to do what they want for kicks…right?

  14. NGL I registered to vote finally cause I'm tired of seeing these ads pop up but after seeing this I'm low-key mad I didn't register earlier.

  15. If they want us to vote, they should count the votes individually, not by electoral votes, which give some states way too much power. We have the technology, but we use it in an outdated system.

    So get ride of electoral votes, swing states, and the electoral college, THEN tell me my vote counts! The only reason voting really makes a difference is in propositions.

  16. The Politics Situation! Is there enough HEALTH & JUSTICE in democracy? I don't think so! There is a Urgent & Great Need For a HEALTH & JUSTICE HOLACY REVOLUTION NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Yes voting is important, however, buzzfeed is a far left company and they made this so far left ppl would see this and vote so there won’t be another republican in the Supreme Court. Just a theory don’t get triggered

  18. america isn’t a democracy and it makes me so mad when people say it is. it’s a republic; our votes don’t matter. and if they did, it’d be illegal.

  19. I reserve my vote to someone i trust. Since i dont trust politicians ill be keeping my vote to myself for a while

  20. I voted & The person I voted for one popular vote! They lost the election. My vote doesn't matter because the electoral college can vote against the popular vote of their state in some states. My vote for those represenatives might count, but then we should be calling ourselves a republic NOT a democracy.

  21. Democracy is the biggest illusion that we keep believing in, as it doesn't really make sense for groups bigger than 20-50 people. When you're over 100 people there's little incentive in voting at all, and when there's more than 10.000 people voting, most of us can't really hope to convince enough people to matter anyway. In today's democracy, when there are literally millions of people voting, your vote summed with all the people you know is probably not statistically significant and smaller than the counting error, therefore making it absolutely pointless to vote or try to convince people. The only ones that can really influence the outcome are the people with the power to reach more than 10000 followers with each message.

  22. In Poland A couple Of weeks ago we had to vote for presidents Of Something but not The big one.
    And in one city A guy won with one vote more

  23. In 2000 Bush did not win that election. After all the absentee ballots and overseas ballots from the military were counted Gorge Bush had lost the election; however since Al Gore had already conceded the election. The Supreme Court later declared Bush president since the other party conceded.

  24. vote matters on a large scale, on an individual scale not really. think about it this way your own individual vote is like winning the lottery. winning the lottery is like 1 in some huge number (million or billion). the same thing is with your vote which if you have a lot of people voting, then your vote diminishes tremendously making it almost insignificant. the thought process of thinking my vote matter is essentially flawed. it only works when one encourages others to vote and vote for their party. Everyone has the same thought process of "my vote matter" it's just faulty.

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