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the truth is, Lauer did a fantastic job
at the meaningless campaign coverage we’ve come to demand from our media. At
some point, networks decided they could ask questions and the answers would just
be someone else’s problem. Specifically, yours. I wouldn’t blame it on the
moderator here, I would actually ask the viewers to really look at what Donald
Trump is saying. Mr. Trump said he would have ordered his generals 2 cease oil from our enemies isn’t that against the Geneva Convention?
Or is that a good idea? Well, I’m no military lawyer but I
think that people can look at the definition of war crimes and come to
their own conclusions You heard her, average American! In your
plentiful spare time when you’re not working your two jobs or watching
your screaming kids, why not spend 20 or 30 hours studying
the Geneva Convention so you know whether or not it’s ok to
steal another country’s oil? That’s so much easier than asking reporters and
moderators to do their fucking jobs! I do not believe that it’s my job to be a
truth squad Well it should be because if you haven’t
noticed, we the people suck at it I want to put up one more number from
the latest fox news poll, the likelihood that the Clintons were selling influence
to those who donated to the Clinton Foundation — very or somewhat likely,
sixty-six percent, not likely or not at all thirty percent, which basically is 2 to 1.
Howie, folks believe this is, or was, pay to play Look they only have 24 hours, there’s no
time to report the facts and what people feel are the facts, you got to choose one! Guys, we are swimming in bad information. Our dads are on Facebook — chemtrails are not real, dad — why can’t the media just tell us what’s true and what’s bullshit? Well, you have to call the guy a liar, and that’s the problem, that’s a
difficult thing for Matt Lauer to do, because it sounds like an opinion.You’re
not supposed to have opinions in this business Yeah but calling a liar a liar isn’t an
opinion if you can prove it, that’s what we call a fact! The idea that
news network execs traded their balls for ratings — that’s just my opinion. And look, I know
the newsrooms are trying to fact-check the geyser of mendacious vomit that
spews nonstop from the Trump campaign they even invented the lower third lie
detector just for him! Unfortunately only immigrants read
subtitles, but facts without context are as bad as lies. Case in point — They destroyed Blackberry’s
with hammers in the State Department that’s not what the presidents do– Hang on hang on hang on hang on,
Evan Perez, hammers? Fact check that for me please on the fly Uh, yes they did, Brooke uh —
They did. Good, you checked a fact! But you never bothered to mention that government officials are required to permanently delete the data on old devices, they destroy them to keep
the data safe. We can’t read nerd mags for you, CNN, we’re busy with our Geneva
Conventions homework! So, absent a more reasonable explanation, I guess we’ll just believe this People who have nothing to hide don’t
smash phones with hammers, they don’t. Some would say destroying evidence — What kind of backwoods mafia thing is this? They used bleach, they used the hammer to clean up the crime scene Is this Goodfellas, or is this the State Department? Her proxies proceed to smash them with hammers — 2 of them —
2 is too many —
Just for the record, I’m not judging. No, don’t judge, Anderson, judges are
biased. Except for the judge that sends that mafia cunt to jail. The problem is news organizations simply
are not equipped to cover a candidate whose entire being is a lie, they’re
built to present us with a choice between two qualified, decent public
servants with different ideologies who could both do the job of president
without starting World War 3 on their first day in office because a random
Iranian flipped off one of our boats. Maintaining the image of fairness
requires them to portray Hillary and Trump as equally flawed candidates even
though they know that’s incorrect. On the one hand, you have the most
breathtakingly unqualified ignoramus to ever heave his spray-tanned bulk within
striking distance of elected office, a race-baiting bully who, according to two
meticulously researched biographies is a tax cheating, investor swindling, worker
shafting, dictator loving, pathologically lying, Attorney’s General-bribing,
philandering, mobbed-up, narcissistic serial con artist, who hasn’t got the
attention span to read a fortune cookie, much less a fucking intelligence
briefing. But, but on the other hand Hillary Clinton used a private email
server. See? Perfectly even. Next up on the place for politics, the
neck and neck Senate race between a Rhodes scholar and a petri dish of fecal
bacteria. Tweet us your thoughts, we’ll be right back

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