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– Your husband, he drive a truck? (laughing) – He used to be a long-haul trucker. – Was it sexy? (laughing) – Hi, I’m Bjork. – I’m Day. – I’m Carlos. I kinda agree with a
little bit of both of them so I’m kinda liber, but I’m
also not a libertarian, so. – I probably mostly vote blue and when I don’t, I probably don’t vote. – Fun. (laughs) – Uh-huh, so good and evil. I think I’m gonna do great. I think I’m gonna badger some Republicans. I’m here to make some
conservatives turn red, and I think it’s gonna be pretty fun. (laughs) I didn’t realize all of them were sitting right there. I thought you were all like crew members, I would have said something else. – You like a easy-going guy. – I sincerely hope so. – Yeah, and I like the way you talk. You sound so nice and smart. – Republican shoes a little bit, you know? The jeans are, they’re too long. Reminds me of a dad. And a lot of daddies are Republicans. – What nationality are you? – Well, American, but like, in terms of my ethnic
background, racial background. – He’s republican (laughing) – Man that was quick, look at that! – American. – I’m gonna guess Democrat. ‘Cause he sounds nice. – How do you feel about Taylor Swift? This is gonna give it away. – I think she’s a great
artist, great singer. – Republican. (laughter) – I actually don’t
listen to her music, so. – Your interview is over. You’re a Republican, man. – Okay, wow, so, this way? (laughing) – I like the outfit, is it yours? – It is mine, yeah. – Okay, that’s a fair question. – He’s a hard-working man doing business stuff. – Are you religious?
– Yes. – Were your parents religious? – No.
– What nationality are you? – I’m Japanese and Native American. – Oooooh, He’s hard. Are they all either
Republican or Democrat? Are there some people that are? Fits into, okay. – Oh no, man. Where did you get this? Let’s hold it together. Let’s see who lets go first. – You can win, you win this challenge. – You don’t want to hold it with me? – No. – Democrat. – Are you young? You seem kind of young. – I’m eighteen. – She’s a democrat. – Least favorite famous rapper. – I don’t really listen to rap that much. – So we are definitely ticking into conservative territory here. – What religion are you? – I’m Christian. – Have you ever taken Plan B? – Yes. – Ooo, okay Sierra. – My mom is gonna see this. – I’m gonna say Republican, but if we did this interview
in like six months, she might be a socialist. – Okay.
– Yeah. – Like your outfit.
– Thank you. – Do you like fall colors usually? – I’m more like earthy colors. – Earthy?
– Yeah. – Are you a lesbian?
– No. – Oh, you kind of look like it. – Oh, yeah, hopefully not. – The flannel would’ve been okay but then you added the Birkenstocks then you added the socks. – Yeah. (laughing) – Definitely a Democrat. – Go on hikes. Believe in climate change. I mean this was easy. That side. – Welcome. – How’s it going man?
– Sean. – Peter, nice to meet you. – Tell me about the shaved head thing before I start guessing anything. – What do you want to know? – I wanna, I wanna, I think you know what I want to know about it. He’s asking me what I want to know. – He’s hard. Just give me weird vibes because if he was just wearing
like a collared shirt I’d be like skinhead, but since he is wearing a short-sleeved shirt. I just see a lot of and
they’re just not like douchebag Republican tattoos, these are like left wing tattoos. – This is album artwork from my favorite jazz guitarist album Kurt Rosenwinkel. This is Steely Dan album artwork. – I’m gonna say he is a Democrat. – You’re wearing some work pants. – Yeah. – What are those? – These?
– Yeah. (laughing) – Work shoes, I got to work tonight, so. – I’m gonna say you might
be a Republican man. I don’t know. We got this completion going on, I’m gonna say you’re a Democrat
until proven otherwise. – What do you feel about the military? – I wanted to join but
I’m actually disabled so I can’t. – What is your disability? – They took my intestines
out a few years ago. I had Crohn’s disease. – Oh damn. You doing better? – I was doing alright man. I had like 70 something hospitalizations, seven surgeries. – Do you still have a
bunch of hospital bills? – Yeah. My parents are immigrants,
they’re from Africa. – The fact that I connect with
you on an immigrant basis, I want to say that you’re a Democrat. – I’m gonna give him Democrat. – Very impactful personal story. I cans see you fighting
for a lot of people to get free healthcare,
so I’ll say Democrat. – Okay. – Democrat. – Another Black person finally. (laughing) – How do you know I’m just not an Indian? There’s Asian Indians. – ‘Cause you’re wearing a shirt
that says Black girls rock. (laughing) – What do you think about
kneeling in football? – Do it, that’s first amendment right. – I think she’s a Democrat. I think everyone is a Democrat. I want to be everyone’s friend. – Okay so if I wasn’t a
Democrat we can’t be cool then? – I mean, we might just argue too much. – Who’s your favorite
musical artist right now? – Actually I like country. – Oh my god. (laughing) – However, my favorite rapper right now, Eminem, dog, his cadence, his
flow, his style, his wordplay, I don’t care what you gotta say, I don’t care what my
momma gotta say, Eminem. – How do you feel about gun control? – We all need guns. Basis on what America was founded on. Give us our guns. – I think I was wrong. I think she is a Republican. – Kind of hurts me to say this but I think you may or may not be Republican. I think you might be. – Have you ever been hated
or discriminated against? I have. (laughing) – Your husband, he drive a truck? (laughing) – He use to be a long haul trucker. – Oh was it sexy? (laughing) – I hate to say this, and
people are gonna kill me, but just because of your age I’m gonna say you lean
more towards the right. – Sure will. – It was a just I don’t. – See he’s scared of me. – I’m not scared of her. I just don’t want you to call the police. – How do you season your chicken? – How do I season my chicken? Salt and pepper. – Republican. – I’m gonna give Republican, final answer. – I just can’t believe
somebody who has seen the turn that the Republican
party has taken over say the last twenty or thirty
years and was around to watch that transformation would stick with it. So then, I’m actually gonna
say you’re a Democrat. Yeah. (dramatic music) – Alright now what? – Eh, you know, hmm, C’s get the degrees. – Oh my god. – You’re not Republican? – No.
– Okay. – So y’all two are Republicans. And you’re a Democrat. I think that’s a pretty good clip. – Go to your correct side. Wow, you guys really played
some mind tricks on me today. – I’m a little surprised. These two. – Democrat right?
– Democrat, yes. – So I guessed you wrong. Why do you think I thought
you were Republican? – Because I dressed up. – Yeah, it was the bow tie. – I’m so sorry.
– No worries. – You’re so wonderful and kind. (laughing) – Democrats can’t dress up? – No I think you can. I mean, we can, it’s
just it was this thing. I just thought, I don’t know. – Why are you left of center? – I’m a human traffic survivor. – Oh okay. – And so that really
shaped who I am today. – Do you feel like that’s an issue that people have addressed
enough in politics. – No. I feel like it is still
being covered up and especially with issues
of people being accused and not being taken seriously or at least being heard
and given a fair chance. – Right, it’s kinda hard to just transition out of that with a joke. – You’re Republican. – Yes.
– Like hardcore? – No, I wouldn’t say hardcore. – What do you feel about
the right to own guns? – I think everyone has
the right to own guns and have that option
to protect themselves. – Abortion? – I’m pro life. – Immigration? – Well, I’m for immigration. My boyfriend is an immigrant and so is. – Is that where you kind of wrestle with your political affiliation? – That’s a part of it, yeah. – Yeah. – My next victim, I
knew I’d be your friend. – I’m a Democratic socialist. I think that unregulated capitalism is making everyone in
this country miserable. And that we should you know be trying to emulate all
the happier countries that have good social safety nets and, – Right.
– good time off policies. – I like him so much. – When I saw you coming out, I was like I just want to be this
guy’s friend right away. I want your sweatshirt, I
love your pin, hell yeah. – I don’t want to talk
politics with this guy. I just want to talk jazz
with him, is that okay? – I rather have like a positive energy in the country and you know,
have people working less. – Yeah, I don’t, I mean I don’t care if people work or not
either, I just don’t want my hardworking dollars for it. Like, if you don’t want to work and you wanna smoke and
drink all day, that’s great. I just really do think that that’s, – Go for it. – Mind your own fucking business. You mind your business. I’m gonna mind mine. – So it turns out you’re a Republican. – It does. I was trying to mess with you. All of that I said was true, but at the same time, the way I phrased it made sure that you
thought I was a Democrat. – The thing that was
probably the biggest throw was the fact that you seem
to care about accessibility. Is that actually true? – I do, I have a disability. It’s been rough with my medical issues but yet I choose to work multiple jobs. I go to school full time,
I handle my business, and I’m very politically
active, and I plan to get somewhere in life.
– Right. – I believe in personal responsibility, I believe in duty, and
I believe in patriotism. – What is it like sharing political views typically associated
with white supremacists as a non White person. – Well I will tell you this, conservatives have never targeted me for my skin color, my
race, or my religion. I’ve had plenty of lefties
say you’re a race traitor. You’re a traitor to your own people for believing in Republican policies and being a conservative. And I know something you take seriously is the Bret Kavanaugh hearings. I’m a former lefty myself. Me too and Brett Kavanaugh hearings were a big push to going to right. – Yeah cause men can
never take accountability for the shit that they do. – Well we can take accountability but not when you say believe
all women unconditionally when evidence refused that point. She could not remember
where the house was. She couldn’t remember what
neighborhood it was in. She destroyed that man’s life. Now a lot of liberals say it’s because– (laughing) – I wish I could have my life destroyed and be on the Supreme Court. (laughing) – All you guys are safe now,
– How is his life destroyed? – but people still consider him a rapist. People still consider him a sexual abuser. That’s never gonna go away. – So you think Brett Kavanaugh is gonna be a champion of women’s rights? Alright man.
– Definitely not. – Hell yeah. Good talking to ya. Alright whose next? Democrat, alright, solid blue shirt. – So you’re a democrat.
– Yeah I am. – A weed smoking democrat. – They are probably more progressive than Democrats actually, so there are lots of things that could be improved. I have a gay son. He has a gay partner. I have relatives that are gay, transgender friends. – What do you feel about me saying that I don’t care about anyone but myself? – That’s a little hard for me to hear, but I understand where you’re coming from based on your history. – Okay see, look, look. This is how America should work. You don’t got to agree but you
have to respect each other. Thank you so much, Nancy. – The Republican shoes, I love it. Donald Trump. (laughing) – Tell me about your views. – I voted for Trump,
he was my first choice in the 2016 presidential election. I only joined their party in 2016. I was never a Republican, I was more of a right wing kind of guy. But Trump is who brought
me to the Republican party. – What do you mean right wing? ‘Cause right wing right now it means a lot of different things. You can be an extremist. You can be a neo-nazi. You can be a– – Do I look like a neo-nazi, you know? – You’d be surprised.
– Oh man. – Black girl rocks, she’s
been over here the whole time. – Yeah.
– She is, look at this Kanye West
looking motherfucker. – We don’t claim him. – Who is we?
– He is skinfolk, he ain’t kinfolk, get that on camera. – You were on this side right? – Yes, you were the first
one to get it right. – People thought you were Republican. – Right. – What did you say? – I don’t know. I just said I liked guns. I’m just pro guns and think
that we should actually try in life instead of depending
on the system to help us. And so that makes me a Republican to some. But I’m also for abortions and gay people. I’m half gay myself. – Abortions and gay people. I don’t have much to add to that, it seems that’s my manifesto,
there are no words. – Birkenstocks. – You still think I’m a chill person? – Yeah, I mean you still look chill. – I am.
– You still look like you, – I think I am
– go on hikes. – I do go on hikes.
– And drink your coffee. – I do drink my coffee,
it’s sitting over there. – Yeah. – You’re Republican.
– I am Republican. – Okay, I called you a lesbian. – You did.
– Are you? You’re not a lesbian.
– I’m not, I’m not. – I’m sorry. Do you get hit on by girls a lot? – I actually have been. – I bet, you’re very attractive, like I would, if I was a
lesbian, I would hit on you. – So how about this, name
one thing that you think is most wrong with the
Republican party at this point. And then I’ll say one thing
that I think is most wrong with Democratic socialists
and the left at this point. And we’ll try to end this
on a conciliatory note. – I am for having guns. But I do think that we really need to do something different, we
need to increase gun control. I mean look at all the
school shootings and stuff, I’m going into a field
of education myself. That’s not really something
I wanna look forward to. – Right, right, yeah. That’s a good one. I think people left need to
take elections as seriously as people on the right historically have and that if we had folks on the left who were similarly competitive with respect to elections in particular, I think the range of kinds of ideas that we’d be able to debate over would be much greater and much broader so. (dramatic music) Yeah.
– Fair enough. – Alright. – I think momma needs a drink. (laughing) If you guys want to come, you’re invited. – I know what I am, I know what I believe. I respect all of their beliefs
and decisions that they make in their lives because that’s their lives and that has nothing to do with me. – That was fun, I learned a lot, but that was, yeah it was very good. I don’t have the chance to talk much to people who are sort of on
the right side of things. Because I don’t know many personally. – Get out and go vote guys. It in November, get out
and vote on the sixth. And if you haven’t voted, I better not hear shit
coming out of your mouth. Nothing. – Hell yeah.
– Yeah.

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  1. yeah, im gonna disenfranchise myself from the democrat party. im center left, but we need to respect all parties, no matter of their beliefs.

  2. The passive aggression from the democrats was insane. I am from Austria so I don‘t have a clue about republicans and democrats but I really felt how democrat sided this video was.

  3. 1:56 chick just totally patronizing this guy is what I want on repeat forever

    "He's a hard-workin' man. Doin' business stuff!"

  4. Maybe Republicans would get along with that short chick if she wasn't such an ignorant dumbass who just bashes them and calls them white supremacists.

  5. im a democrat but that girl with the short black hair is so annoying. she has extreme prejudice against conservatives only calling the democrats friends. then her whole spiel about men dont listen, that isnt even a democratic that’s just sexist.

  6. Man this comment section tho… People calling others idiots purely on their political views. Throwing words like racist and homophobic are serious accusations. Hard to pick a side when there are so many negative things associated with both…

  7. " ima guess Democrat "
    "because he sounds nice"
    Damn! ok then I c how it's gonna be it "chill" if she just generalized 24% of the population, no biggy just around 30 million people who may beg to differ. I has a feelin that ima be pist for the next 15:00 mins of dis video.

  8. "I think everyone's a Democrat, I Want to be everyone's friend"
    HONEY stop talking im losing what little brain cells I have left after only 5 mins of dis video

  9. all you people in the comments were hating on this video, but I enjoyed it because I'm a democrat and I got to agree with a lot of people in this video

  10. What annoys me the most is that just because you're a Democrat or Republican people feel like you subscribe to all beliefs. I find that my opinion on Me Too and this free for all approach aligns with Republicans.

  11. "You guys really played mine tricks on me today" you mean showing you that your stereotypical, discriminatory views are incorrect and outdated.

  12. Dude, 9:50, yes, yes, and yes. His response just shows the pompousness of many on the left. I was a democrat for so long. But after living in Los Angeles for six years, I am no longer one; I am an independent. There are usually fair arguments on both sides. Don't be so cavalier in thinking you know what is right.

  13. 12:08– That was disgusting. Who the ** are you to "[not] claim him." If you're implying because he is black and therefore should be democrat, that is the definition of racism. It's like this girl in a video about black republicans once said, it is like we get our "black card" revoked once we tell other black people we're republican. Sad to see the so-called "tolerant party" have such a narrow definition of tolerant.

  14. 13:25 His answer is such a cop out. You not liking how the left rallies their base-management issues- is not equivalent to what her policy point.

  15. You know, both republicans n democrats r based on right wing. If u wanna turn left get the fuck out of here n suck emperor si’s dick

  16. Gay black guy and Asian guy are so cool and chill and exactly how people should be about politics. RESPECTFUL. Short girl and talk black guy are rude as hell and bully type attitudes should stay in the passed.

  17. These questions are beyond stupid. Talk about being obsessed with stereotypes and identity politics. What hateful, racist douchebags.

    Huh…and idiots, the longer I listen.

    I can count on one hand the Republicans I’ve met my entire life who are anti-gay. I have, however, met quite a few Dems. Most black and Hispanic but not all. Republicans are not generally racist, yet as the one gentleman stated, the left shits all over anything white and/or Republican minorities.

    Really, most of the reasonings were ridiculous. Having worked in predominantly leftist saturated jobs, I can say, with absolute certainty, that as nice as anyone can be, I have never met so many intolerant individuals in one concentrated area and some of the folks in this vid solidified that view.

  18. "happier countries" the most bs I've ever heard. we got the best rights in the country dumbass. capitalism isnt perfect of course but it is better than the rest of other countries tf.

  19. the short girl with black shirt and jeans is dumb af and doesnt know what the Republican party stands for at all. she is one of those super rude liberals who hate the right. and i love the Republican blue shirt guy he fosho shut her ass up.

  20. I’ll never watch another video from this channel again. Just shows how hateful and disrespectful Democrats really are. Shame.

  21. All the republicans talking about how democrats are not respecting republicans ideology are plain wrong. It's completely different of disagreeing to someones ideals and opinions and democrats trying to convert republicans. You are allowed to argue, you are allowed to disagree to others opinions. Isn't that what "America" is? Free of speech? Maybe you're as full of "hatred"; as stated by you, as the democrats?

  22. None of my friends are Democrat.
    None of my friends are Republican.
    None of my friends are divided by the idiocy of politics.
    None of my friends ever vote. We will never give any moral support to the corruption of politics.
    None of my friends have these idiotic arguments that have divided Western Civilization.
    The Dialectic (Hegelian/Marxist) depends on people taking sides. We exist outside the Dialectic and are therefore not controlled by it. Those controlled by the Dialectic mock us. THEY do not understand the Slavery that this world's Dialectic imposes on them

  23. The black girl at the end will be a republican one day for sure. And why didnt you have any republican guessers. All your democratic guessers had no idea what ask people. That is because they base everything on their feelings rather than looking at the facts. And if democrats took elections more seriously that would just make that many more republicans.

  24. The Shorter black guy is always amazing, I hope he is reading this. Every video he is in is always made better with his appearance. But wait, I thought I wasn’t suppose to like black people from California as a white republican 😂

  25. All these comments about disrespectful democrats but tbh I felt like this video was targeted towards democrats with the goal to humanize people on both sides, to show how much opinions vary within the parties and how steteotypes often don't hold up

  26. why did that guy with the disabilities have to like be such an ass like he had to throw all those things at him and like try and trick him

  27. – The biggest throw was that you seemed to care about accessibility

    – I do. It’s been rough with my medical issues but yet I choose to work multiple jobs, go to school full time, handle my business and I’m planning to get somewhere in life. I believe in personal responsibility.


  28. people guessing
    "*Democrats are invited*"

    Republicans just sitting there smiling awkwardly

    " Ummm…. Sh-….. Nevermind.. "

  29. You guys know Hitler was a socialist NAZI is short for NSDAP which stands for National Socialist German Workers' Party so for all those leftist that say it’s a myth maybe get educated first?

  30. Were both gonna say something wrong with our political affiliations… republican woman brings up a genuine issue and concern “democratic socialist”: we need people more involved to beat republicans

    I think this is the really big problem with most Democrats is that they don’t know how to communicate with other people who don’t have the same ideals as them also just being completely ignorant

  31. I wonder if any of them realize no matter which is in control, dems/rep the agenda stays the same… That makes them all the party of the duped

  32. 13:20, she concedes an actual point, in an effort to be reasonable, then he just states an objective fact about his own party. That didn't seem like a fair exchange lol.

  33. wtffff why do you people in the US connect so much hate and prejudice to political parties. in Germany it's like not even a topic of conversation which of the trillion parties you vote for – more like standpoints on certain social issues. and that's the way it should be: less emotional more informed and objective.
    oh and nationality means what passport do you have. it's unhealthy the US puts so much meaning into the "race" thing.
    aaand I don't like carlos' mindset of only caring about himself. that's not how society works. you can have an accident and it's important that you can fall back on a functioning social system. and I think it's also important to support things that don't directly impact your life for example men supporting abortion rights or heterosexuals support lgbtq+ rights and safety. it's about standing up for what you think is right

  34. “Why are you left of center?”
    “I’m a human traffic survivor”
    I don’t understand how that makes someone left-wing?

  35. He wouldn’t stand next to the sweet white lady because she might “call the cops.” I understand that there our people out there who would treat people of color in that manner but grouping her into with those terrible people because of her age and skin color is exactly what liberals preach not to do :/ this whole video just made me sad

  36. I'm a democrat and these people were very rude towards Republicans and stereotyped a lot of those bad qualities onto them, even If they weren't Republican. This is a problem with our country where we equate dem or Republican with good or bad. They are both good and bad.

  37. I’m a democrat and always disbelieved Republicans when they talked about the hate and judgement they get from liberals. While I am extremely frustrated with the current administration and understand that there are extremist supporters, I think that liberals need to do a better job of expressing our views and talking to people without being hateful and rude. Just watching the faces of the Republicans in this video showed me that treating them with disdain changes nothing. When they go low, we go high.

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