Diamond & Silk: It’s time to get the Democrats out

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  1. Tell President Trump he is doing a bad job and needs to rethink his stance on immigration, non profit organizations, arts, science, public school, privatizing the prison systems. That should be a good amount of thinking.

    Edit Diamond and Silk….really?

  2. Hey!! First time listener for them, they are great !! Thank you ladies and you are soooo right !!! And brinn these ladies out in a bunch of commercials when re-election time is coming !!!

  3. These two ladies are so irritating they just like splinter on your feet i'd rather watch paint dry or watch Lawrence Welk show before I see these 2 ladies

  4. Diamond and Silk you are both two beautiful black ladies spreading the REAL TRUTH about the Demacrats keeping there finger down on blacks in America. You both are a wonderful team. And you make America smile again😉👍🇺🇸

  5. “I love ev-er-y-thing about Donald J. Trump. He can do no wrong in my eyes." That’s what Charlie Manson and David Koresh followers declared.

  6. I wonder how Mutt and Jeff, these two side show clowns, feel about their fearless leader and his lucrative connection with the NRA?

  7. The 16th century seer, Nostradamus, predicted the emergence of another Anti-Christ, or evil man during this time. He referred to him as The Great Trumpet, and The Red One. Enter…Donald J. Trump.

  8. This is stupid. republicans are the majority in both the House and senate. And the WH! That’s 2 / 3 branches of the government. This don’t even make sense.

  9. I guess Fox will always be able to find one or two minorities who'll sell out for a few $$$. "Diamond & Silk" (sounds like the names of 2 Pimps whores) are just that! How much did Fox pay them?

  10. these ladies are absolutely right and I don't understand why more black people don't get this. Democrats WANT you reliant upon their "crumbs." Republicans WANT you to succeed.

  11. Just like ladies said blacks have that plantation mentally its sad but its the truth. By the way Silk that was a beautiful prayer at the Liberty University. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyKkiWKEFqc&t=3s

  12. Hi Diamond & Silk, I have some news for you. Democrats & Republicans do not have the interests of poor & middle class Americans because they are both bought & paid for….

  13. The Republican Party was the original party of Black people. I didn't know this, and I still don't know if it's true or not, but someone told me that Martin Luther King Jr, was a registered Republican. We Republicans have got to keep this momentum going and vote these Democrats out of office, before our official language become Spanish and Arabic. I mean no disrespect to the Latino nations. And by the same token, I don't want Mexico forced to speak English or Arabic either!

  14. Spread the word —>  Can't you see what they're doing!  They're doing damage control with this monetization, because all the garbage is coming out in the open now, and they want to ensure that most people rely on their services as a form of income!  If you want to have a stake in this fight, and are tired of waiting for Congress!  STOP using Facecrap, delete your photos, and simply go back to the phone, or email to stay in touch with your loved ones!

    That will solve the Facebook problem, and I won't be disappointed to see Government Agencies lose their large database of civilian information, or it's countless celebrity, and foreign shareholders watch the value of their shares dwindle down to ZERO!

    News Media needs to wake up… This has nothing to do about democrats… Let me tell youw hat needs to happen… New Media needs to stop pitting us all against each other with their stupid name tags!   The problems in Government have nothing to do with democrat or republicans, conservative or liberal, and I'm fed up with their nametags.   If I am anything, I am an "independent", the same as George Washington.  We were all independent as we were free, but we haven't been united since!

    The problem is the inability of congress to distribute justice due to the non-cooperative nature of the CIA, FBI, DEA, GSA, Homeland Security, etc… When ever they stand before Congress their mouths are zipped, and in their silence the truth is revealed that they no longer consider Congress as an Oversight Committee, because they serve the Supreme Commander of the United Nations… They've committed TREASON against the United States of America!  That much is OBVIOUS by their refusal to cooperate with Congress!

    Congress is just as guilty for not having the ability to deal with this threat from within!  They live in a fantasy land, hoping one day that there will be cooperation, meanwhile our freedoms lay somewhere inbetween, giving the enemy more time to dig it's claws deep, changing the landsape of American Law to suit it's on Global Agendas.

    I am concerned with Google's acquirement of YouTube, it's analytics practices, the laws being approved by Congress that allow Government to take control of civilian resources during peace time as well as war, that includes internet corporations, through which they are removing, not our Constitutional rights, but our God given rights!


  16. Why would Dems stand for a mutha fucka–who demanded 44's birth certificate. Who lies daily, Who has ties to Russia. You mutha fuckas are supposed to be patriots. Where are the mutha fuckin patriots Fox News et Diamond et Silk.

  17. Love these girls. Hey girls. SANTA un scrambled spells SATAN. learned that reading MR BUILD on Amazon books by Kathy Evans and Steven Kreg!!! Read it girls…

  18. Look at those democrats, just no work ethics and professionalism. Color shows. That is why americans are turning their back. Democrats switch to Republican.


  20. They sound booked & paid for…Slaves to capitalism with no brains, regurgitating propaganda at its worst!!!! They definitely can't speak for the whole of A.A. DOS (descendants of slaves)! Sit down & stay away!!!!!

  21. Those like Pelosi looked like a little baby who is mad for not getting their way. How can we impeach the Democrats?

  22. Amen…My husband voted for Pres Trump, I didn't then I started listening to u ladies…girl u right! I was always kind of fortunate to have worked a good job…NYPD..I am retired and he is putting more money in my Social security. Look, I could never understand these things but my grandmother was a Republican 😊. My mother just was not able to work and had to rely on "those Democratic crumbs" so she voted Democrat and I just played follow the leader. My mother raised us on welfare and food stamps and back then, talking 60's and 70's it was rough. I always said when I grow up NO WELFARE FOR ME…I did not stay in that cycle. Now that I am disabled retired from city service, collecting my pension and Social security, I entertain most of my days on social media. Came across u ladies one day and really listened to you. Ok, u are never too old to learn an so I am now very conservative in my thinking. So noe, when me and my husband go to the polls, my vote is for DONALD J TRUMP!!

  23. I believe some democrats will start turning states evidence, hoping to receive lesser sentencing. Uh-oh…..Did I say that??? 👏 TRUMP 2020. MAGA.

  24. Thank you so much DEMONCULTS!!! Not standing for the national anthem was a slap on this country. My brother shed his blood for u. He died because he went back to save his fellow soldier and friend. For all of u racists the man he tried to save the as a Mexican from our Southern border. The dream of his life was to be an American and he and my brother were only. Eighteen yrs old. The Democratic Party is America’s number one enemy. How dare you hypocrite disrespect our President, our flag, and.our country. I hope you all rot in HELL!!

  25. RE: 1:26 "…hand us crumbs"…is not just a democrat thing; it's a true socialist thing, where the government takes the peoples' labor profits, taxes, land, & businesses and then they keep 90% of it, while distributing the rest (the peanuts) amongst the masses.  Hard to believe people are so naïve, thinking they will get a "free" $1000 check/month out of thin air.  The sad part of it is, people don't realize what is happening, even today, until it is too late.  If millennials vote in these socialists (which are the far-left democrats, like Bernie Sanders) they are going to have a rude awakening once this ideology takes hold.  It won't be so easy to get back to the "good old ways" because they will have no wealth to arm themselves and by then their guns will have been confiscated.

  26. wow I must say diamond and silk for for President and vice President diamond and silk let's get let's get let's get these people together they don't want it diamond and silk for president on the Democratic side wow they're awesome love you and love them

  27. Look at Nasty Peeeelousy sucking her cheek…well Nasty; you've help corrupt the entire Demonazi Party. Shame on you Nasty; SHAME!!!!

  28. It is so funny to be watching pee pelosi flopping her dentures around in her mouth like a donkey that she is, heeehaw heeehaw!!

  29. These ladies only want to give honest reality that the democrats are only hiding behind the curtain. Let the truth be told. Good job 👍 ladies!!

  30. Nasty Peeelousy looks like she was sucking on a lemon. The OLD hack needs to retire—WE WON'T MISS YOU PEEEEELOUSY!!!!

  31. Great point ladies—Obummer is a "talking head" with no substance at all. He proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he's hollow!

  32. The Democrats won't stand up for the accomplishments of their own people but they sure don't mind feathering their own nests!!

  33. anyone whos good at electronics please get a video of a democrat talking, mute his voice and put a jackass in there in stead. ee haw eee haw

  34. If you are 20 and vote democrat you have no heart,
    If you are 40 and still do not vote republican,you have no brain
    This quote from Sir Winston Churchill in 1940s

  35. God, please keep a hand on these two ladies. Bless them and everyone pray for them.God put Donald Trump as president and these 2 beautiful ladies are like his apostles. ❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

  36. It appears that the same people who hate Trump also hate the USA, also hate the constitution and the Bill of Rights and also hate Jesus and morality.

  37. What a shame with these Democrats. This clearly shows that Democrats can’t win. President Donald Trump will still be President come 2020.

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