Deval Patrick considers jumping into Democratic presidential race as New Hampshire filing deadline l

Deval Patrick, the trailblazing ex-governor of Massachusetts, is considering jumping into the already-crowded Democratic presidential field  Just days after Michael Bloomberg took moves to enter the race, Patrick is reportedly having serious discussions with political allies about making a White House run Advertisement  He must file by Friday to get on the ballot in the second-in-the-nation state of New Hampshire, where he might hope to be competitive since he is from a neighboring state  Patrick, who announced he would not run several months ago, is a friend of President Barack Obama and some veterans of his two presidential campaigns are advising Patrick, the New York Times reported  Unlike Bloomberg, Patrick would need to raise millions to make a strong run.  “I can think of many reasons why it won’t (work out) But he is a very smart, talented and inspiring person, not to be dismissed,” said David Axelrod, Obama’s former campaign guru  The fact that Patrick is considering entering the race at this late date shows that key parts of the Democratic establishment remain dissatisfied with the party’s still-crowded field Vice President Joe Biden remains the front runner, but many consider him to be a less-than-powerful opponent for President Trump  Biden leads by a wide margin among black voters, a key constituency in the primary race Neither Sen. Kamala Harris nor Sen. Cory Booker have caught fire with African Americans so far, leaving a possible opening for Patrick  Despite his popularity in his home state, Patrick is not widely know nationally And he has spent the past four years since leaving office working at Bain Capital, the financial firm that became a dirty word with populists due to its association with former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney

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