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  1. I hope a huge 9.0 earthquake happens and California splits apart and falls into the ocean and when it does the media is gonna make it out fo be a terrible tragedy but really its the best thing that coulda happend to the u.s.

  2. I,m Republican,I Live In California, We Need Voter I, D, Or Sell California To Mexico, Pelosi And The Elites Can Be Mexico Citizens,And It Will Get Rid Of A Lot Of IIIEGAL ALIENS, Cause. Republican Can Move, A Lot Of Them Are,Moving Now, The Demrats Are Destroyed California For So Many Years, But At This Time Were Staying Cause Of Our President Trump, We Trust Him And Will Help Him Win, California Back, From This Evil Demrats, And With God Help, God Bless America And Our President,🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Right America’s,😇😇😇

  3. The hispanic population increased 6 fold from 1970 to the present! The poverty rate is now 25% Is there a connection? California should be separated from the union to be a new Latin American country left to implode while leaving the rest if us alone.

  4. The less informed  voters of California keep voting for the  same DEM's?  Brain washed…California was a beautiful state…

  5. mmm…This must be an Old video…..He mentioned Jerry Brown. There's A NEW DEMON runnin the state Now., and The ONLY Way COMMIFORNIA will be saved will either To be burned to the Ground…Or for The Potus To Declare MARTIAL LAW !!!!!! 😕

  6. California needs to crash and burn, then start over. Obviously dem voters think they're doing the right thing by voting liberals in, who then become far-left nutjobs, so let Cali crash. THEN, when election time comes, republicans would have solid proof to run on.  Don't worry, they're getting there…

  7. California seems to be a different country…

    That's because the State of California is overrun with illegal aliens from a different foreign country. K

  8. The republican delegates need to start dressing like Conans Barbarian Army complete with broadswords, battle axes, and horned helmets. You must hit people over the head to get their attention in California.

  9. Round up all lefties in the universities and send them to CA, make a perimeter and stop subsidising these scumbags. Let them prove their socio politic theories.

  10. What a scam!!! Two proven Trumpophobes wants to steal POTUS's votes in CA, so that in the end they'll wrapp 'em up, tie a red ribbon on it and give 'em to the DNC!!! California needs a stronger and tougher GOP and Republican candidates, no doubt about it, just as well as it's the case with other traditionally blue States…but this??? Oh, boy…
    Possibly, some of the Republican voters will bite this bait, especially those poisoned with liberal mass media's Trumpophobic propaganda, but… push the brakes on this and wise up, brothers and sisters!!!
    May HaShem bless y'all with wisdom and common sense!!!

  11. California is just what the democrats want it to be . An infestation of illegals and scum. The poor people that live there need to move. Leave this place and watch them fall

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