Democrats are in an election give-away contest: Varney

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  1. All of politics is a vote-buying scheme, regardless of whether the candidate is a Republican or a Democrat

  2. Hurry get your free stuff today, just sign away your life on the dotted line and its yours 😁😁😁

  3. Maybe Bernie and Warren should give "their" money to assist the students in their districts and see what happens. Maybe they should have some of the families in the "concentration camps" at the border stay at their homes. Maybe they should get off the campaign trail and do the job they were elected to do. Maybe – just maybe – probably NOT.

  4. his free stuff will never pass through Congress. Trying buy votes. The Democrats should hold up check books and pens and offer $15000 cash to everyone if they get elected

  5. If a student is good enough to pay back his/her own debt, then there’s no reason why they should be voting for these candidates, because, moving forward, you’re going to see more dumb students taking millions and millions in debt to get higher education that they aren’t even mentally eligible for, in the hopes that others will pay for it. Why should I pay for somebody else’s mistake/poor decision?

  6. So instead of being a trillion in debt we would be a quadrillion in debt! We would never see a paycheck it would all go to Taxes! TRUMP2020

  7. You would think Trump is an election give away after
    Asking for foreign nations help to win
    After a billion dollars of personal loss and bankruptcy.
    After making fun of the disabled
    After assaulting and bragging about assaulting women
    After BILLIONS of loss for our farmers and manufacturers
    After failing to get Mexico to build the wall
    After caving over and over again on various issues including Iranian strikes and ICE raids
    After losing GDP every quarter
    I just don't get how he still has followers.

  8. I thought that it was illegal to buy votes but everyone know what campaign promises mean to democrats and how many promises they have ever kept, none.

  9. I remember when I was 18 I was accepted to the University of Oregon. The tuition was high and they gave me no grants in fonancial aid. So I went to the University of Arizona which was cheaper and gave better fonancial aid. I graduated with 3,000 dollars in debt and paid it off the summer after graduation. If I had known my debt would have been forgiven I would have gone to my first choice school! Not fair!

  10. What have the Demons ever given you? Get your free AIDs, a disease invented by the government. Get your free limes disease, a Plum island special. Get your free Tuberculosis, Hepatitis, Plague, and cholera, from illegals. Obama care, another way to tax you into debt, but it is not for everyone. If you are homeless, and can't pay the outrageous premiums, it is not free. They only thing they give away, are post cards with their names on them, that you can wave, if you attend their rallies.

  11. TAMMANY SOCIETY of 1860 lead to Northern industrialist revolt, EXPORT Tariffs on Cotton and Textile on the South, and the Law restrictions on new Territories west of the Mississippi, that lead to the Civil War. Irish immigrants were the DIMOCRATS target then(POTATO FAMINE), and the ILLEGAL ALIENS of today.

  12. Can I get my mortgage forgiven? I assume the Americans who have paid taxes for all their lives pay for these giveaways to people who have never worked ? If student loan is forgiven , that money needs to go to parents.

  13. Democratic Party is like Oprah:
    you get $1000
    you get medicaid
    you get loan forgiveness
    you give reparation
    you give ……………

  14. I would like to see something out of trump besides Hillary B.S. You beat her move on. Give me something meaningful Trump!

  15. Bernies not giving anything.
    He's taking from me to give to spoiled, irresponsible, ignorant brats.

  16. Go back to your wife who is guilty of tax fraud. U are a fraud and liar. Where is all this money coming from. I'm going to keep my money. Spend dems money for these insane policies. They want govt takeover and take all our. Freedoms. No way communist socialists. Nothing is free. Dems have no American agenda. All communist talk. Impeach them all.

  17. Wonder if he plans to give some money to those that wanted to go to college, but didn't go because they were responsible enough to know they couldn't afford it? Oh yeah… and wasn't it Obama who repeatedly told young people that they had no future w/o a college education? Maybe he could help out as well.

  18. Will these millenials realize that they would be trading their freedom for the rest of their lives for their debts being paid off?
    I pray they know that "FREE" is never free with Socialism !

  19. Better than letting it trickle down from corporations and the rich. Corporate Welfare is even worse and forces the wealth gap that is destoying our rights.

  20. Reparations to homosexuals? But they're only like 3% of the entire American population, and that whole 3% isn't eligible to vote.

  21. Ya!! Then we will be full of professionals without a job. Like what happened previous years. Hi un employment! Trump is more effective than any presidents combine.

  22. FREE ?
    Nothing is free in this life. And when it is you pay for it one way or another eventually. And the taxpayer does the actual paying. Causes civil unrest. TRUMP2020🇺🇸

  23. Political funfair or what? They should propose "ALL is for free!" On the question "Who will pay for it" is the answer "the martians". Or alternatively: AOC – for she'll get a lot more money in the future.

  24. None of them have offered me anything. I"m retired and not a 1%.I could do the free college or reparations if they expand the clientele. Maybe UBC! I already have Medicare, but they could expand it to pay more.

  25. They are promising things they know they can't deliver on assuming that the electorate they are pandering to are too stupid to figure that out. And they are right. A whole generation of indoctrinated uneducated college graduates angry and unable to compete in the job market because most of their degrees are not marketable.

  26. Trump did exactly the same thing when he was a candidate but his were just hot hair with no substance, but Bernies are real and meaningful we know that to be true. Sad these news people have to attack people like this. Fake news is always at Fox find it here first

  27. Who are the biggest idiots in America? Anyone voting for these clowns are only proving they truly are in fact, idiots! Even if Bernie was president this will never happen. The president has no power to make it happen. The president can only ask congress to do it and when it comes down to actually doing it, congress will never pass it.

  28. People took on student loans “by no fault of their own” according to Bernie the idiot. They signed their names on the line to take out those loans. They r nuts.

  29. Vote for me, welfare for all. Remember bread line in Russia is a good thing, at least they have food. RIGHT BERNIE. TRUMP 2020🙋🏻‍♂️🏁🏃‍♂️God bless

  30. Give aways? By catching America up to EVERY OTHER DEVELOPED COUNTRY in the world?
    Its a fact that Marriage, HOME PURCHASING, Auto purchases are the lowest ever bc people are suffocated by student loan debt! Bernie wants GM, FORD, CHRYSLER, WHIRLPOOL, etc.. to have CUSTOMERS AGAIN..We are closing factories bc demand is FROZEN when any/all expendable income goes straight into NON PRODUCTIVE industries (ie, Loans, Health care, Rx medicines… WAKE UP!)

  31. evil bernie slanders…takes your money and gives it away

  32. None of them really have anything we the American people want from the deranged Democrats! Anyone who buys into their lies are just as deranged?

  33. Vote for a Democrat in 2020, and it might be a good idea to buy a wheelbarrow. Cause you'll need one full of cash at starbucks to purchase a single latte.

  34. "TRUTH AMERICA" So is it better that the people that run the government have no intention of sharing the wealth of the Nation with you as was done in the Biggest tax bill for the "Rich in U S History" "these Billionaires and Millionaires like Trump's Appointed Billionaire with a "BA From Calvin College is now the Secretary of Education who has already been involved in an $150, 000, 000.00 Dollar Student Loan Scandal for For Profit Schools and Colleges. "Right Now ex Trump Aide John Kelly is Making Money on Housing migrant children" "These contracts are $100, 000, 000.00 to $200, 000, 000.00 dollars. So I ask you why would they want the Migrants to stop. Watch TYT Dec 20, 2018" "Trump's Huuuge! Tax Bill is a Total Hoax" "135, 981 Views" "Watch TYT Jul 24, 2017" "Bombshell:Trump Has Been Laundering Russian Mob Money For Decades, Allegedly" "2, 012, 011 Views" "Read Money May 4th 2017" "50 Issues That Count as A Preexisting Condition" by Alicia Adamcyzk" "Watch a Surprise Call From The President" "When the Affordable Healthcare Act is Abolished as the Trump Administration is trying to do, you will be unprotected. "Please Fact Check Everything That is Told To You on Your Phone or Computer if can not find Multiple Resources to Verify what has been told to you, then it is a Lie. America don't allow anyone no matter how much you like them to INSULT YOUR INTELLIGENCE, Fact Check. Right Now 5% of Americans own "46% of the Nation's Wealth. "Listen to other Republican and Democratic Candidates that want to share the Nation's Wealth with you, Not Just Keep All America's Wealth for Himself and His Billionaire and Millionaire Friends. You and Your Children's lives can be much better when someone cares about you and not just themselves. "83 EPA Regulations Rolled Back, This means it is now ok to dump waste in your Neighborhoods, Rivers, Air and The Oceans. The Trump Administration goal is to cut "3200 EPA Employees, Inspectors, Scientists, and staffers. God Bless You Be Informed, Trump won't pay your Bills. You Have Had Devastation Hurricanes, Floods, Tornadoes, Have you seen Trump at any of These Disaster Zones in Iowa, North Carolina, Texas, Florida, Missouri. God Shows You a Person's True Self by their Actions not Their words Matthew 16:21-26

  35. Have Democrats ever kept any of their promises, EVER? OR put me in the White House and I promise you a never ending supply of UNREACHABLE PIE IN THE SKY.

  36. Bernie Sanders playing savior card who saves students from debts.

    But how student debt increased to $1,600,000,000,000 1.6 trillion USD? What school, college & university is that? CHAI🤗

  37. I don't know what this guy's talking about. The Democratic Party has ALWAYS been in the business of buying votes. It's the only thing they've got going for them. This election cycle might bear witness to the largest giveaways in history – much like how Oprah Winfrey ended her show for the final time by giving everybody in the audience a new car – but they're by no means the first. A prior incarnation of this was FDR, who signed into law a bill that changed our immigration preferences to 3rd world countries – like Mexico & everything South thereof – instead of looking to Europe – & to a minor degree, Asia & Africa – because it was felt that too many European, Asian, & African immigrants were voting Republican, so they – the "Democratic" Party – needed an infusion of 3rd world immigrants to come & vote Democrat in order to get their welfare checks.
    And the Welfare State is a construct of the Democrats, as well, meant entirely to get people habituated to the concept of relying on the government to be your rich uncle who's giving you everything you ask for because he wants to buy your love.

  38. Of course, america should only bail out the rich right?
    Never ever help the middle class, only spend money on wars right?
    Give me a break, we are awake.

  39. Can someone explain to me, if we can afford trillions of dollars to fund wars around the middle, why can't we invest 40 billion dollars in our young people?
    Please explain.

  40. They're all trying to be the one that can put us in worse debt than Obama did. And anybody with a brain knows that they're all lying.

  41. Democrats: always generous with other peoples’ money. So transparently fraudulent. America deserves way better than these extortionists.

  42. Do you think Warren would give special consideration to the American Indian population? Since she is a direct desendant I think it would be entirely appropriate.

  43. Millennials haven't been alive long enough to understand how dumb they are in believing these politicians can deliver on their fairy tale promises.


    Fox is a ultra right wing fascist. ,Rascist ,Pro Trump, and RUSSIAN sponsored FAKE news.

  45. Varney. You dont like this country
    GO BACK HOME to your countrty. GO Home from where you come from.
    Not my words im just quoting the president

  46. Maybe Bernie could do like Robert G. Smith (the billionaire who paid the college debt of the entire 2019 Morehouse graduating class). How does a Socialist create wealth? Maybe he can let illegal aliens come and take over his plush digs!

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