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In the wake
of the Mueller report, Democrats have been grappling
with two questions. One, do they have to read it, or can they just wait
for the movie? And two, should they impeach
President Trump? And apparently, not everyone
is on the same page. I believe Congress should take
the steps towards impeachment. If any other human being
in this country had done what’s documented
in the Mueller report, they would be arrested
and put in jail. NEWSMAN: Not all Democratic
presidential candidates are on the impeachment
bandwagon. Nancy Pelosi
telling colleagues… All that the Congress
is talking about is impeaching Trump
and Trump, Trump, Trump, and Mueller, Mueller, Mueller. What I worry about is that…
works to Trump’s advantage. If the House brings the impeachment proceedings
before us, we will deal with them. But there is a third way to hold
this president accountable. “We’re gonna take him in the
parking lot and beat his ass!” -(laughter)
-No, I’m joking, I’m joking. I’m joking. I’m joking. But it would have been funny
if she said that, if she was like,
“Mr. President, come out here! “You ever been binder-slapped? Come here, come here,
come here!” So clearly, impeachment
is not as clear-cut as it seems. And for more on this,
and whether or not Trump should be thrown out of office,
we turn to a man who regularly gets thrown out
of his dentist’s office– Michael Kosta, everybody! (cheering, applause) Oh, I’m sorry, Trevor, my, uh… my dentist can just stick
his hands in my mouth, but I can’t stick my hands
in his mouth? (chuckles)
Hypocrite much? Uh, Michael,
it seems like Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren
are the only major candidates who want impeachment
proceedings to start. Why? Well, well, of course these
women want to impeach Trump, because if Trump gets impeached, then they’ll be running
against Mike Pence, and then they’ll definitely win,
because he can’t debate them -unless Mother is also on stage.
-(laughter) Okay, that’s a good theory,
but I don’t know if it’s true, because, Michael,
it also seems like Pelosi is not yet on board, you know? So people are torn.
What do you make of her strategy to pursue more investigations
before impeachment? I-I think it’s the right move. I know a lot
of the younger Democrats want to impeach right away, but
impeachment is a special thing that should be saved for the
president who truly deserves it. Okay? You don’t want
to look back and regret who you impeached,
and in the meantime, there’s a lot of other ways Democrats can satisfy
these urges they’re feeling. They can use their hands
to issue subpoenas, or use their mouth
to denounce Trump’s actions. And if hands and mouth stuff
isn’t good enough, they can practice
impeaching themselves. It… it doesn’t feel the same,
but it’s still good. Mi… Michael, we’re not idiots.
We see what you’re doing. You’re comparing this to having
sex for the first time. Oh, no. But I guess that’s
where your mind is at. I… I’m just reminding
these overly excited Democrats that they don’t have to go
all the way just yet. You know, here, let me draw you
a picture to explain, okay? So, look, here are the Democrats
who favor impeachment, okay? And here are
the Democrats who don’t. -Now… -Okay, please, dude,
I know what… -You do this all the time, man.
-What? -You’re just drawing a butt.
-What is wrong with you, Trevor? This is a “peach”…
for “impeachment.” Okay? But if you’re not ready
for impeachment, there’s another option
that’s only two inches away, and a lot of people believe
it doesn’t technically count. Okay, okay, you know what,
I’m-I’m stopping this. Wait. I haven’t even drawn
the dick yet. Michael Kosta, everyone.

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