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  1. I couldn't figure a better way to honor First Responders, than to stomp the Commies that want another 9/11 to happen. Love the GOP.

  2. If she would say it louder I may be able to understand the problem. A vote was taken and she lost and now she cries like a…… Nothing was done in secret. Typical liberal calls in from work and gets angry when the world keeps moving without their narcissist self.

  3. Dirty GOP in NC. Dems were at a 911 memorial. What has become of the GOP party? They will do anything to keep power and destroy our democracy.

  4. The GOP pulls yet another assault on democracy by pretending there will be no vote, then doing it anyways while the opposition is away mourning for the first responders at 9/11? What a surprise.

    If a conservative figures out that conservatism is not compatible with democracy, they will not abandon conservatism, they will abandon democracy.

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