Democratic Senator Warns Republicans That An Uprising Is Coming In 28 Days

The Republican base is definitely animated after this.>>I assume you agree, right?>>It’s not as galvanized as the democratic base. It’s not as galvanized as those who were outraged at the way in which Dr. Blasey Ford was treated before the senate judiciary committee and then entire process for the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh. What we are seeing here is an historic uprising, especially of women in our country who really do feel that this president has to have a check be placed upon him. Otherwise preexisting conditions which are protections for those who have health care needs or the entire affordable care act or roe vs. Wade can all just be swept away. It can be completely overturned by Brett Kavanaugh’s vote on the supreme court. This is going to be a referendum on Donald Trump. On Brett Kavanaugh, on the key votes which he can now cast that undermines protections for women

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  1. I think it's the other way around. Hopefully the women in the Democrat Party will wake up and stop being folded to shut up when it comes to things like Keith Ellison.

  2. People in America vote for democrat in November vote for all democrat . Vote for blue don't republican they're racists and rapist

  3. Ballsey Fraud was mistreated by Frankenstein, her attorneys and the Dems. This buffoon thinks women are too stupid to see thru this liberal charade. Vote Red

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