(Democratic Debate) Bernie Sanders: Why Black lives matter


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  1. well this is what black lives matter gets when they interrupt a progressive politician

    they reap the rewards ( > ♡<)m/~~~☆

    they just saved my black waifu sansei muramasa from being raped and killed by the ku klux kops~

  2. Why would this racist black kid even ask this dumb question? All lives matter you racist black thug..But I guess black lives do matter more in America since they get into better schools with lower test scores than white kids, get more scholarships, and get elected into office based on their color. I hate lying politicians.

  3. Its sad how this was the politically correct answer and the morally wrong one. AND people still cheered.

  4. The movement BlackLivesMatter is horrible. And even hinting that he supports a racist organization is horrible.

  5. How about the black community can stop oppressing itself rather than blame the white man for you know for everything

  6. Someone from England here for a second: Ya'll are fucking stupid. He basically said "Black Lives Matter" because of the institutionalized racism against African americans = from larger jail sentences, police brutality, worse job prospects.

    C'mon now. Don't be like this.

  7. Bernie tried so hard to pander to minorities, yet they all still overwhelmingly choose Hillary.

    Top fucking kek

  8. This whole exchange was nauseating. Why would you even put such a question in an either or scenario? And the fact that Sanders took the easy way out to avoid a shit storm response from the BLM movement, what a coward.

  9. Also, Bernie plays into the black delusion, that they are the only ones who experience such things.

  10. Why would anyone support a candidate who thinks there are people who DON'T matter and only supports certain people? #WhiteLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter

  11. Wait a second, so white judges can be racist against non-white people. But Trump accusing the Mexican judge of being biased, is racist. Which one is it liberals? Which one is it, you can't have it both.

  12. If I say "All Lives Matter" of course I'm saying that black lives matter, they are part of all.
    If your answer to that is "black lives matter" how do I know that you care for unfair treatment of whites, latinos, native americans, asians and others, as well?

    And since regressives only care about race, no, I'm not white. You don't have to be white to know BLM is a hate group and the ones to blame for starting racial tension.

  13. Lol i dont give damn about people justifying it, he was asked, "Do black lives matter or do all lives matter?" i like bernie but this was CLEAR pandering to the crowd

  14. As long as blacks rally around punks like this and the other thugs, They will never win. They are being manipulated by those in power and simply don't see it. Many want to riot to smash store fronts to get free Jorden shoes. Great movement. Besides, if they burn their own hoods down they will get new ones built from taxpayers. We gotta keep them in their places. – the poers that conrol all of this. Certainly not blacks.

  15. cops aren't racist it's just mono's in the hood are violent and will kill you for mocking there shoes, the cops serve justice

  16. Following the Bern's answer to this loaded question, he put forth some excellent points. The justice system and prison system need major reform. We should start acting on these issues appropriately to help prevent situations that contribute to these kinds of deaths. (…in particular, the types of deaths associated with the BLM movement).

  17. "All Lives Matter" is a white supremacy movement operating under the guise of colorblindness (there is no such thing, anyone who claims to be colorblind is a closeted racist).

  18. I thought he was suppose to be running a a presidential candidate for ALL AMERICANS! Not just blacks, hispanics , asians or whites!

  19. 'Innocent' is the frame work Bernie? Like Kelly Thomas a white homeless man beaten to death by cops? Or like Lindsay Kronberger? A drug addict who was arrested for suspicion of violating a court order? She died with her face in a toilet going through detox while guards laughed. Another woman named Lindsey (white as well) had died in the same jail recently under similar circumstances. Yes ALL LIVES SHOULD MATTER. blacks don't have a monopoly on systematic abuses is my point. These narratives divide rather than unite.

  20. It's freaking stupid all lives matter if u say black lives matter then u are saying white lives don't matter and u are separating white people and black people

  21. They say fuck the police well not all police are bad freaking they say black lives matter bc white cope arrest their kill them well they are refusing or doing something bad

  22. Black lives matter is full of people who can't differentiate a job from slavery. What a good intelligent group! Have my white ass support!

  23. This is what made me vote Trump, because clearly, only black lives matter when their all out killing amongst themselves lol

  24. How many white man were killed by the police? How many black man were killed by another fellow black man? I never saw any protest. All lives matter. Natural selection.

  25. Even though globally, blacks are a larger race than whites. And they still yell "muh racism". Wake up fellow whites your being taken advantage of by people who could never do it better.

  26. It amuses me that so many people against BLM only show/prove their understanding of individualism, when they say "Not all cops are bad". Yet once you let them in on the fact that not all BLM supporters riot, steal shit, and kill people, suddenly it becomes, "What? An individual? Whats that? Its ALL black lives matter supporters! All of them are criminals and vehemently racist!!" 🙄🙄 Once you use generalization to condemn an entire group of people, and then advertise that false generalization as a "fact", your argument is no longer legitimate. Come on now, we have the internet. Youtube is a google service. You have NO excuse as to why you dont do your own research and still use myths and call them facts. Gullibility isnt a trait that intelligent people possess. Learn to thoroughly research information you come across before you post it on social media and make yourself look uninformed/ignorant(none of those blog posts, or Wikipedia bs either). It is not hard.

  27. Great job Bernie! You have finaly ut the last nail in the coffin for the democratic arty. What a disgrace to the left.

  28. Bernie is such a corrupt piece of shit. Even after it was proven that Hillary rigged the Democratic elections and took advantage of him… He still has no balls! Hillary totes his testicles around in her overpriced purse that is paid for by taxpayers!

  29. Do Black Lives Matter or do All Lives matter? "Black Lives Matter", he says…. Shut Up Bernie. I am glad people like Bernie make complete idiot's out of themselves in front of voters. Of course Black Lives Matter, but from what I have seen from BLM is that they: 1.) Openly riot, 2.) Damage property, 3.) Promote violence against police and civilians, 4.) Lie, 5.) Burn American flags, 6.) Block major modes of transportation (which is a problem, say if someone was trying to get to the hospital), Etc., Etc.

  30. What useless race-based pandering. If there is "institutional racism" then how about pointing out specific policies that are racially oriented instead of making vague comments that can foster anger and division?

  31. Black lives matter doesn’t make any sense. If black lives really mattered to them they would be working to stop the black on black crime in there community. Look I can’t speak from experience growing up in a city outside of Minneapolis that has virtually no crime at all, but when blacks are killing each other at a lot higher rates than police are killing blacks (which most of the killings of unarmed black men are justified and if you actually look into it more than what the media portrays it as then you will see that, I suggest watching Steven crowders video on the propaganda being showed) it doesnt make sense why they are not putting any effort towards that.

  32. Why is it so hard for people to understand???? "All Lives Matter" is a phrase that is used to counteract "Black Lives Matter". Yes all lives matter but… all lives don't matter in terms of a response to black lives matter, matter because other lives don't matter in spite of black lives mattering… because black lives matter. (OK I JUST REALIZED WHAT I SAID MADE ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE BUT WHATEVER)

  33. I love how people are so offended that a group says "we matter" lol. OMG! I'm SO OFFENDED THAT someone said BLACK LIVES MATTER that I need to say ALL LIVES MATTER. Of course all lives matter you dumb fucks, but when you don't feel part of the group you say 'hey, I matter too!' Nothing wrong with that. Saying I matter too doesn't mean YOU DON'T! If I said in a family meeting "I matter!" if I felt like I wasn't being treated as fairly as everyone else, would it make sense for the rest of the fuckin family to say "WE ALL MATTER!" Or would it make more sense for the rest of the family to ask "what's wrong? why are you saying that?" Maybe try and find out why people started saying Black Lives Matter before getting all OFFENDED.

  34. Here's another question: Has anyone screaming that ALL LIVES MATTER EVER looked up systematic racism? Or do you just shout that it doesn't exist because we had a black president and Snoop Dogg is rich and famous?

  35. Black lives matter? Someone should inform the countless blacks who are getting ready to kill other blacks, and have killed plenty in the past as well. How can you expect other races to embrace the idea that black lives matter, when black people clearly don't believe that other black people matter? Value your own life before you accuse others of not doing so. Black lives do matter, ( they matter in a very negative way).

  36. Martin Luther King wanted people to be judged by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin. When the content of your character is a piece of shit don`t go calling it racism.

  37. Blacks aren't the only race that are victims of injustice. i recently saw an Indian grandfather get paralyzed for nothing, on camera, and the cops got off with little to no media attention and certainly no outcry from black lives matter or bernie. and that doesn't count Hispanic or white victims. sounds like racism.

  38. Logic by Bernie: Treating Africans as a voting object and not regular people is stopping racism

    Hmm wasn’t slavery also treating Africans special. HMMM

  39. Get rid of cops like Sheriff Clarke he appeared on a Don Lemon news make cops look like cops again take those high-powered weapons from them and those automatic pistols that shoot 16 bullets I don't think it takes 16 bullets to kill one person or M16 like you're fighting in Vietnam and running around in army uniforms make them use the old 38 again and the nightstick and a shotgun and a regular police uniform not a military uniform then you get rid of some of them gun whole cops and don't forget I think at the skinheads neo-nazis and clans members have infiltrated the police department's better streaming needs to be done and like you said they should be brought up on federal charges and put in jail if they kill somebody or 20 years for 30 years like anybody else murder is murder thank you mr. Sanders and I seen lots of off-duty police using police vehicles that do shopping and other errands that should be done in private cars they have no insurance to pay or gas or anything else they ride for free off the taxpayer and do their private shopping and everything else off the taxpayer that should stop

  40. More easy answers and lies from the Democratic Party. They're not going to help black people! They never have.

  41. According to the National Crime Victimization Survey, administered by the government since 1972, interracial violence in the US has been overwhelmingly black on white, with 2012 being a typical year, at 85%. For this reason, the media sensationalizes white on black violence, to try to "balance" public perception, but everyone knows the truth. Jesse Jackson famously lamented how he was relieved if the stranger walking behind him at night turned out to be a white man. It is a fact of life in the US that whites have more cause to fear black violence than the other way around, and it only gets worse with time. It's also true that black lives don't matter to BLM; they only care about a handful of white on black cases, they show no interest in the orders of magnitude more black on black cases, to say nothing of the black genocide that is abortion, something deliberately facilitated by white Democrats. It was all by the design of their racist founder, Margaret Sanger, a lifelong Democrat.
    White Democrats whip this up every election, yet they oppose efforts to make black neighborhoods safe for the overwhelming majority of black people who are law-abiding. They side with those who victimize their neighbors. Plentiful jobs and safe streets are what everyone needs, not Democrat pandering, race-baiting and incitement.

  42. The only reason why people are Saying All lives matter is because of we started saying Black lives matter. I wonder if it was White Lives Matter would people say all life matters

  43. President Trump 2020!!! Pro God, Pro Country, Pro Life, Pro Capitalism, and unemployment rate at an all time low for blacks! Democrats haven’t done anything for black people!

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